Idea: cat characters could be called "Mii U"

Having established Mii characters as the ever-changing face of Wii games, and now on 3DS too, it's no surprise Nintendo's bobble-headed avatars will also feature on Wii U. Just as there's something familiar about the console's name, so there will be with the Miis too — they'll be the same as on 3DS.

Wii Sports Resort producer Katsuya Eguchi confirmed the machine will include the same Mii characters as the recent handheld.

We added some features, and the Mii editor that's on the 3DS is different from the one that's on the Wii. Ultimately we'll use those same Miis on the Wii U. Right now it looks the same as the ones on the Wii because we don't have the ability to create Miis in the Wii U yet.

Hopefully we'll still receive some extra customisation features, but we'll have to wait to find out.