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Sun 21st Feb 2010

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Benji commented on Ancient Cyrpt:

I loved that level! It had a strong commitment to the theme of the crypt and had great imagery throughout. I feel like that helps incorporate the concept of the puzzle elements, and it gives a sense of accomplishment when you get that treasure!



Benji commented on Super Mario Exam:

That was a nice challenge. I would categorize this as a hard level instead of a medium because of the necessity to be precise with your actions. If you had a mushroom in the sub level, I couldn't find it, and I think that would also help this level out a little bit more.



Benji commented on (K1-8) Castle 1:

That was a solid level. I went through the warp pipe at the bottom, but I'm not sure if that's your secret themed area or not.



Benji commented on The Twins Labyrinth:

Very nice concept. I would prefer less of the drowsiness & sound effects, but otherwise I really liked it.