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Animal Crossing 3DS Trailer Rings a Few Bells

Posted by James Newton

Subtle changes afoot

Animal Crossing for 3DS is unlikely to drastically revamp the series' template established by previous outings on the Gamecube, Wii and DS, but more of the same endearing characters and surprisingly compelling gameplay would go down well with many.

Here's this year's footage of the game direct from Nintendo, complete with new features — there's a Link costume for a start. Instant win.

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Robo-goose said:

Swimming! That's awesome and unexpected!
I'm really liking the way this is turning out.



ArmoredGoomba said:

Love the new features...I'll need to see even more though. Fruit! Vegetables! Loads of new furniture.



triforceofcourage said:

Looks like Animal Crossing. It's all good.
I wants: Everything previously in Animal Crossing
I sees: Swimming, tactical bug stalking, and tall people.



Dodger said:

Really loving the way this looks. I would get it even if it was a port of City Folk to have a handheld Animal Crossing again. I sold Wild World to my sister.

I downloaded and watched the 3D trailer on the 3DS, this looks amazing!



Glade said:

would be funny if the characters could drown

Anyway, loving the new features so far!!



Mowzle2 said:

Oooh! I love that AC video. A new Animal Crossing was my decider for getting a 3DS. Hurry, hurry, hurry!!! When is it coming out?



komicturtle said:

I want to get eaten by a shark!

And you can now change your pants, shoes.. I mean, it's simple, but oh so welcome and now each character will look more different. I wuv you Animal Crossing. I wonder who's the animal stalking the guy though...

I hope I can actually use my Mii and wear hats and all that unlike the Mii mask in ACCF.

There also needs to be the "Create your Furniture" feature that was supposed to be in ACCF as well as visiting towns of friends even when they are not playing themselves and their 3DS are in sleep mode.



armoredghor said:

Looks cool. I wonder if they're measuring the player's strength on the slide pad to creep/run/walk. I think they're still trying to come up with more ideas to justify it as a sequel. I like that.



DF2506 said:

@komicturtle92, I saw a picture of the animal stalking the guy over at Gamespot. It was an out of game picture (against a white background). She was carrying a clipboard & a pen! So I would guess that this new animal (a dog) is the mayor (your) secretary! Very cool.

Oh and I'm very happy about all the changes. I would say this a MAJOR step foward for AC (and not a minor one like the article above suggests). I mean come on: swimming, outdoor furniture, tents, more animal interactions, putting stuff on the walls, and more! I'm very excited. I just wish I knew when it was coming out...



Lumi said:

I could hardly wait I can't wait at all!! D: Looks amazing!



StarDust4Ever said:

Meh. I downloaded and watched all of the e3 3DS trailers on my 3DS. With the exception of the bloodfest which is Resident Evil (not a huge fan of the FPS genre in general), Animal crossing video was the least impressive in my book. I'm also 30 and have no kids, so that's probably why a kiddie game really doesn't appeal to me. Seemingly nothing gameplay-wise that hasn't been done before. Only thing innovative about the Animal Crossing is the use of spherical worlds, Mario Galaxy style, though upon closer inspection, it appears they just took a rectangular city grid and wrapped it around a cylinder.



GameLord08 said:

I think my blood pressure is now equivalent to the pressure exerted on the bottom layers of the sea.



James said:

That made me gasp more than any other trailer I've seen this year. Swimming? Furniture on walls? Slow walks for catching bugs? Absolutely awesome. 10/10 guaranteed.



MeloMan said:

So... camping and swimming huh? Always a slight upgrade, but I still need major updates to this series. I will be VERY VERY patient this time around... I need to be FLOORED before I get another AC sooner than later.



SunnySnivy said:

Link costume is not new. It's on City Folk.

They've added enough new features for me to be happy. Can't wait!



Kirk said:

I love the look of all the animals but not the "human" characters.

I wish I could just play as an animal form instead.

They should also at least let us use our Miis as our character.



Treetop said:

Swimmings cool animals interacting with climate cool and having your secretery as a poodle way cool!



Glade said:

Lol I like this but so far, all the new features seemed to be ripped of of that rip-off title, Magician's quest: mysterious times

Except for the new swimming. thought it would be nice if you could ride in a kart from mario kart. and get some characters like yoshi in your town



MiyamotoSlave said:

I absolutely cannot wait, this might be a reason to pick up Animal Crossing again. Did anyone else notice the beehive surrounded by flowers in frame 0:25? I'm something of an amateur apiarist in the real world, so this is especially exciting. I hope harvesting honey becomes a task!



Nintonic said:

@WhiteKnuckle me too. I hate that in city folk you can't get your grass back. Grass grows at spring so I walk very carefully and yet I barely gain any grass so I would just forget it. I hope they fix this problem in the 3ds.

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