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3DS Will Let You Play in 2D Too, If You Want

Posted by James Newton

Third dimension will be optional

Worried the upcoming 3DS will ruin your eyesight or generally be a bit tiresome? Nintendo is way ahead of you, with President Satoru Iwata confirming the 3D mode won't be compulsory.

He [Iwata] promised it will be easy to turn off the 3D function on the new machine, allowing people to play games, with or without 3D.

Iwata also stated the new machine will feature more robust anti-piracy features, though he declined to give further details on what these might be, making that as surprising a statement as "new games will be available."


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Corbs said:

Please let E3 get here quickly. I gotta try this baby out for myself. And SOON!



SanderEvers said:

Great news for people who can't see 3D images and still want to play on this new device



V8_Ninja said:

Y'know, instead of wondering if there will ever be a game that are NOT 3D, I'm starting to wonder if there will be 3D games for the system at all.



SanderEvers said:

@5: I think Nintendo is trying to keep devs. silent about software for it. But don't be fooled if they announce hundreds / thousands of new games at E3



EdEN said:

Just over a month to E3 and our first glimpse at the hardware! If the 3D is optional that makes the fact of playing in the dark moot.



naut said:

Great news! Although...

Iwata also stated the new machine will feature more robust anti-piracy features. He says, "The DRM on the 3DS will be a breed unlike the world has ever seen! And you thought Assassin's Creed 2 was bad."



Kimiko said:

Great :/ Does that mean I'll have to import the DS too, in addition to the games? Stupid producers dividing the world like it was 1980..



Slapshot said:

I remember someone here making the statement that if you could turn off the 3D then what would the point in even having the system in the first place. That is the only thought I have right now. If its not bringing some new gameplay style to the market with the system and can be turned off... whats the point in making the entire system based around it? Maybe it sould be called 3DSometimes



Birdman said:

Yep, it's looking like 3D will be this/next gen's waggle. At least devs no longer have to incorporate 3D into their games, but it makes the 3D aspect all the more gimmicky.



Ian_Daemon said:

The Wii plays previous generations' games with their release environment. Some Wii games let players use the GameCube controller. Your point is? The 3DS is just a new platform that doesn't force some things. (It's cool of Nintendo to think of players with lesser vision.)



dizzy_boy said:

what about people that are blind in one eye?
3d spacial awareness needs both eyes to work.



SanderEvers said:

@16: there is even more, there are people who can't see depths that see just fine with two eyes. Those people can set the 3DS in the 2DS mode :+



zezhyrule said:

Hmm... I guess I should start saving.
/me chunks somewhat newly bought DSi out window



HappyHappy said:

Well that'ts good. I am kinda worried that looking at 3D stuff for a long time will hurt my eyes.



Slapshot said:

@HappyHappy.... yes its a proven fact that 3D causes Eye Strain when watching/playing and prolonged use/play can cause severe migraines/headaches. The major reason Im very skeptical of 3DS and all this Sony PS3 3D Stuff.

@MrWout.... and the DS is named TS for Touch Screen is it? Looking to be that its a 3D gimmick tacked onto a hopefully much upgraded DS, otherwise it wouldnt be able to turn off. The point I was trying to make is that if it has some kind of revolutionary new gameplay style that incorporates 3D Technology you would HAVE to have the 3D enabled! If you can turn it off, then its just a visual gimmick to enhance visuals on a 2D Plane, wich doesnt add any kind of new gameplay style..... make sense now?



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Slappy: I doubt I was the only one, but I definitely made the claim you mentioned. But the other guys who replied to you are right in suggesting that SOME games could require the 3D mode...they'd just have to make that clear on the box. Just like some games are designed for and really wouldn't work without the Wiimote (Crystal Bearers), some would be designed for and not work without the 3D mode.

Meanwhile, even though it WILL result in many games having more gimmicky 3D, it will ALSO make it more likely that more people will be able to enjoy the games at all. We don't want the system failing because of being locked into a smaller market, do we?



mnementh said:

awesome news. Can't wait for this.. I've been waiting for something like this for years.. a true gaming device with resolutions/capabilities you don't have on your cellphone. I'll be all over this. Having the 3D capability option doesn't detract one bit from its revolutionary appeal. Indeed it's the same with the Wii giving the developer/consumer an option to choose.



Interesting. Man I can't wait to know more about this machine!



LztheQuack said:


Gimme NOW!



bbb7002004 said:

I find the talk about extra eye strain ironic, considering handheld screens in general are eye strain city. Not sure the 3D will really make it that much worse.



longtimegamer said:

I think it's a good move to make it this way. Like with the wii, some games use motion control and some don't. This at least makes it not a total lose if the 3D part fails or people lose interest in it. Plus there are suppose to be other features besides 3D to make this different from the DS's now, even if the 3D thing doesn't go well.
I hope it does go well. Finding a way to make 3D actually useful like judging distances would be a good idea, I think. An example would be golf. If you want to figure how far to hit the ball, you have to actually have to look at a number that shows the distance on screen, but with this you might be able to judge with your eye's (Not sure about that, as I don't play real golf). I think a good use would be for depth perception in a medical game like Trauma Center. It could make it feel more real or that person your working on is actually there and not just a flat picture. Combining that with good use of the rumble feature would make it would make it feel even more real.
I think 3d could make a person feel even more as if they're in the game (or could go in). This might be cool for Scary games.

Edit: Actually if it used a built-in camera to judge how close your stylist or finger was to the screen, that'd be even better, not to mention make you feel more like you're interacting in an actual "3D" envionment.



SandMan said:

I hope this won't be used as an excuse for developers to produce less 3D games...



V8_Ninja said:

@SandMan Why do you think this will be an excuse? I'm actually happy this was announced. By allowing this, Nintendo is giving developers the option to focus more on making a good game rather than said game being 3D. It makes sense.



FJOJR said:

I think the added power will improve many DS type games. 3D is cool. And multimedia features much like the iPod and psp. Online infrastructure improvement out the yingyang.



robbob88 said:

Well this is not a surprise. And I don't understand why so many people are worried about 3DS. Nintendo knows how much success the DS brought them and they won't stray to far off from that basic set up, I expect the 3DS to basically be an enhanced DS with GameCube graphics and 3D capability and possibly an improved online infrastructure. On the 3D side of things, I expect the 3D to work perfectly, if it didn't, then I highly doubt Nintendo would be as confident as they are right now when talking about the system. I expect this system to be great and affordable. My guess between $175-$200 at launch in either October, November or December, with the DSi being marked down to $125 and the DSi XL around $150.



WaveGhoul said:

3D aside(which I'm most excited about) I'm pretty stoked for the high Resolution Screens, Rumble Feedback and tilt function as well. Not to mention Nintendo 'has' to release a Handeld VC for it.



Slapshot said:

@Stuff.... dude I so almost thought about putting your name there as I thought you were the one who made that statement very clearly. I do agree that the optional 2D is a good way to go, as I dont know how into 3D gaming I will be as I HATE 3D movies with a passion. Avatar on BluRay was Way Better than Avatar in 3D in the theatre IMO.

I still think that the fact that Nintendo is Already officially stating that the 3DS is optional 2D means that the negative feedback they have recieved on the 3DS from gamers has them a little worried on its sucess already. Say what you will/want you guys already do, but the Wii has so much crap on in in comparison to great games its ridiculous. I really dont think they want their handheld to have the same reputation. Of course pretty much Nothing will stop sales, but you see how little the Wii gets in the way of game Previews/Reviews on most main game sites, in comparison to the other systems. I dont think Nintendo want their handheld market to be considered another shovelware system, and I think this 3D gimmick is just the thing that could end up making it just that.



Token_Girl said:

I can't find it, but there was another article on this site where Iwata was talking about 3D on the next home console. He was skeptical, for one reason, because people have health issues with it. I think the reason for allowing games to be 2D is twofold - many people have headaches from 3D, so they want those people to enjoy the system as much as they can. The second is so devs that don't have the budget to do 3D, won't have to put it in. I can't see it being very possible for most games for 3D to be an ESSENTIAL addition. We haven't seen much in the way of completely new genre's on Wii. We have seen a lot of genres IMPROVED by the use of motion controls. 3D will be like this too for the most part, so I'd imagine the decision to turn off 3D was made pretty early on.

Yeah, it's a gimmick, but no more a gimmick than having 2 screens or motion controls or rumble or anything else, and we don't complain if a game has those things (or doesn't) as long as it's a good game. I also agree that a game that absolutely needs 3D could be done, but it would have to specify that on the box.



WaveGhoul said:

if they can create 3D by adding depth and layers ect ect, than yes it definitly will add and make the experience far more immersive and exciting. What's a gimmick is 3D Post Conversion regarding movies. It has to be filmed in 3D to get the 'real' effect. Avatar is the real deal, along with Saw VII and Resident Evil: After life coming out.



Caliko said:

Great move from Nintendo. But I bet some games will have to be played exclusively in 3D. Think a Super Paper Mario-esque game, or puzzle game.

Although this might be fixable if the 3DS has tilt functionality. Maybe??



MrWarmo said:

i guess we will be all turning the 3-d off blaming it on saving battery, lol. same as turning down the brightness and wireless on our dsi's LOL



MrWout said:

Well i just meant that some games use don't use the new technologies on the wii and ds because they just don't work with them. And I think that doesn't mean the inclusion of these new technologies isn't worthwhile. I think its is better to have the games that just don't work with in 2D.

I do get your concerns about getting a library full of crap for the the 3ds as we have for the Wii, but sadly I think this is the future of gaming and one we can't change....It is the burden of a media getting more and more mainstream attention, the same happened to music, the same happened to cinema, the same is happening to games. It is not Nintendo's fault they just were 'smart' enough to cash in on the development when it showed.



Arcanum said:

I don't want to post anything at the risk of being verbally assaulted by slapshot82......



Kirk said:

Were there actually people who thought the 3DS was ONLY going to display in 3D all the time?




Eclipse_Dj said:

Having this feature is no different to movie theatres giving you the option of a standard 2D movie or a 3D version. Yes, 3D will enhance the visual aspect but not necessarily alter the basic game mechanics in anyway. Other developers might try and make more use of the 3D view to change the way their game is played. But at least this way Nintendo (much like the movie industry) aren't forcing 3D on all developers or consumers, and like others have said; Avatar looked great in both 3D and 2D.



Karakato said:

I am relieved now that I heard this news, but I'm still weary if the 3D is a gimmick or an innovation to gaming history because I wasn't that amazed with avatar. I'll just have to wait for E3 like all the others and hope for the best



The_Fox said:

How about some real info, Nintendo? I'm interested, but without anything concrete that interest is going to fade away.



TheBaconator said:

This makes me wonder if you can play DS games in 3D too. Then everyone would stop complaining about the Pokemon Black And White situation.



Moco_Loco said:

I'm reassured by this, since I sometimes get motion sickness. I was unable to play Ratchet & Clank and Wind Waker due to the sick feeling I would get while playing them, and I also got that feeling when I rented that Simpsons Hit & Run game. I don't want 3D forced on me, because I suspect it would cause the same kinds of problems.

Yeah, I know I don't have to buy it, but I would like access to Nintendo's latest offerings and to FINALLY have access to a download store (can't afford a DSi and I always had the feeling the next handheld would come sooner than later, but I could afford a 3DS at launch if I start saving early).



Knux said:

Awesome! Now I don't have to worry about possible headaches from playing a 3DS game. Bring on E3!!



Slapshot said:

@Moco Loco.... I have pretty bad astigmatism in my eyes, and Im guessing that is what causes me to have headaches with 3D as well.

Im actually glad to hear that the 2D is optional as well, but I still thing the system being named 3DS has got to mean that the basis of the system will be built using the 3D tech. Hopefully the fact that its as powerful as the Gamecube, joystick,etc stand true and having 3DS will be having a portable Gamecube and I can eliminate the whole 3D gimmick of it and then maybe a Handheld VC to boot and Ill be happy with a 3DS that I wont use 3D on.

@Arcanum.... aye what can I say Im a hockey fan but for real... Im just as dumbfounded with Sony and all there "3D Gaming is the future of Gaming", wasnt it just a few years back everyone was saying that about Motion Controls?



Capt_N said:

I think N is saying, & making this so, mostly on the grounds of 3d tech, & the related eye-problems, not so much on the developer grounds. B/c the Virtual-boy was known for causing eye-troubles/problems. I think N wants something to fall back on for this machine, should the 3-d prove to be disastrous to some eyes.

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