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Thu 11th Feb 2010

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JackMack commented on PlatinumGames President Saddened by Decline of...:

Kirby's Epic Yarn was totally hardcore. (sarcasm) Mickeymac is right, Nintendo hasn't been catering to the hardcore fans, I absolutely love every game WaveBoy mentioned but all of them were entrees in a well established series. Not to say that the games Nintendo churns out aren't fun, but only a small handful of them are both new and exceedingly challenging to veteran fans. I'm okay with that. so long as studios like PlatinumGames continue to exist, we will have fresh ideas in the industry and the "Hardcore" crowd will be sadisfied.



JackMack commented on 3DS Development Could Cost Triple That of DS S...:

I'm sure that its possible download/wiiware like service games will cost less and make up for high priced retail games. Still, does this deter anyone from getting their hands on 3-D Zelda? Because it shouldn't.



JackMack commented on First Impressions: BIT.TRIP FATE:

I think I recall Gaijin saying the story would make a lot more sense in this one and we might get more of an idea of what ComanderVideo is doing. Without spoiling anything, is anything explained or expanded upon in this one?



JackMack commented on First Sonic Colours Gameplay Trailer Drills, D...:

I've always found 3-D Sonic games to have a "this music is so bad it's good" feeling to it. And this game meets those requirements. But throw in a chao section and this could be the best game ever. I really love chao.

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JackMack commented on Next Bungie Title May Head to Nintendo Consoles:

I'm pretty sure Kingdom Hearts wasn't on a Nintendo console.

I would be interested to see what Mr. Ryan might have in store for the Wii, I enjoyed Halo a lot but I haven't checked out any of their other games so my guess is one or two PS3 only games and no love for Wii. =(



JackMack commented on Big Nintendo News Incoming:

A new Donkey Kong game for Wii (Country style of course) would be the best news I could imagine (multiplayer would rock!). An FPA Zelda would be an interesting change of pace, though I'm imagining the new Zelda to be like Majora's Mask in terms of innovation. The new Kirby and Starfox games would be nice but I think that they should focus on the games they've already announced. Oh, and hi, I'm new.