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Star Fox 64 3D Multiplayer Trailer Brings its Friends

Posted by James Newton

The gang's all here

We're just weeks away from Star Fox 64 3D, and Nintendo is starting to make a big noise about a new feature in its next 3DS game: wireless multiplayer.

The new trailer below shows off the game's local multiplayer — sadly no Internet play here — including use of the 3DS's internal camera to show your face to your opponents, grinning and gurning as you go.

We'll be putting this enhanced remake through its paces for a full review in the near future.

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47drift said:

It's really sad to see no online support, especially when it looks like they put so much work into the multiplayer. The multiplayer alone makes it look like an entirely new game!

I probably won't even get a chance to play the multiplayer since I don't know many people near me who even own a 3DS yet. Sigh. For a system that seems intensive on the online capabilities, you really missed out on this one, Nintendo.



19Robb92 said:

This may sound stupid to some. But I think I would get this game if the multiplayer was online. Cause that looked like a lot of fun. I seriously don't get why they didn't add online multiplayer.



JimLad said:

Why does the picture appear above the ship you're chasing? Wouldn't that get in the way and be really annoying?
Surely it would be better to have the video feed appear at the bottom of the screen or on the bottom screen or wherever the communications go in the campaign, and have just the user name above the ship.



Sneaker13 said:

Pretty stupid not to include online multiplayer (I assumed it had online support). Which makes the camera feature in this game pretty pointless. Why do you want to look at a stamp size video of your opponent with 1 fps while you can just look up from your handheld and stare to the real life person in the same room.



Jamouse said:

Is it possible that nintendo could be able to release an update over spotpass or something that adds online multiplayer?
This question may seem stupid, but i don't know much about technology, so i was just wondering



Arthedain said:

^ Good points on all the posts above.
I really wish it had online MP. I don't know a single person IRL that has a 3DS. It's a shame I probably won't get to play this one in MP mode. I hope the SP is worth it



BulbasaurusRex said:

There's also the fact that the original game also has local multiplayer.

However, those new power-ups look awesome. They're finally a good reason to play multiplayer in this game over the original game, and luckily for me, my brother likes Star Fox 64 and now also has a 3DS.



Justaguest said:

wow.. i did not know it doesnt have online multiplayer.. Oh my god.. now i am actually really disappointed and probably wont buy this game. Why?! I dont get it Nintendo...



BulbasaurusRex said:

It's not like they haven't already told us for months that there's no online multiplayer. You guys don't need to start whining about it again, now.



Punny said:

No Online!? I HATE THIS GAME!!!!

Just kidding. Local multiplayer looks nice. Online play would have been great, but I guess that's what Mario Kart 7 is for. Still, I'm going to get SF643D.



Ren said:

yeah, looks great, but kind of an odd choice doing the image thing for local only. though it will actually be a nice thing to distinguish players fast for teaming up and taking down annoying experts fast.



suburban_sensei said:

While I too am bummed that there is no online multiplayer, it doesn't change the fact that it is one of my favorite N64 games, and I will be picking this up during the first week, im sure.



mushroomer said:

I don't have a 3DS yet. I really wanted one like when they first announced it but now that I'm seeing things like, StarFox 3ds no online support... I'm glad i skipped out on this stupid waste of money machine with just a 3d gimmick.



Skotski said:

"Why do you want to look at a stamp size video of your opponent with 1 fps while you can just look up from your handheld and stare to the real life person in the same room."

Because you'd die if you looked up even for just a second...

I also think it's funny so much people say they hate the fact there's no online, when Star Fox 64 wasn't popular for its multiplayer.
...well, I LOVED Star Fox 64's multiplayer, but it was near impossible to get people to play with me when everyone else wanted to play Mario Kart, Goldeneye, or Dr. Mario multiplayer.

I, too, am kinda' bummed that there's no online multiplayer - as I know getting more than 1 local opponent outside of a Streetpass Community in my life nowadays would be difficult.



Skotski said:

"I'm glad i skipped out on this stupid waste of money machine with just a 3d gimmick."

Er... it's only a waste of money if you spent money on it - and not all those who own one think it's a waste of money. Technically it isn't a waste of money for you until you buy it.



Tare said:

Could they even fit online support into the cartridge?

Oh well, this is why Nintendo needs to have updates and DLC



TheGreenSpiny said:

@15: I too loved the original multiplayer when I could get people to actually play with me which was never (plus you need a opponent with skill in that game). Most people wanted to play GoldenEye and Mario Kart.

I do have to say after seeing that trailer, that I really wish this had online support. That looks a hundred times better than the original, and those new levels look sweet. Oh well, bummer.



Supremeist said:

I won't be able to get my hands on this one for a long time, which is really disappointing. Money is hard to get atm /:

While I am sad with the fact they didn't add online multiplayer, it still looks fantastic and I know it will turn out good.



Luffymcduck said:

I see absolutely no reason for not having online multiplayer. I already have this on Wii and it only cost 10€ and I´m not going to pay 50€ or more for the local stores for this.



grumblebuzzz said:

I'm so tired of Nintendo being under the impression that the entire world has three generations of people living under one roof like in Japan and that we all LOVE to play video games with one another. I don't know anyone else who will be buying this game aside from me so the multiplayer feature is useless yet again in a Nintendo game. Why not have online multiplayer? That's just dumb. And this is coming from someone who loves Nintendo games.



Terra said:

This is looking to be a pretty awesome remake. Got my copy pre-ordered



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

".....a new feature in its next 3DS game: wireless multiplayer."

Wireless multiplayer is in no way a new feature. They are just using the original local multiplayer and keeping it local. Oh they added faces, woo hoo.

No wifi = bargain bin purchase for me



The3DSisMINE said:

I played this game at Pax and was immedietly impressed. I got to play wireless multiplayer and owned the competition. But I found that the 3D was hard to watch because unlike OoT, it was much more action based and I was tilting the 3DS whichever way. But still it is a great game with the 3 levels I played.



MeloMan said:

Didn't know there wouldn't be online multiplayer. Cheaped out again, eh Nintendo?



Skogur said:

Awww no online multiplayer.... oh well at least I can play single-card, so I don't need to convince my friends to buy this game.

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