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Remember, the Nintendo Download is On Thursdays Now

Posted by James Newton

Nothing out today

Those of you tuning into Nintendo Life expecting to find out what's available to download in North America today may be confused, but not to worry, we haven't given up — as of last week, the Nintendo Download has moved to Thursdays.

While it was initially believed that press releases would be available on Monday to prepare for the digital store update on Thursday, we've had confirmation that going forward the whole process will happen on Thursday. That's right — the press release and games will be made available every Thursday. Europe's eShop will also update on Thursday.

Of course we'll continue to bring you all the download news in its new slot of Thursday. That's Thursday. Got it? Thursday.

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warioswoods said:

I know, but... Thursday is already a great day, with the weekend looming.

Nintendo, you're supposed to give me something nice to lighten the worst day of the week, dangit!



Megumi said:

Why Thursday?...Why not Friday? lol



Supervada said:

I did enjoy Monday new line ups but Thurday? Meh. Oh well. Guess that gives delevopers more time to finish what they making.



_mikero_ said:

Makes more sense. That way you can buy games for the weekend... also its payday



pixelman said:

So instead of ruining our weeks, Nintendo wants to ruin our weekends.




Hardy83 said:

Well so much for me believing that Nintendo got the concept that releasing a press release BEFORE the content comes out is good for both the consumer and companies that depends on your digital service.

Oh well, I guess this shows how promising their new digital platform will be if they still can't even get the PR for it right.



LordJumpMad said:

Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down, and I like to take a minute and just sit right there and tell you how Nintendo stop updating VC games on Mondays.



Algorhythm said:

Monday, Thursday...any day that ends in Y - I don't care...Just give us actual new 3DSware games instead of 20-year-old crap!!!



Tasuki said:

I dont know why they had to do and change it to Thursdays. If it was cause of the 3DS they should have just made the 3DS on Thursdays and kept everything else on Mondays.

The only thing I am thinking is that on Thursdays people are more likely to buy the stuff rather than on Monday cause when they buy it on Thursday they have the weekend to play it.



Punny said:

Thursday, I don't care about you!
It's Friday; I'm in love!

Just kidding. I understand that Thursday is the new Download Day. I don't care if Monday's blue, though.



Cipher said:

@Algorhythm People have been complaining that they want a handheld Virtual Console service since the DSi launched in 2009 and now we have it you're complaining that you just want new games? I don't get it. =/



Supremeist said:

"Gotta get down on Thursday."
lol'd at that tagline.

I just hope Nintendo puts an end to creating and putting more DSiWare on our 3DS eShop.
That's one of the reasons I sold my DSi XL.. NO MORE CRAPPY DSiWare

But this is understood!



NintyMan said:

I get the drift here. Thursdays need a little more excitement anyway. This Thursday we ought to have a couple new Game Boy games and not so many DSiware games. It's looking like they're putting the whole DSiware shop in the eShop. Wait, could there be Oregon Trail on the 3DS after all?



motang said:

I didn't know this till my friend told me over the weekend...why the sudden change?



Sgt_Ludby said:

I'm kind of confused.

I thought the plan was for announcements of Thursday's games to arrive on Monday, so people could be prepared for the launch. That's not happening anymore? We find out about the games the day they come out on Thursday?



James said:

@Pwdrmntainskier I thought that was the plan too, but Nintendo's PR firm tells us the press release will be sent out on Thursdays. Same as before really, but now on Thursdays!



Savino said:

Makes more sense than monday... the weekend is one day ahead and so I dont need to worry about the whole week of work.
And, I want to make a point, please Nintendo, give us more than one GB game this time!



FonistofCruxis said:

@Algorhythm The 3DS virtual console is not crap, we've already got quality games like Super Mario land, Link's awakening and Donkey Kong 94 and there are many more great games they could release but I do agree that there should be more 3DSware as there are only two games out now and there aren't many upcoming games for the service.
It would be good if the pr was still on Mondays like they said it would be so that we knew whatwas coming.



y2josh said:

If the press release's came out on Monday's they would sooner or later end up not releasing the games in the press release.



GammaGames said:

Dammit, I dont even check anymore since I'm out of points, but still. I don't like change.



Omega said:

So, Thursdays instead of Fridays in Europe. Does that mean we get the downloads one day earlier? Or six days later?



Capt_N said:

No press releases on Monday, as they want ppl to not know ahead what is coming that week. Their(Nintendo's) thinking is probably along the lines of (the theory) ppl anticipating something will purchase more points, & if what the ppl were anticipating doesn't come, they still have points which they might spend on something else, in which case they buy more points for what they originally wanted. This cycle could repeat.

That is only a possibility of Nintendo's thinking.



rjejr said:

Nintendo Week updated today. Well at least it said June 20 on the front, I didn't actually watch it. It had a picture of the "ghostbusters" mini from Wii Play Motion which we got today. Dark Gary was on the front for June 13. I really wish they would combine Nintendo Channel and Wii Shop or whatever it's called like eShop. Why update Nitnedno Channel on Monday and the shop on Thursday? Now that makes no sense.



tommm said:

Did anyone else hear that they are putting actual DS games on the eShop. I watched Nintendo Week and they mentioned it.



GamerX said:

Somebody complain to freaking nintendo to give us Adobe Flash Player. who cares if it backs up data or makees it slow, well at least i dont



Cipher said:

@GamerX It's not Nintendo's browser, it's NetFront's. Not that that's got ANYTHING to do with the news article, but oh well.



PSICOffee said:

Move to Thursdays, won't improve the releases or lessen the four-year dissapointment. Now with 3DS VC we'll see even fewer chances for Wii VC. I've completely given up hope for Mr. Gimmick! and Devil World.



Algorhythm said:

Okay, sorry...I didn't mean to just say that the VC stuff was crap, it's good old stuff, but it's OLD stuff. If you're launching a NEW service, give us NEW titles. Excitebike 3DS is a rehash, and Pokedex isn't even a game. Where is a substantial 3DS downloadable GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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