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Nintendo Won't Keep Miis Cooped Up in the Plaza

Posted by Trevor Chan

More 3DS software coming

Seeing all those Mii characters shuffling about in the 3DS Mii Plaza with little to do might be a little disheartening to watch, which is why impending first-party software that will utilise players' Miis will be good news for many.

At the financial results briefing for the first quarter of this fiscal year, an investor noted that they had almost 300 Miis "stored like captives" in their StreetPass Mii Plaza with little to do, and asked Nintendo president Satoru Iwata whether the company had any plans to release software that will make use of these Mii characters and be able to form some sort of connection with other users. Iwata replied:

As we hear that a fairly good number of people have already done everything we offered with StreetPass Mii Plaza, we are preparing for something new that you can enjoy there in the near future. We are planning to make it available by the end of this calendar year.

Nintendo will bring a number of software titles to 3DS users that will utilise accumulated Miis, and using these Miis as a theme, future software will be able to establish a level of synergy with the StreetPass Mii Plaza:

We will not be able to offer you the full or all the specific possibilities of the Miis stored in StreetPass Mii Plaza within this fiscal year, but we can say that you will never let your 300 Miis stored in your Nintendo 3DS go to waste, as we are preparing for a number of software titles, which will feature such as a theme, to be launched in this and the next fiscal years. Nintendo 3DS is hardware designed so that a number of your surrounding people’s Miis in your StreetPass Mii Plaza will generate a synergistic effect on the software to be offered in the future.

Nintendo created a runaway software success on DS with the Mii-using Tomodachi Collection, so a 3D sequel certainly isn't out of the question. Perhaps there will be some functionality linked with the Wii U since Mii characters on both platforms will be the same as each other?


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19Robb92 said:

I actually really really enjoyed the Street Pass features so this is awesome news to me. I'm kind of excited actually.

Great to see they are expanding this.



FonistofCruxis said:

I've still got quite a way to go before I finish streetpass quest and puzzle swap so I hope its not too soon.



Retro_on_theGo said:

I still have to beat Stree4tpass quest, but this is still great news. I'll have something to do when I'm done with that game.



CrazyOtto said:

I'm hoping Nintendo has some kind of a "3DS Play" out by this holiday season.



daznsaz said:

ive just finished streetpass 2nd run through got all hats and done 4 puzzles and bought all the gun combos on resi mercs so for the 1st time my coins are building up ready for something new to spend them on



komicturtle said:

"A Quest for Mii" is what I wanted on Wii awhile ago.

And MMO as others mentioned, even better



Retr_acro said:

@pixelman The only problem is the amount of customization posibilities of miis that can offend some people.

I don't go play mmorpgs so I'm not sure about this statement though. . .



Kifa said:

Honestly, I have as much as 0 (zero) Miis in the MiiPlaza. Basically I've never managed to StreetPass anyone - 3DS seems totally unpopular in my area. :/ But I guess additional content allowing players to actually do something with their collected Miis is a good move from Nintendo.



YorkshireNed said:

I was just thinking today that they must be preparing some new mii software as you can only go so far with Streetpass Quest and the pics thing.



AbuJaffer said:

I had over 100 coins I hadn't used yet so I used half of them on StreetPass Quest. I'll use the second half once I'm back in the US. In other words, I'm still playing through the game so a couple more months without a new one is fine by me.



FluttershyGuy said:

Only thing cooped up in my plaza is any earthworms and other various tiny earth creatures.

Amen to that! I think FindMii only scratched the surface of what CAN be done. Have thought myself about a remake of the original Final Fantasy with Miis replacing the generic faces on your four heroes! And oh, how I want New Super Mario Bros. Mii. I don't care if it's on Wii U, 3DS, WiiWare or what. That's the Mario game I REALLY WANT!



Hardy83 said:

So what? More Woohoo Island? Maybe we can eventually walk around.
Heaven forbid there be a "sims" like game where you can get a condo on Woohoo Island and then casually walk around and see your Miis everywhere.



ChaosTheChao said:

My Miis have literaly done nouthing but stand around scince I created them so this is good news.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

Well I'll have something to do with 100 or so Miis I guess. It helps if you go to large gaming or anime conventions.



Tare said:

As long as I can use my Mii's in Mario Kart 7, I'll be happy.

It'd be cool to have a dungeon crawler with Mii's though, especially if you could connect via introweb and dungeon...crawl...with your friends.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

X_X OMG they're rioting in mine. The Kawaii Kon was a great way to get Miis but dang I had to check my street pass every ten minutes. It really overwhelmed me. But I completed some puzzles so it was all good. :3



NintyMan said:

Yes, I want my Miis to have some fun! Having them just standing around and wandering aimlessly in my Mii Plaza is disappointing, but before long they'll be driving karts and doing more Streetpass games. No one likes stagnation!



StarDust4Ever said:

As much as I'd love to enjoy Streetpass features, the number of people apparently walking the streets in my city (Shreveport, La) with a 3DS in their pockets, is abismal. It's no fun to carry around a 3DS looking for streetpasses, when nobody ever connects to you. I've gotten about a hundred or so coins stacked up, since I finished all three currently available puzzles and finished the Find Mii game. Sadly, I can't unlock any additional puzzles until I pass somebody on the street who's got a panel piece I don't have. Most of the streetpasses I've gotten are from the 3DS demo units at various Gamestop locations, which do not contain any new panel pieces because nobody's bothered to play them.

Also, when do we get to share our Mii Maker Miis with the world? I've got tons of them I created, "sitting there, doing nothing." Streetpass Plaza only shares your default Mii character and no one else.




I really need software for all my extended family and celebrity miis on my 3DS. All slots have bn fulled.



Blaze said:

How could people have 300 Mii's? I have had two Streetpass hits, and one of which was my brother. Of course I've used my play coins and finished 1 and a half of the puzzles and are very nearing the end of Streetpass Quest, but isn't the whole point of these games to use your collected Mii's?



Markystal said:

While Nintendo has stated a disinterest in free software, they should make a game to be included in the DS itself that is similar to Animal crossing or something of the sort to give the casuals incentive to buy the 3ds. For example, it would use the Miis you find in Street Pass to fill your city. Maybe they can add an occupation to your Mii's description to make it so they do things in their elected profession. Maybe you can even do some daily tasks too like eating or something. Just something to give them a purpose.



TeeJay said:

@39 You just described the Sims. If Nintendo did that, the company who makes Sims would be enraged, as it would cut their already-low sales.



King_wyatt said:

how about something like world of warcraft, minecraft or the chao garden from sonic adventure, not really these but something like them

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