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Upcoming Media Summit Promises Surprises, Hype

Posted by James Newton

What will Nintendo reveal in a few days?

Whenever there's a Nintendo press event, everyone goes bananas predicting what will be unveiled: new hardware, new entries in long-running series, Virtual Console Handheld. Well, with not one but two three Media Summits scheduled for this week, you can bet there'll be some interesting announcements in the coming days. And you know what? Nintendo Life is gonna be there.

Yes, Editorial Director Darren Calvert and Assistant Editor James Newton will be attending the London event this coming Thursday, and will be bringing you exclusive reports on the exciting goings-on. If you're a developer or writer attending the summit, come over and say hello - we're friendly chaps here at Nintendo Life.

Want to know what's happening? Keep your eyes glued to Nintendo Life this week. Want to make up some rumours and see if they're right? Well, go right ahead - we'd be disappointed if you didn't.

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Xkhaoz said:

So, when is this? I'm confused. EDIT: I was also asking about the America one.



James said:

"Yes, Editorial Director Darren Calvert and Assistant Editor James Newton will be attending the London event this coming Thursday"

What's confusing?



PhillaLoup said:

The ONM or so said this is going to be better than the last two E3s combined ... so, I'm VERY excited.

AND BTW: there are 3 media summits at the same time: USA, Europe, Australia...



Swiket said:

Was it ever even confirmed that would be a "big surprise" for this event? I don't remember seeing anything like this...



Cipher said:

So this ISN'T just a WiiWare and Nintendo DSiWare media summit like the last two? Huh.



PhillaLoup said:

Let's see what rumors are floating all around the web...
Wii HD, Wii 2, DS 2, Luigi's Mansion 2 (or NPC), Eternal Darkness 2 (or NPC), Roque Squadron Wii (or NPC), Star Wars lightsaber game (WiiMotion+), Virtual Console Handheld, first Zelda Wii screenshot/trailer, new Metroid: Other M trailer, Metroid: Dread, Kirby Wii, F-Zero Wii, Kid Icarus Wii, StarFox Adventures 2, Pokemon 5th generation, Pikmin 3, The Last Story, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario Party 9 (WiiMotion+), Cosmic Walker, Vitality Sensor (+ game), Earthbound Wii (or VC), ...



warioswoods said:

Same day as the health reform summit. I'll be quite busy with this overload of politics and Nintendo in a single day.

Maybe it's more than coincidence. The Vitality Sensor might be the secret weapon for health reform. Just wait until Shigeru and Barack come out on stage together.



King_Elemento said:

If Nintendo don't announce a DSi VC, I will be annoyed. Let's hope what they do announce makes up for what they should announce, but don't



Mama_Luigi said:

They are going to make a game of that movie of that guy who was in that movie last year.



bboy2970 said:

I actually had a dream last night that was revealing. I don't remember it very vibrantly but what I do remember is that I was sitting in some place where I didn't know where it was and it was definitely one day in the coming week. Anyway, Shigeru Miyamoto himself spoke to me and told me Nintendo was prepping a new Star Fox for Wii! He also told me something they were doing differently with this title but I can't remember no matter how hard I try what it was! If I had to take a guess I think I vaguely remember the change being something like a return to the series' roots and dropping the adventure bull from Gamecube......I think. So anyway, that's all i remember. It could just be a dream but who knows, some say dreams are premonitions of the future and if that is true, I'm sorry to report that Mr. Miyamoto didn't tell me anything regarding a 3rd entry in the Pikmin franchise or maybe he did and I just don't remember



bboy2970 said:

Here's my list of things I REALLY want to be revealed from 1 to 10. 1 being most important.

1. DSi SD Menu
2. Pikmin 3
3. Virtual Handheld
4. New DS Hardware
5. Luigi's Mansion Sequal
6. New Wii Hardware
7. Brand New Nintendo Franchise
8. Continuation of The Criminally Under-Supported NPC Series
9. New Kirby Game
10. New Channels

If everything here is revealed, then I'm afraid I won't be around Nintendo Life anymore as I will surely die of a happiness overload



Zak_Canard said:

Here's some in order of likeliness:

Mario Galaxy 2 will get dated for a pre-E3 release, and the New Zelda game will get dated for November and be playable at E3.

There won't be a teaser for either the DS2 or WiiHD, the former due to the DSiXL not yet being out in Europe and the latter due to it not existing yet.

Wii Firmware 5.0 and DSi Firmware 2.0. Wii is mostly be prepwork changes to allow Vitality Sensor to work. Dsi adds support to play your games off an SD Card and and update to the DSi Browser giving Flash support. Both firmware updates will also require a Shop Channel update.

The Shop Channel updates will also allow you to pool your Wii/Dsi points together if you've got them tied to the same Club Nintendo account.




DSi is not that old and DSi XL is not even out yet. Im not saying they wont announce DS2 but i think it would be pretty dumb.



V8_Ninja said:

I'm still thinking the successor to the DS. It's hard to say whether anything else can count as "something very special" in Nintendo's book. If the surprise isn't a new handheld, than it will probably be a new entry in a long running series that has seemed to disappear from the face of the video game industry recently (F-Zero, console Kirby, etc.).



bboy2970 said:

Oh, and I also want to see that mysterious Vitality Sensor applied in some sort of software.



Machu said:

@James: I'll be at yours six o'clock Thursday morning. I'll bring sandwiches and a flask. Cya then.



Benji said:

The new Retro Studios project is being announced, whatever game that may be. If not here, then at E3.



James said:

@Machu: Good luck mate, I'll be in a swanky London hotel. Leave the sandwiches in the postbox though and I'll pick them up on Friday. Cheers.



Burning_Spear said:

I don't think they're having media summits on three different continents to announce a game. I think it will be a DS successor.



bboy2970 said:

Burning Spear has a good point. The big announcement simply must be something hardware related. Of course there will also be some software sprinkled on for good measure BTW, the NOA event happens on Wednesday and the European one on Thursday. When is the Australian one? And if they all take place on different days, wouldn't the earliest one naturally steal all the thunder by dropping this multi-continent surprise first?



BJWanlund said:

Here's what I want Nintendo (specifically NOA) to do (from 1 to 10, no particular order of importance):

1. I'd LOVE to see Nintendo addressing the absurd and obscene DS & Wii piracy problem, because if Nintendo continues to believe that people WON'T pirate and WON'T do anything about the piracy problem (ie an official DS flashcart that works on all DS models and official digital distribution solution to DS and a hard drive and official digital distribution solution for Wii), they will continue to get hammered in terms of sales, and things are only going to get worse for them.
2. DSi Virtual Console/Handheld. This should have been announced along with the DSi itself, and I am totally stumped as to why Nintendo hasn't announced it yet!!
3. A high definition solution for the Wii, because it would make things great. But also, could they PLEASE figure out how to export the Wii's and DSi's video signal to USB for purposes of YouTube videos? I ask this because I'd love to see the same quality for DS and Wii gameplay videos for developers and/or GameTrailers in the hands of YouTube users so that I don't have to see shaky cameras ever again!
4. Many "hardcore" game announcements to satiate the hardcores they left behind in order to court the casual gamer.
5. MORE REGGIE and NO Cammie, please.
6. PLEASE re-release the DS Wi-Fi USB Connector and please make it compatible with the Mac, and also tie it to a SINGLE Club Nintendo account's Nintendo devices in order to throw the security hounds in IT departments everywhere a bone!
7. Nintendo has been well-known for years for providing truly unique gaming experiences. They've made us laugh, they've made us cry. They've scared us silly, they've made us scream in anger. Please, Nintendo, I'd love to see the uniqueness that are Nintendo gaming experiences to come back in full force, even if you're still courting the unwashed masses of casual gamers.
8. I really, really want to see what Retro Studios and Factor 5 have been working on. Just sayin'.
9. If Nintendo were to implement the DS & Wii Online Store as I asked above, the prospects of getting these niche sorts of games (like Final Furlong, etc.) over here in the States (and in Europe) would get a humongous boost.
10. And if Nintendo were to finally implement the DSi Virtual Console, maybe we'd get Mother 1 & 2 AND Mother 3 AND some of the wackier niche GBA titles from Japan (like Kuru Kuru Kururin, Winning Post, etc.) over here in the West.

Just my thoughts, only 3 days until I get to see the goodness from an American perspective!




JakobG said:

Let's see...
New game? No, we already get 3 new Nintendo-games this year.
Wii 2? No, too early, and HD isn't for the casual market.
New DS? Too early either, plus it would confront with the DSi XXL.
I have no idea what they could release.



BJWanlund said:

@touffeboy I actually asked Hudson Entertainment's Twitter guy about that very thing, and he said he thought it seemed like it was more their call to put Mario Party (I'm saying 2 & 3 when I say Mario Party here) on VC.




Sylverstone said:

What do I want to hear:

  • Announcement of DSi VC
  • Key Frachise Entries (Pikmin 3, Metroid: Other M, Super Mario Galaxy 2)
  • Pokemon: Fifth Generation Adventure (Opal/Amethyst ~ tentative elements)
  • Wii Vitality Sensor Game (WiiRelax?)
  • Strong Address against Piracy
  • Response to Widespread Rumors
  • Announcement of DSi Speak Channel
  • DSi SD Card Menu
  • Sharing of Nintendo Points between Wii & DSi Shop Accounts
  • Continued Support of the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector for Future Platforms (Until there is a successor)


Deviant_Mugen said:

Why can't Wednesday get here already? I'm sick of mere speculation, I want concrete information straight from the source...



diehllane said:

It can't be that big of a deal... There's no Japanese Media Summit.
This has to be small



Donatello said:

Besides Zelda Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M

Other Possibilities?

Luigi's Mansion 2
kid Icarus
Wii Play 2
Pikmin 3
Wave Race Wii
F-Zero Wii
Mario Party 9
Kirby Wii

Wasn't there also talk about a Punch-Out!! 2 a few months ago? The Developers wanted to creat a whole new roster of boxers, and change up the gameplay alittle adding something new, since Punch-Out!! was basically a remake of the original.



Ren said:

I bet it'll be something really trivial like a demo of a DSi XL, or the weird heart rate thing added on to Wii fit, and we'll all groan in disappointment.

Or it could be something really cool like an early tech demo of a new system without a final case design, where you can play a new Zelda with motion plus in some kind of HD with a new processor. I think thats what we can dream of, though I don't see it happening yet.

I don't see any conflict with them showing tech demos of either a "Wii HD" or "DS 2" type of thing as long as they stress that it's all backwards compatible. My money is on a playable version of Galaxy 2 or a Zelda trailer, one of those for sure the timing is right.



Crystalking18 said:

If I could choose 5 things, that would actually be likely of happening, here they are.
5) Last Story details- This game looks like it's gonna be great, and I hope it comes out soon.
4) Virtual Console Handheld - With the DSI XL coming out soon, it would seem fitting to have a new edition to the store.
3) Surprise Announcements - Yeah, I want to hear about the new pokemon game, luigi's mansion 2, and Proffesot Layton 3.
2) Release Dates - I need to know when games like zelda wii, Last Story, XenoBlade, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and other games when they come out.
1) Viewtiful Joe 3/Strider 3/Pikmin 3/ Layton 3 - Because trilogys are awesome



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Not so sure if new games will be announced but if so, I'm wagering for a new game in an established franchise, a new WiiWare game, and/or a new Mario Party. I'm more leaning towards release dates of G&W DSiWare, DSi updates such as Mii incorporation and shop gifting/friend exchanges, Virtual Console DSi, and a couple other things I have locked up in my head.



BJWanlund said:

@Crystalking18: I'm with you 100% on 4 and maybe 75% on 3. I don't want to hear too much about the next series of Pokemon games right now, since HeartGold and SoulSilver would be just 2 weeks away or less at the point of the American media summit that's happening on Wednesday. Not sure so much about 2, although I would personally LOVE to hear about a release date for Metroid: Other M and maybe even another Metroid DS title that incorporates the GBA titles (Fusion & Zero Mission) and possibly a new one based on the old Game Boy Metroid II. Just saying. Oh, and maybe Nintendo can elaborate on what the heck is going on with that trademark they renewed in Japan for Super Mario All-Stars, because I personally would love to know on that front.




MmBuddha said:

We're all going to be disappointed by whatever announcement Nintendo make. I'm not saying it might not be exiting, but it can never live up to the insane expectations everyone has for some reason pinned on it.



I am looking forward to it but I'll keep oustide of the Hype train because I doubt they will anoucne something earthshatering. I guess that morer WM+ games (I really really hope so!), some new updates to the firmwares and MAYBE a trailer for zelda. I suspect that it will be more about WW and to confirm some expected dates like SMG2 and Metroid: Anime boobs version.

I hope to be wrong though.



BJWanlund said:

@MmBuudha It's not insane expectations so much as it is about hoping that Nintendo can and will do better by its most diehard, ardent fans.




Just for the record, If they announce a Wii HD, which I really doubt it, I won't be excited, I will be extremely dissapointed.



yoshdude64 said:

"DSi Miis. PLEASE let it be DSi Miis!!!"
I like this idea.. Hopefully they will also release a new DSi update..



Supermegaman said:

How about a DS donkey kong collection? Maybe with a donkey kong country 4? Not a good canidate for big news, but hey, Im hopeful



TrevorTheChan said:

I agree that some Wii Vitality Sensor related news is likely. Maybe this business with the Rogue Squadron Wii game on the GAME website might even get confirmed. Oh, and the most likely that everybody's missed... the fact that Mario and Luigi have a half-brother called Giuseppe who is evil, mentally unstable, and just so happens to have a horde of suggestible minions at his disposal. Own spin-off game, naturally.



mushroomer said:

Kid Icarus Wii and DS simultaneous release utilizing dsi camera, vitality sensor, balance board, wii speak mic, and a new Bow and Arrow attachment for the wii mote and nunchuck with motion plus.



StarDust4Ever said:

New details for Mario Galaxy 2, please!!! Having only one preview video, ten screenshots, and heaps of speculation ever since June 2009 simply does not cut it. I've been dying for more info; hopefully one of these summits will have some more juicy tidbits, or better yet, a release date...



DarkEdi said:

I wish a update to 5.0 with no more foolish friend codes by game and all using the wii number



Token_Girl said:

Devs have talked about getting Dev kits for the DS2, and Nintendo hasn't spun into it's usual spiral of denial; I think it's pretty obvious they're planning to announce it.

I'm thinking at this point, the Virtual Handheld isn't going to be on the DSi at all, it will be on the DS2, if at all.

I'm hoping for some great trailers/demos/release dates for Galaxy 2, Other M, and Zelda. I can't see any new AAA games being announced, they'll need SOMETHING for E3. Firmware updates would be likely too, hopefully they'll fix the SD situation on the DS. I wouldn't be surprised to see WW demos added permanently and a WiiShop channel redesigned to go with it. Just have to wait and see I guess.



James said:

The fact that Mario and Luigi have a half-brother called Giuseppe who is evil, mentally unstable, and just so happens to have a horde of suggestible minions at his disposal. Own spin-off game, naturally.

Dammit Trevor, only a few days on the site and you've already broken our cast-iron non-disclosure agreement on this half-brother game!

I'm really enjoying what you guys are coming up with and can't wait to see if any of them are even remotely accurate. Stay tuned



RyuZebian said:

I want a DSi software update! Mii channel could be fun, especially if it work with Wii Mii's and the other way around.Or games that take advantage of it's above ordinary DS power! Although a DS2 announcement would make me pretty happy too... Can't they just do as Sony did and let the ordinary DS be for kids and families (like the PS2) and make a really powerful machine (like the PS3) for the hardcore gamers? And no, not with the huge price tag, I mean the "not abandoning the last generation" part. The reason that Sony didn't cancel production of the PS2 was because it's the most bestselling console ever! And the DS is the most bestselling handheld ever, and I don't think it's ready to be called obsolete just yet...



JakobG said:

It definitely won't be a game.
You have to think about marketing strategy; it contradicts too much.
If you hype something too much up, people will start making up a fictional product and compare the actual one to the one that's made up.
Also, we already get 3 Nintendo games, so that could decrease the sales.
Like I said, I can't think of anything that would fit.



JimLad said:

I would like it to be whatever Miyamoto is working on with motion plus.
...or just anything motion plus related.



retrobuttons said:

Don't be surprised if this media summit will be more interesting to Oprah Winfrey than it will be to you.



motang said:

I am so looking forward to this. I will be at work but I will be refreshing madly!



shadowAOD said:

they found the secret to the universe O_O

it would probably be starfox wii



astarisborn94 said:

There are tons of possibilities. The question is, what will be reveil and will Nintendo deliever?

So it'll be on February 28th, 2010, right? Will there be live viewings? If so, I want to find a place.



WolfRamHeart said:

I'm not expecting anything too significant to be announced at this media summit. I think Nintendo will be saving all the good stuff for E3.



Froggievilleus said:

Here's hoping for the DSi SD playability. It's time for it to happen Nintendo.
Also, a DS Virtual Console would be awesome and would also warrant a need to read of off the SD card.



Ch3p3 said:

1.A new F-Zero game, i mess this franchise
2.The new portable console (DS2)
3.A future DLC feature for the new games
4.A new Star Fox game
5.The new Ghost Recon



James said:

Going back and reading some of those rumours is very, very entertaining in hindsight.

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