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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Forecast is Cloudy with Chance of Co-Op

Posted by James Newton

New trailer reveals Cosmic Guide, cutesy power-ups and Starship Mario

It might seem a long way off, but Super Mario Galaxy 2 is just one month away for lucky North American gamers, whilst European players can pick it up on June 11th. Nintendo has just released a new trailer and screenshots showing off the return of Rosalina, the introduction of Cloud Mario and the first sighting of Cosmic Guide, the celestial cousin to New Super Mario Bros. Wii’s Super Guide.

One of the more bizarre revelations is the introduction of Starship Mario, a planet shaped like the plumber’s head that has the power to fly around the galaxy of its own will, becoming slowly more populated with characters and features as the game progresses.

Nintendo’s press release is followed by a gallery of brand new shots to tide you over just a little longer.


Super Mario Galaxy 2: newly released information on gameplay elements

22 April 2010: Hold onto your seat and get ready for orbit, as the long awaited Super Mario Galaxy 2 will touch down in Europe on 11 June 2010. Bursting with new features and gameplay elements, there’s something for everyone in Mario’s latest adventure.

The Star Festival is in full flow as falling stars shower down on the Mushroom Kingdom once again. Princess Peach invites Mario to watch the festival at her castle, but en route he comes across a Luma who takes a shine to him and dives into his hat to hide, giving him the Spin move powers. Before he reaches the castle, Mario is concerned to see that a gigantic Bowser, super-sized from harnessing the power from the stars, is attacking and capturing Peach. As Bowser escapes, Mario launches into outer space in pursuit. Cue an incredible mission in outer space – to save the Princess and bring peace back to the Mushroom Kingdom!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is jam-packed with new features, including new ways to travel around the galaxies, brand new Mario suits, an enhanced co-operative mode, a Cosmic Guide – and a hungrier-than-ever Yoshi.

Steer your way around Super Mario Galaxy 2 on Starship Mario. After completing the first level in the game Mario unlocks a spaceship, which is in fact a planet, transformed by a Luma to look just like Mario. Using this planetary ship, you can navigate the World Map on tracks between galaxies, harking back to the logical paths the classic Mario games took. Play and explore on this planet throughout the game and as galaxies are completed the Starship Mario gradually becomes populated with characters and features to enjoy.

Two new Mario suits take center stage: Cloud Mario and Rock Mario. For the first time, as Cloud Mario, create up to three cloud platforms which enable him to reach high into the sky. When wearing his other suit, he can also transform himself into Rock Mario, rocking and rolling into enemies and elements in galaxies to reveal new things.

The Super Mario Galaxy co-operative mode has been enhanced for Super Mario Galaxy 2. In the Co-Star mode, your friend will support you as a Luma who can not only hold enemies, but perform the famous Mario Spin move to immobilise and knock enemies out and can also interact with parts of galaxies. You will also be able to collect coins on Mario’s behalf as on top of the Star Bits as in Super Mario Galaxy!

Your faithful friend Yoshi plays an increasingly important role in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and he has a special new feature. When he eats a light bulb-shaped berry, he emits a brilliant light to reveal hidden areas, but watch out as the ability only lasts a short while so Mario and Yoshi need to grab more berries to keep the platform they’re standing on secure!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 features something for everyone, with levels difficult enough to challenge the most confident of players but also offers areas for casual players to enjoy. Super Mario Galaxy 2 will also feature the Cosmic Guide; a helper mode which can help players who may find some areas difficult. So what are you waiting for? Make sure you snap up your copy when Mario flies back to Europe from outer space on 11 June 2010.

What are we waiting for? Why, the actual game to be released, of course.

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Token_Girl said:

Haha, yeah, that's a funny way to end the press release. We wouldn't be waiting if we could buy the game already!

Sounds exciting. I like the concept of the Cloud powerup. Where's the trailer NLife?



RocketBird said:

It looks like frame 4 has some sonic influence. Do you think the developing team was poking some fun at sonic games?



James said:

Trailer is up now, don't know why it didn't work before but there it is



Knux said:

Woot, the game looks awesome and Roslaina is back! I can't wait!



TKOWL said:

One month from tomorrrow! And the Cloud Suit looks...pretty cool!



Scottie said:

I want to pre-order this in the EU, any ideas of the cheapest site to get it from? So far the cheapest i have found is Gameplay in the UK. I wish we were getting the game on the 23rd May i can't wait until June lol.



Donatello said:

Looks fantastic! But I'm very dissapointed by the Storyline...It's the same freaking stuff yet again, save the princess from Bowser. Couldn't they of done something alittle different this time around? I'll say it again, I wan't Wart to escape the DreamWorld with his minions and be the higher Power over Bowser who is a mear puppet in his game



Deviant_Mugen said:

Oh, my anticipation has been at an all-time high since I saw this trailer earlier today. Come on May 23rd...



turtlelink said:

Looks way better than the first. I guess that orange luma (next to the logo) will be the luma that turns into the planet-spaceship thing.



Discipledoctor said:

I thought the Star Festival was once every thousand years? Why is it happening again? But still, Giant Bowser. Awesome.



TingLz said:

@George: 1000 years passed since the last one Mario is actually Mario's great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson, but Nintendo doesn't you to know that



Sylverstone said:

Wow, the Cosmic Guide.

Their promotional tactics are pretty sweet, can't wait for Transmission 2 on the 23rd.



Inigo_Montoyia said:

Just seeing Rosalina as the Cosmic Guide made my day; even if I don't like to use the Super Guide in Mario games!



Discipledoctor said:

Well, SilverBlacktail...I wonder how the "retelling" of the ending is gonna be. Really, I was hoping for some threat greater than Bowser... 3-D Shadow Queen would be awesome. But I guess we'll see this May.



BlueFlameBat said:

The "rescue the princess" thing got old a long time ago. Now it's just getting more and more annoying.



JimLad said:

SMG2 trailers give me goosebumps, even more so than the first game.
I think it's because now you know how much quality to expect, and that music just does it for me everytime.
Also Mario games require very little peril or scenes of desperation, a rare thing in this day and age, it's just sheer joy from start to finish.



WiiLovePeace said:

Oh man, this has to be my most anticipated of all Wii games for this year (& there's a lot coming out this year ). I loved the 1st one, but it was a bit on the easy side (great challenge getting every star though!), I'm extremely happy to hear this one has increased difficulty in some levels, includes yoshi & the environments seem to be more bright (I loved the tropical setting in galaxies like Beach Bowl Galaxy in SMG1). Also I haven't read it anywhere but I can confirm that Luigi will also be making an appearance of some sort in this game (I saw a picture of him & Mario talking on the Nintendo of Japan SMG2 website). Hopefully Luigi is playable again! Once again, I have to say it: Can't wait for this game!!!!!!



Rapadash6 said:

I'm embarrassed to say that I am so stoked for this game that I've been dreaming about it lately. The first Super Mario Galaxy had left that much of a positive impression on me, I suppose. ^^'



TingLz said:

@38: Would you rather rescue a prince? Or....dare I say it........MARIO?!!



JebbyDeringer said:

I hope the music is better this time around. The quality was good but there were only 2 or 3 tunes I really liked. The space theme that sounded like it could have been from Star Fox, the bowser battle theme and I think another one. I wish SMG2 was a darker game than the first but oh well.



StarDust4Ever said:

It's nice to see that Galaxy 2 is getting some incarnation of Rosalina - she's my favorite Nintendo damsel after all

@44 Iz2010: You play the Princess and rescue Mario from Bowser in "Super Princess Peach", and you actually get to play as Bowser for "Bowser's Inside Story" Role-reversals are fun after all.



Wolfcoyote said:

It makes me want to play the first SMG from scratch because it was SO FUN. And this is coming from a man who purchased the long-awaited PS3 versions of GTA4: L&D and BoGT! Plus it's great that it's coming on May 23rd because it makes the perfect early b-day gift (May 30th).

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