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Rumour: The Mercenaries 3D to be Recalled in Australia

Posted by Trevor Chan

EB Games allegedly making the move tomorrow

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D has gathered some negative attention lately when it was revealed that gamers will not be able to delete their save data, leading some to believe it's Capcom's method of deterring consumers from buying pre-owned copies.

The third-person action shooter has an Australian retail release date of 30th June, but reports were in that EB Games has already been selling the title.

Now Vooks' sources have said that EB Games is set to recall the game tomorrow. The source claims the recall is because of the fact that the game data cannot be deleted and thus, makes the store's seven-day refund policy impossible as consumers are not able to bring the game back "as new".


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MeloMan said:

Interesting. Well, can't say I'm mad. Stop being lazy Capcom, take your time if you have to to polish this game AND add this "basic" ability.



tylers_username said:

hey, guys i have found out a way to delete save data: its called taking out the game cartridge during saving to corrupt the save data to make it start back from the beginning of the game!



Rapadash6 said:

So in the end this decision really benefits no one. Well hopefully retailers all over do the same as to keep this from becoming a trend. Seriously I miss the old days of gaming where you'd buy a game once and it was yours to do with what you wished and didn't have to endure stupid things like one time saves and DLC that is technically already in the game you paid for. What is going on with these publishers these days?



626b said:

"The source claims the recall is because of the fact that the game data cannot be deleted and thus, makes the store's 7-day refund policy impossible as consumers are not able to bring the game back "as new"."
So if I'm correct, the people who bought a broken game won't get their money back? Well that sucks.



Supremeist said:

I actually just picked up this game today. I have to say, It's pretty beautiful and has the RESIDENT EVIL 'touch' to it, and I'm waiting for my friend to get it so we can play co-op. I don't really see myself deleting the save data on it unless I'm selling it, which the buyer may just have to deal with but I don't see myself selling it anytime soon. It's not a bad game at all, It doesn't deserve any negative feedback, but it was a really stupid move of Capcom to do that, because it will absolutely blow down on sales for the game.. They better realize that next time and lets hope we can delete save data in Revelations. We can only hope for the best, and even though it isn't a perfect game, It's still a great one!



Incognito_D said:

Capcom reap what they sow with this one. What a ridiculous decision to not allow people to delete their own data!



Squiggle55 said:

I typically buy new games anyway. I've already made peace with the idea that digital content is the future and the present state of being able to sell your old games and buying used will probably completely disappear in my lifetime. hey, I guess it's better for the environment and the game companies. who am I to complain.



daznsaz said:

can you only play online with friends cant you search for players like doa?



DarkKirby said:

They can't sell returned games as "new"? When the heck are you SUPPOSED to sell an OPENED and RETURNED game as "new"? I still remember when I purchased a "new" game from EB that I was told "was never played the seal was just opened because they had to have a box for the display". Guess what, THE GAME HAD ALREADY BEEN PLAYED AND HAD SAVED DATA ON IT (because there was no way to delete data, only overwrite, as MANY games are). And you know what? Donkeys who beat a game within the return period and return it for a full refund are just as equally guilty as EB for trying to sell used games for the full retail price!



Token_Girl said:

I hope other retailers follow suit. DLC and other bonuses are one thing, but what if I just want to pick up the game again a couple of years down the road and can't? Well, that's too bad. I hope this trend gets nipped in the bud here, before we start seeing it happen with more story based games. I'm not going to pay $40-$60 for one play-through. That's more of a rip-off than arcades in the early days!



TrevorTheChan said:

@626b - Well of course you can get refunds on faulty goods because they are not supposed to be faulty.

@DarkKirby - Where does it mention retailers selling old games as new?



komicturtle said:

Irony is:

Gamestop opens some boxes of games for display cases and slip it into an envelope and still sell the games as NEW in FULL PRICE. I wonder why they don't sell the last copy at a slight discounted price, especially when the box has that tag on it- sometimes multiple. It felt very wrong for me to open these newly wrapped games just because the case needs to be displayed (why don't they order display cases like ToysRUs used to- I don't know). Some collectors games with multiple discs need to be shoved into some reused envelope with a slight risk of.. well, scratching..

Well, anyways, this whole save data thing isn't a bother to me. I make sure I buy games I'll like and want to revisit and this looks like one of them (so, I won't sell it).



CerealKiller062 said:

That will only be if you let it happen. I for one will never give up on physical copies of games as they are always worth something. If you can't resell it and it stays in one place forever linked to a console it also makes buying a used console expensive since people will want money for what they bought.



erv said:

I buy new games only, actually.

And to be honest, I really value picking the magic plastic carefully off the new holy arrival before worshipping it in awe while the angel choir sings a high note and divine light emerges from the very new box, holding a copy of my long awaited game.




SwerdMurd said:

that's weird.... Wouldn't that only affect used games? I was under the impression Gamestop only let users return used games in 7 days, not new games.....if so, that policy seems ripe for piracy. Gamestop is essentially free 7-day Blockbuster? Looks like I found a use for Gamestop again.



ecco6t9 said:

Gamestop USA only allows used games as returns, some international EB Games stores allow for a full 7 day return on used and new.



Token_Girl said:

The "Online Pass" model started on one game as a method to curb second hand sales, now you're seeing it many places - EA Sports games, F3AR, Dirt3, Mortal Kombat, etc. I don't have as much of a problem with that, seeing as servers do cost money to maintain...but wait, when someone sells a game used, doesn't that mean they're not using the servers anymore so net traffic doesn't increase? Trust me, if people let this happen, it WILL become a trend.

Anyway, if this sort of move turns out profitable for Capcom, you can bet it will expand. I would argue the used game market doesn't hurt game makers' bottom line as much as they say. Most people buying used won't buy new. They'll wait for a price drop, or they won't get it at all. You also will have fewer people buying new games at $40, because people factor in the fact that they'll likely be able to recoup $10-$20 reselling it when they're deciding on purchases. The true cost is really only $20-$30 for them - that's how much they're actually willing to pay for a game. People also use the money they get through trade-ins to buy more new games. Without that source of funding, you'll see significantly fewer launch day/full price buyers. No used market= many people waiting longer for price drops, with the possible exception of AAA games like COD.

Hopefully, I'll end up being right on this one, and not Capcom/EA/Activision/etc.



WolfRamHeart said:

Just be careful if you are going to be buying this game at a GameStop and it is the last unsealed copy. I've purchased a few "new" DS games only to find that there is already an active save file on the game card. If you want to buy this game just make sure that it is a factory sealed copy. Or do what I am going to do and not buy it at all.



SilverBaretta said:

@Token_Girl: You definitely have a point, I just don't see a reason people are getting as angry as they are. This kind of game doesn't really need backlash for something like this, seeing as it's mainly just a high-score run. No story, few unlockables, no real reason to really care about your save file other than high scores (or online profile, if for some reason it doesn't change the name or stats every time it's put into someone else's 3DS). If this was a game that had a purpose other than arcade-style co-op fun, I would wholeheartedly agree with you.



Arctic_Furnace said:


Nearly every retailer operates like that in the UK now. GAME's return policy is that they put a sticker across where the box opens. If their seal is broken, then they wont offer a full refund. The only time they have a game in its original factory wrap seal is if its a brand new game, and their are lots of copies.



bahooney said:

This is actually another reason for me to hate EB games/Gamestop. Their policies on bringing back used games are absolutely atrocious, so in this case they realize they're probably not going to be getting profit, thus want nothing to do with it.

They were going to give me 25 USD for a DSi. Twenty. Five. Dollars. For a Dsi.



Link977 said:

oh my goodness... the world is.. gonna end, because we can't delete, our save... file?



TrueWiiMaster said:

Strange...In the US you can't return an opened new game at all unless it's actually defective. Once someone plays a game it will never technically be new again; that is the definition of used after all. I'd say this is more a move on EB's part to not sell a game they won't be able to re-sell. I doubt it will be pulled from any stores that don't sell used games.

All that said, I think Capcom has the right to do what they will with the games they make. Rather than complain about not being able to play from the start twice or buy used and start a new save, just don't buy the game. If it is good enough to warrant a buy despite this annoying lack of a restart, than it's clearly not that big of a problem. If the missing feature really burns you up, send Capcom a message by skipping the title, and/or sending them an angry email or two. Either way, Capcom has done nothing wrong unless this game bombs.

And BTW, buying this game used would probably only save you about $2-4 until the price drops, and even then you would most likely save well-under $10. It's not much more costly to buy games new if you get them in their first year out.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@ballkirby1: To expand upon noblo601's statement...yes, you CAN delete save data in Elite Beat Agents. You simply can't do it via an in-game menu. This is not pretty common in Nintendo-published games,'s the button-code quote from the instruction booklet (which I'm guessing you don't have, or you'd have known about this):

When you see the screen to the right, press and hold A + B + X + Y + L + R at the same time to delete saved data."

The "screen to the right" in question is the logo screen when you first load up the game, with Nintendo on the top screen and iNiS on the bottom screen.

Man, I was all happy, figuring that GameStop not taking trades on the game would affect game sales, and now they're reversing that decision? I should've known better than to believe they'd actually made the right decision for a change.



Aviator said:

I was under the impression that game's can only be returned when they are still sealed. EB games sell games unsealed so that's a real smart move on their part.

I don't see what this achieved though, once EB breaks, everyone breaks. I don't think everyone else will recall because EB is.



retrox said:

Disappointing that EB didn't stick to their guns. I'm sticking to mine: Utterly finished with Capcom and their sneaky half-baked attempts at free market manipulation. Oh, and also lying to me. The suit who came up with this scheme must not have realized there was an "M" rating attached to this particular product, hence not a candidate for consumption by young gamers who don't understand how capitalism works (and who don't recognize a bald-faced lie when they read one).

I don't give a flip about not being able to delete a save file, either. That's not the issue most of us have, I suspect.



retrox said:

EB or no, this game is getting totally railroaded over at Amazon. Yikes.



TKOWL said:

Wow, Capcom, just wow. You really pulled a huge boner with this one.



Wheels2050 said:

According to Kotaku, Capcom says that the decision was not based on the reselling of games, but because the game encourages you to replay it and try and beat your score.

I don't necessarily believe that, but even if they are telling the truth, why do it? It's not like game saves are an easy thing to wipe accidentally... Give people the option and you'll avoid backlash like this. I wouldn't have bought the game regardless of this, but I do like to be able to start a game completely fresh (and yes, I buy all my games brand new unless I it's old and I can only find used copies)



SmaMan said:

I guess I'll wait to get this 10-20 years from now when the save battery inevitably dies... or better yet, just get the iPhone version. Apple makes sure you can delete save data!

Ah don't worry. Where there's a will, there's a way, and the homebrew community will come up with a fix within the year.



retrox said:


Yeah, and that's the most infuriating thing of all. Their "testing the waters" business model with this title has already proven itself a resounding success in Japan and they have the audacity to just blatantly lie about their original intentions to us dumb westerners? Are we supposed to believe that the resale price for this game being so low in Japan is just a convenient side effect of them programming it to encourage us to replay it? What am I, 9 $@&!! years old?

Deep breath. Ahhh. Resume.



Henmii said:

Take that Nintendo (or Capcom, or both)!!! You thought you guys where smart, introducing yet another customer unfriendly measure! Now you guys have fallen into your own sword: The copies go probably back to the factory's where they get burned. There goes a big pile of money! And because of all the bad commercial, the game probably will bomb sales-wise! That's your punishment!!!!!



Mayhem said:

Apparently Super Monkeyball 3DS can't delete save data either, yet no ruckus was raised regarding that. Anyone got the game? Can you start a new game and over write the existing data? Is there more than one save game slot?



retrox said:

Monkey Ball too?! Is it time for me to get a new avatar, Sega? Cuz I will. I'm seriously.



TheBaconator said:

I purchased the game today, and I think that deleting the save data in this game, no matter how you purchase it, would not make a difference what-so-ever. Unless you really care that much about the medals and unlocking costumes and characters, who you already know are in the game, this game actually would benefit from having all the missions available from the start. Especially when the first 6 missions of 30-something are tutorial levels which are completely repayable if someone buys it used. It would allow people to jump between difficulties of missions instead of becoming tired of the easier ones quickly, but forced to continue them.
Oh yeah, Gamestop will be accepting trade-ins on June 30th now.



TheUnknownGame said:

Capcom better redeem themselves with Revelations. Besides, who was the brainiac who camed up with the idea of not deleting a save file? Lets just hope they don't pull the same crap again on Revelations.



Wheels2050 said:

@ballkirby1: I haven't played the game, but some people (including me) might feel a lack of a sense of achievement if everything is already unlocked - while high scores are good to get, sometimes it's also rewarding to work towards unlocks etc.



mariopaperthin said:

me im not buy re mercinarie but those it have a master quest like oot or some type of bonus mission because if it doesnt then why would you make stupid decesion to make a game where you cant delete your profle people like to play games over to find what they missed or to try again



jerryo said:

have you thought that they may have a plan for revelations? maybe some cross product thingie? i can't believe they just did this for fun!

and what if i don't plan to take it back and i just want to play it? does it still interfere with their policy?

What nonsense!



jerryo said:

how much is this for? it also has a Revelations demo in it!!! actually i was thinking of buying it just for the demo



Vinsanity said:

I kinda wish the whole industry would agree to make un-deletable games for about a year, thus screwing over Gamestop (or whatever your local equivalent is; GAME in the UK, I think? And EB in Australia? They're all wretched, I bet).



jerryo said:

guys the industry is losing a lot of money because of second hand sales.
there is a great volume of sales, they are getting nix. and many titles, titles you love get hurt because of this.

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