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Super Smash Bros. Dices with Fan-Made Board Game

Posted by James Newton

For when a console won't cut it

Taking all the action of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and turning into a board game is no easy proposition, but that's exactly what one fan has done to prove his skills.

James Gabbard is the man responsible for this complicated but awesome-looking Super Smash Bros. Board game, put together to support his application for an unspecified 'awesome job'.

The game isn't available to buy but Gabbard has released the official rules on his website. Here's 10 minutes of video below showing all the work that went into creating the Smash Bros. board game.

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Roopa132 said:

Haha that looks cool. To bad Nintendo hates fan-made stuff so this'll never be sold.



Portista said:

THAT IS SOOOO COOL! I wonder how much it will cost though. Nice pun btw. Of course I won't be board.



Link-Hero said:


Why can't you just, I don't know, play the actual video game?! I don't see the point in making a board game out of a video game when it will never give you the same experience. This just makes it cumbersome to play and take too long to finish. Also, board games are, well, boring, so why play them?



thereefernander said:

It's pretty cool. The only problem I see is when he was explaining the battles, he made it seem when you roll it has to be 1+2, 3+4, 5 or 6...Which was making the characters move the same amount. This is only manipulated by the cards which could make a difference, otherwise your constantly doing the same amount of damage to each other? Some one help me with this.



Skotski said:

I agree with most of your starting points... except...well, you need to actually play a board game with fun people. Because seriously, if you think all board games are boring, you must seriously be playing the wrong games with the wrong people.

And besides: It's a fan-made product. It isn't for you. It isn't for us. It's the fan's creation. Their little side-project that they wanted to share. It's their interpretation of how a Smash Bros. game would play out on dice and board. May not be perfect, but then again, most non-funded projects aren't. But it ain't like they spent any of OUR money to make it. No real reason to complain.



Olorin said:

Board games can be awesome, but this one seems way too much based on luck. It seems like the only choices you get to make are when to use items. I prefer a board game that requires strategic thinking instead of rolling some dice over and over.



R-L-A-George said:

@Link-Hero Have you even played classic board games like Monopoly or Table Top RPG's.....May not be videogames but they are fun and make memories, its a indescribable feeling, a less lonely feeling when you have not had face to face with people in a while (I don't just mean house-bound, a lot of us can accidentally neglect personal, face to face time with friends in daily life), its refreshing when you are not always looking at a screen to play with friends.



Jamouse said:

Uhh.. guys correct me if i am wrong (actually, laugh at me if i am wrong...) When it sais that he made this game to support his application for an "awesome job", does that mean he wants to join the development team for super smash bros U/3ds? i remember Sakurai saying that they wanted more team members.



Samholy said:

pretty cool ! really, i would give it a try.

the only thing that itches me is that its too much based on luck. im sure some more strategic methods could enhance and make the game better.

i had bad childhood memories out of luck-based board games.

this board game must have been quite time consuming to create. and there is a budget in it too, nice design ! its like a real retail game ! (else than the characters hahaha)



CaptainH said:

hmm, so as far as i can see you dont actually use the surrounding board... or am i missing something?



Adam said:

Smash Bros. as a roll & move!? What a terrible idea. Even Yomi sounds like a better tabletop fighting game, and UFS certainly did it better though in CCG form.

Link Hero, if you want an example of a good video game adapted to the board, try Doom. It's not the same experience as the video game, yet both are great and give give a similar feeling while playing very differently.



JGab312 said:

Hey guys! Thanks for posting this. The official rules are actually on my site for download, and anyone can download and make this game themselves (or alter it, as I included all the photoshop files).

I'm working right now on another video to show how to play a bit better than I did in this one- I'd be glad to send it your way Mr. Newton.

And as for the awesome job, it's a series I'm working on to try to get myself a job after college. I'd gladly work for Nintendo! (Or Hasbro, or tons of different companies that might have me- eh?...does Nintendo Life need an American writer? cough)



Nation said:

Very cool. Its nice to see people expanding on what the enjoy. Thanks for sharing your creativity!



TKOWL said:

Nintendo NEEDS to officially release this or something. Fans never fail to please me



NeoRausch said:

that's one messed up, dirty shirt!

but really nice work. the gamefigures look bad but the rest seems to be realy nice.



Stuffgamer1 said:

It's not very true to the video games, is it? I mean really, the characters need to be less perfectly balanced.

But overall, it looks pretty neat. I'd say the art design is the best aspect of this game. The gameplay itself reminds me a bit too much of the really old Nintendo board games. I'd love it if it was much more complicated, like Robo Rally. Robo Rally Smash Bros. Edition...drool...



Link-Hero said:

I've tried many board games since I was a little kid like Monopoly, Mouse Trap, Apples to Apples, Chess, Checkers, and many more. I've played them with family, friends, and many random groups of kids at different schools. They are just not for me.



JimmyWhale said:

Back when Melee was new I thought about how a Smash Brothers TCG would work out while looking through my trophy collection. I actually think it'd be kind of cool. Maybe Nintendo should look at their roots and make some "unplugged" games (just don't make it their main focus!)

Anyway, very nicely done. I'd be interested in playing this.



Lobster said:

Hahaha this is pretty sweet. Kudos for a creative idea, reminds me of board games I used to make up as a kid, only it looks a whole lot nicer.



Polaris said:


Life isn't ALL about games. A board game is a different experience from a game, not necessarily replacing it. It would offer the same characters but a different way to have fun, instead of sitting in front of a TV. Most peoples parents wouldn't let them play games all day, and it seems like a waste to devote all your time to video-games. I guess that's besides the subjects though.

Cool game, my family never plays board games but I prefer fast paced games like Uno. You just have to have good people to play with you. Why not make a smash bros themed board game



SuperLink said:

That seems a lot like the Pokémon Master Trainer Board Game.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?



ueI said:

I used to play that pokemon game with my friends but my memory is a bit hazy.



Bankai said:

@LinkHero Then no, you haven't even scratched the surface of board games.

Come back after you play Catan, Puerto Rico or a game by Reiner Knizia and tell us board games are boring.



JGab312 said:

@SuperLink: Some of my inspiration came from that game actually. Good eye.

Thanks to everyone for all the positive comments! I would love for Nintendo to license this, but hey- that's up to Nintendo (and considering that whole Operation Rainfall thing, I doubt it'll happen)



zezhyrule said:

Haha if I would have made this video everything would have been perfectly in place and organized before I started, but still good video xD

Looks fun~



Lobster said:

@SuperLink Pretty sure I still have that somewhere (as well as a Tamagotchi board game what). Haven't played it since I was probably 11, so 12ish years, but now that you mention it I do see a resemblance.



Henmii said:

Sooo cool! This guy should contact Nintendo and ask if they can work together to get it on the market!

I don't know wich job he wanted, but I hope he will get it!



alLabouTandroiD said:

Now this is the real hardcore way to play games ! Most of you might say that without the support of buttons it's not a real game. Board game players beg to differ. They will tell you it's not a real game when you can't touch the characters or have to play in a computer generated world.

on topic: I'm neither a big fan of Smash Bros. nor am i really interested in a board game about it. But hell, that's an awesome amount of dedication you put in there, JGab312. Great work !

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