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Relax, the Vitality Sensor is Still in Development

Posted by James Newton

Nothing to get worked up about

The Wii Vitality Sensor made waves at E3 2009 as one of the most bizarre Nintendo add-ons of recent times, then all-but disappeared from gaming radars as Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and the 3DS drew all the focus in last year's show. The sensor's invisibility caused many to suggest Nintendo had quietly ditched the device, but president Satoru Iwata has confirmed the accessory is still very much alive and kicking, albeit calmly.

Andriasang reports the heartbeat-sensing peripheral is "still in development", which suggests we may see it re-emerge in a different form to its glorious reveal at E3 2009.

Could the Vitality Sensor even be the controller for Nintendo's next home console?


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jaffa said:

I never remembered about the vitality thing sensor till I saw this piece of news O__o



pinta_vodki said:

Couple vitality sensor with some brain wave reading hat and eye movement tracker and viola, you've got the next revolutionary controller. Stop the heart to make a double jump, anyone?



sgotsch said:

I want this for action. and horrorgames! High pulse -> bad vision, shaky hands etc..



FonistofCruxis said:

I hope that this is just an add-on for the next console and not the primary controller. I agree witht the above post, this could work really well with horrot games.



DJ_Triforce said:

? ... I'm not sure what this is going to be, but hopefully it's NOT the new controller.



MasterGraveheart said:

...please do not suggest that my beloved controller with a streaming screen on it may in fact be... THIS. Although I wouldn't mind it being connected to me during a Resident Evil game, a Silent Hll game, or a Tifa dating sim, you guys should probably forget I said that last one, lol., do I have Tifa on the brain this morning or what? Hmmm...



Mr_G said:

I said it a million times and i will say it again. It will be added into the new controller and that is the new gimmick nintendo is going to show at E3 this year



RedBlueSpot said:

I hope that this is the new way of controlling your character. Be afraid to move forward, be calm to move to the left, be somewhere in between to move right. NICE GOING NINTENDO!!



Spoony_Tech said:

I don't think I would pay anything for that thing. If it was any good it would have been out a while ago and I can't see it being anything more then a gimmick. ROB ring a bell or the under used light gun.



CaPPa said:

I think that the vitality sensor actually has potential with the right system. Imagine if a game like Mario could alter the layout and difficulty of a level on the fly to match your condition (so it ups the difficulty if your heart rate is low and lowers it if your heart rate is too high). I don't think that it'd work too well in it's current form though, but it could be implemented in a regular controller by putting the conductive strips on the back of it.



Hokori said:

Please be used on 3rd party stuff as well, I wanna see RE use it as a scareradar



Ryno said:

I think Nintendo is going to use ths for a new spin off from the "Excitebike" series. Something more exciting then motorcross, I am thinking something more "hardcore" if you will...



NapalmHornet said:

Nintendo would have to spend millions on just telling reasons why you need it i.e. you don't. Nintendo is a games company, itneeds to remember that sometimes



WhiteTrashGuy said:

I wouldn't be surprised if the vitality sensor was part of the PROJECT Cafe package. I am very interested to see some of the options that Nintendo has up their sleeves with this new console. Please let it be please be able to run UNREAL ENGINE 3!!!!



MeloMan said:

That device just screams for an Eternal Darkness followup. I think once the "under development" ends, the new system will be out and it will be one of the launching accessories for it.



DrDaisy said:

I'm still curious as to where you would put this when playing games that require two hands. I can think of one place, but it's not really appropriate and it won't work for females.



NintyMan said:

I just wondered about this last night, and I think it could be nice if it used properly. We'll have to wait to see how Nintendo would use such a thing, though. An accessory for Project Cafe might be possible.



Henmii said:

"Could the Vitality Sensor even be the controller for Nintendo's next home console?"

I say YES!! (Just joking)



brainofj said:

Less gimmicky peripherals, more focus on the core necessities, Nintendo! How many Motion Plus games you got? Or Wii Zapper? No, never mind that, we need to follow Sega's mid-90's gameplan!



Monsti said:

"Here are all the games you want on the 3DS, here's a new consoles that does all kinds of stuff and is very powerful and HD and all, and here is the new's finished.......ah yes, and here's the vitality sensor, a peripharal for a dead console...something the other consoles have been using for a year now."

Will be an amazing reveal. ^^



Monsti said:

BTW....wasn't there a rumour once that Silent Hill shatterd memories was supposed to use the thing, just as sgotch (post 6) is suggesting...I'm actually really sure I remember reading this and then it came out...and nothing.



Slapshot said:

I can't wait to stand in line at Best Buy for 3 hours to get my Wii Vitality Sensor and Wii Vitality Sports Mini-Game Collection that features full Mii Support! Then come home and sit on the couch with my awesome new Vitality Sensor on my finger and my feet on my Wii Balance Board, and do .... um..... something! No better way to spend $90!

But, the only problem that I see is that Mii's don't have a finger to put the Vitality Sensor on, so how is that going to work?



alLabouTandroiD said:

While i don't think it will be the main controller for Nintendo's next console it could be good for a seamless difficulty adaption like
CaPPa (comment 19) mentioned.
This could be a main feature for the next console then because it would allow casual players to play a game like GTA, BioShock or Call Of Duty with a level of difficulty they can easily handle and by which they won't get frustrated over and over again.
Of course there could at least be some cool ways it's used in horror games or Tetris-like games like mentioned years before.
So all in all i'm very interested to see its actual impact on games in practice.

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