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Donkey Kong World Record Smashed

Posted by Stuart Reddick

New York plastic surgeon Hank Chien bests Billy Mitchell's top score

Twin Galaxies, the website that monitors and rules over gaming's top scores, today announced that a new Donkey Kong champion has been crowned.

Plastic surgeon Hank Chien has rocketed into first place, racking up a score of 1,061,700 points in 2 hours 35 minutes, and ending on the legendary kill screen that prevents players from progressing any further.

This score-smashing display was performed on an original Donkey Kong arcade machine in New York, and was verified by Twin Galaxies officials David Nelson of New Hampshire and Eric Akeson of Washington state.

Chien has stolen the record from Billy Mitchell by beating the hot-sauce salesman's high-score of 1,050,200 points. Mitchell's controversial rise to fame and continued rivalry with gamer extraordinaire Steve Wiebe (whom we recently interviewed) have been chronicled in popular documentary King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.

This is huge news for the gaming community, who have followed the unfolding drama over who holds the all-important top-spot for years. We want to hear your reactions to this game-changing news in the comments below.

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Namo said:

Okay, so is the front page gonna be spammed with this guy now so we can ask him questions?



Raylax said:

Everytime I see these articles about Billy Mitchell, expert of Donkey Kong, I think of this guy.



Kirk said:

So it's not enough to be successful, rich, and most likely have lots of hot chicks (because he is a plastic surgeon and you know how some girls are about that job), but he also has to break world records on videogames.

Some guys just make me wanna punch myself in the face!



toymin80r said:

@Namo you really don't like this world-record thing, huh? Personally, i think it's nice for a little competition in any video game (as long as you enjoy playing them).



Popyman said:

Wow, did this dude just come out of nowhere and take the record? Kinda funny...



Slapshot said:

Congrats to the newcomer, and Im sure Steve will be breaking your record in the next year. I hope so.



WiiLovePeace said:

Wow, so now Steve Wiebe will be now challeging this guy for the record @ the GDC. Good luck Steve!



pixelman said:

Wow. A hot-sauce salesman holds the high-score, then is pwned by a plastic surgeon who will soon be pwned by a drummer.




aaronsullivan said:

There's a ceiling to the score possibilities in Donkey Kong. I wonder how close they are getting. Impossible to really know, but eventually one of these scores is going to be so close to impossible to beat that it might just be over.

@12.Egg miester
Racism meter is going through the friggin' roof! And I'm one to promote talk about different races/cultures without walking on ice. I'm not that sensitive to these things.m But...
Daniel Dae Kim!? Are these the first two people with Asian features you have ever seen? lol. There are almost no similarities between the two.
Asians have had games longer? What on Earth are you talking about? Video games didn't start in Asia. And a person can only being playing games as long as they have been alive. So...



A1234 said:

congrats Hank! incredible! now Steve needs to beat 2 scores at GDC.



WiiLovePeace said:

@17 - "There's a ceiling to the score possibilities in Donkey Kong."
Really? I was under the impression that the only ceiling is the kill screen & thus you could pretty much just sit on level one jumping barrels and getting 100 points each forever if you had the skill...



Mayhem said:

@Popyman - pretty much, apparently he only started playing the game in November 2008... so not even 18 months yet!

@WiiLovePeace - nope, there's a countdown timer on each level and if it hits zero, then you lose a life. It's actually that function that causes the "kill" screen, you can read about that here and why it triggers.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Wow. A two-man battle for the score is immortalized in film, only for a third guy to come out of NOWHERE and take the title of "King of Kong." Crazyville, man!



StarBoy91 said:

I suppose everyone is keen on making the top record for Donkey Kong nowadays, Swik.



TKOWL said:

The Mother of all coincidences. You interview the former DK champion, and now someone has taken his place.



Sylverstone said:

So, will Steve Wiebe still be able to claim the record at GDC? What will Billy Mitchell do now that his title has been snatched away from him? Who is this plastic surgeon-turned-record holder, and is he a target for both men? Find out next time on the next action packed episode of "I Wanna Be King of Kong!"



suburban_sensei said:

No matter who has the highest score, I still really admire Steve Weibe. He was just a really cool, genuine guy in King of Kong, and I hope he can one up this guy.



Jeroen1 said:

@Aaron Sullivan: I'm Asian myself. Most of the time only someone non-asian would point out the apparent 'racism' in remarks like that.

Lighten up a little, I don't need a lecture.



RowdyRodimus said:

Namo, if you think one article about a guy is "Spammed all over the front page" then you haven't been to the WiiWare forum and the 3,643 threads on Mega Man 10 ranging from "Who's your favorite robot master" to "How yellow was your urine when you first played Mega Man 10?"



StarDust4Ever said:

Question is, what constitutes a perfect score? In Pacman, it is 3,333,360pts. Donkey Kong is a bit more subjective.



evilralfwiggum said:

This is great news. Really cool to see someone else get into the mix of this High Score race. Great stuff.



incubo said:

Great!! ANYONE that beats Billy Mitchell is my hero....What's up with a grown man that still goes by the name of "Billy"...he's such a tool....

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