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FlingSmash Shows off a New Wii Remote with MotionPlus Built-In

Posted by James Newton

Could this account for its delay?

We played FlingSmash in February of this year and quite enjoyed it, as our First Impressions show, but its projected release date of Summer 2010 has been and gone without the game hitting shelves. Now retailer Gamestop has released boxart of the game showing the game is set to be bundled with a Remote, seemingly containing MotionPlus built-in.

Titled "Wii Remote Plus", the controller itself looks only slightly different, with a slight curve below the four lights the only alteration visible at this resolution. As FlingSmash requires MotionPlus this is obviously a new controller containing the add-on, but could the game's delay have been caused by the newly developed Remote?

We'll bring you new information on FlingSmash and the Wii Remote Plus as it emerges.


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KeeperBvK said:

You played it in February? I played it July last year, when it was scheduled for a release later that year. Now that's a delay. ^^
Still I wonder why Nintendo seemingly decided to make this their new showoff title for Wii Motion Plus. It's a nice game for sure, but nothing spectacular.



James said:

Yep, I played it in February. Well done for playing it last year though

And let's face it, without Zelda: Skyward Sword, how many MotionPlus games are actually on the way to Wii..?



JimLad said:

At last the Wiimote how it was supposed to be.
Had this been the standard from launch I think the Wii's library could have been much stronger. - _ -



Victoria said:

Is this a game you can only buy with another Wii remote? 'Cos I certainly don't need another one, even if Motion Plus is already built in. I've got enough Wii paraphernalia to fill a basket as it is.



James said:

My guess is it'll be available separately too, especially in Europe where MotionPlus has been bundled with consoles for the past year or so.



KeeperBvK said:

@ James: I know there are basically no more WiiMotion Plus games on the way...but then Nintendo should go and out and create some! Especially when they are trying to push the hardware with this new bundle.



Shugo said:

I wonder if the Motion Plus being built-in means that the Wii Remote is 'hard-enhanced' and now better for ALL games or if it still treats the new tech as an add-on and thus incompatible with older games.

Knowing Nintendo, it's probably the latter. But if it's the former I'll take four, please.




I've had this game on my radar and am considering a even more so! It'll depend on thr price though. I've actually recently busted one of my WiiMotionPlus adaptors. I think it was from too much continual waggleing in Super Mario Galaxy 2 (eg. Flip Swap - arrggghh )



sillygostly said:

@ Shugo: That would be impossible as alternative control methods would need to be programmed into the game itself.



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, I hope the bundled price isn't too high. I thought this looked like a budget release, but it sounded like they were going to go for a £29.99 price point.

I've got two Motion Plus units already from getting Sports Resort and Red Steel 2 bundled, but given I presently only have four remotes for two Wiis I can always use another. I also plan on getting that sweet Tron controller!



WaveGhoul said:

Finally! Looks like I'll be trading in a couple of my Wii remotes and putting them towards 2 Wii Remote Plus's, that's only if they come in white

Anyways, killer news! As I can't stand the motion Plus dongles.
Now if only Nintendo would release a Wireless Classic Controller....



SuperMarioFan96 said:

Hmmmmm, don't know if I'll want the remote or not, I don't mind Motion+ itself all that much, and already have 2. But, I was already interested in FlingSmash, so I guess I'll be getting one anyway. And, ummmm, are we getting ANY new info on the game by the way? (aside from the possible bundle).



Birdman said:

Been looking forward to this for the while. This may explain the increase in price from $30 to $50.



EdEN said:

This is great, I wanted a Black Wiimote and WM+ to match and was going to buy this game so now I'll just get the bundle and I'll be set.



cecesigue said:

THE ONLY REASON THey are doing this is because it didnt perform very well in the focus group tests of the game... they report this like months ago, so, what do you do? add a remote! the only reason why wii play sales...



mjc0961 said:

Feels like too little too late at this point now that Move is out. Plus plugging in a WM+ adapter to a regular Wii Remote isn't all that hard for the maybe 5 games that use it.



TheBaconator said:

Oh boy I only needed 1 more remote to have 4, which I thought I was getting with Wii Party, but it now looks as though I'm going to have an extra. Strange for Nintendo to release to games bundled with a Wiimote within a month from each other.



danschemen said:

yes!!! i think if they really go with this then wii games are going to get a lot better!



Link-Hero said:

@Atomic Wii Man

Of course it will work for all games, but the games have to be programmed to detect and use the MotionPlus enhancements. Otherwise it will be like you don't have the MotionPlus attached to the Wii-Mote.



TKOWL said:

Holy moley, I might just get the game now! No more having to take off that MotionPlus stub anymore!



CaptainDingo said:

I never take off my MotionPlus so it's not really an issue for me.

But I think they should have done this earlier. Saves on plastic at any rate, so having it built into the controller must automatically be cheaper than buying a $40 remote and then a $25 dongle-mabob.

Guess I lucked out anyways, I got my MotionPlus for free with a $40 copy of Red Steel 2...



WolfRamHeart said:

I'm kind of interested in the game so adding this remote to the package makes it an even sweeter deal. I just hope that the game is actually good.



thaantman said:

Haven't gotten a motion plus attachment yet, though I need one cause I brought a brand new copy of redsteel 2 off ebay for only $15, didnt know you absolutely had to have motion plus to play it just thought the game motion would be less accurate. Great they finally making a wiimote with it built in, fling smash looks interesting might have to look more into it

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