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Fri 18th Jul 2008

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MrWarmo commented on Nintendo "Happy with Virtual Console Pricing":

All we need for wii is a better online system. Maybe a way to buy exact a exact number of points so you don't have any left?
Oh, and where did the achievement system go? And the ability do download extra Mario Kart tracks ?



MrWarmo commented on Nintendo Will Release 3DS in October:

if this plays old ds games, will this switch to a 2-d mode or convert it?
is it even possible?

anyway, like the other post about wii's and online, could this fix the issues, especially if this is a proper new platform??



MrWarmo commented on Wii Least Connected of U.S. Consoles:

the wii needs so much updating, we need a user-friendly system that has a trophy-like system, and no friend codes. i though the other day that the trophy idea could be 'retro fitted' to existing games by making a channel that would scan your saves! simple!

another reason that nobody uses online because people are thick and normal famlies never do it!

nintendo ignores everyone and does what it likes, and badly. they can never take a hint!
somebody who designed the wii, should be SHOT and Siguro Mayamoto, should be a god!



MrWarmo commented on DSi Contains Improved Anti-Piracy Technology?:

well, the dsi hase acecard, or somthin, liek a m3 or r4 for a dsi, the only problem will it be locked out by the firmware updates, if u want to do this, i go back to my old ds, but do they work on dsi because of the hardware?

the plot thickens...