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Nintendo Download: 26th February 2010 (Europe)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The Virtual Console is still nowhere in sight, but at least there's Castlevania!

Believe it or not, this is the sixth week of this year in which we haven't gotten any new Virtual Console games. The amount of weeks in which we have is actually lower! Nintendo partially makes up for it by releasing a ton of games on the other services, but the situation on the retro front is obviously quite disappointing.

Without a doubt, the biggest hitter this week is Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth for WiiWare. Only very loosely based on the Game Boy game, this is basically just an all-new game in Konami's classic vampire slaying series, featuring the same stage-based platforming gameplay it was originally famous for. Anybody who likes classic Castlevania will not be disappointed by this installment - It perfectly captures the spirit everybody knows and loves. It costs 1000 Wii Points.

Reel Fishing Challenge has been out in North America for a long time now, but Natsume must've figured that late is better than never! Basically just an attempt at a realistic fishing game, it does its job fairly decently, but ultimately is really only worth it for true fans of angling. It only costs 500 Wii Points.

The last new WiiWare game this week is Dracula: Undead Awakening. A port of an iPhone release, in this title, your job is to fend off the undead in a Smash TV-like environment - That means that you're basically in a large arena, with enemies coming at you non-stop. The game has several different enemies and weapons to use on them, but for some reason, this WiiWare version costs 1000 Wii Points. Guess what - It's also available on DSiWare as of today, and that version only costs 500 DSi Points! We'll review both versions and inform you of the differences as soon as possible.

Also available on DSiWare is Bird & Bombs, released in North America as Spotto! Created by Intelligent Systems, this is an odd game in which you must play as a military bird, and chuck bombs upwards into the mouths of ghosts. It is as fun as it is strange, however - We thought it was quite addictive. And it only costs a mere 200 DSi Points, to boot!

Zoo Frenzy is Gameloft's latest DSiWare release. A simulation game, you must try to build and maintain a zoo, feeding and playing with the animals, through minigames, to train them for release back into the wild, where they will find other, new animals for you to put in your zoo. Sounds like it could go either way, just like pretty much every other Gameloft game! We'll have a review soon. It costs 800 DSi Points.

Finishing up this week's new games are the final two sections of Electroplankton for DSiWare, Marine-Crystals and Varvoice. As always, decide for yourself if what you can do with each of these would be to your liking - We personally think the former is decent, while the latter is the worst of the entire set.

Surely NoE will release something on VC next week?

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CanisWolfred said:

Holy crap, that's a lotta Dracula! At least you got Castlevania. It's like getting an old game, but it's new.



Yosher said:

Oh come ON Nintendo, what's with the lack of VC support?! There's still old games that I missed and want to try again (as well as N64 games I can't play anymore due to broken controllers)!

Somebody should start a petition...



Bass_X0 said:

Castlevania's okay. Nothing special really. The DS games were better IMO. The music seems quite generic for a Castlevania game. I've not heard a classic track during the game yet and there's nothing outstanding about the new music. I got up to stage four before my first game over.



erekose200 said:

This is really disapointing.. Where the hell are super mario kart and Blaster master? Games that have been out for ages in the US. Not happy.



Warioware said:

What's happened to Nintendo of Europe? Sure I'll get Castlevania but we used to get loads of VC titles and have Hanabi festivals once every three or four months! I haven't downloaded anything since Tomena Sanner.....

And (unrelated) does anybody know when we're getting No More Heroes Desperate Struggle? I thought the first game sold best in Europe.....



Bankai said:

It's a hell of an update (as far as I'm concerned, there's only Super Mario Kart left to come as "must have" virtual console games, so I don't mind the lack of updates there).

The DSiWare is especially good. Two more Electroplanktons for fans of that series, Spotto, which is a must have and probably the most accessible puzzler on the service so far, and Dracula: Undead Awakening, which is perfect for the portable format, and great fun in 20 minute bursts. Well-made action game.

The only thing I don't recommend is Zoo Frenzy. In true Gameloft style, it's terrible.



Bankai said:

Zork2 - you can get it on iPhone (iDracula), and through the Playstation Network as well, yes - I don't know about the Xbox.

I wouldn't get the Wii version, because this game is designed for 5-10 minutes of pick up and play on the go. It's not a sit-down console game, but it's brilliant for the DSi.



MrFrosty said:

When is NOE going to release Indiana Jones (snes) ?!?
Been waiting for it to come out for weeks now. (and super mario kart of course)



SherlockHolmes said:

I'm gonna get Dracula-Undead Awakening regardless of reviews! I'm a vampire slayer at heart. Perfect week for me.



PhoenixRising said:

Pretty poor week all in all:
Castlevania on Wiiware- not that great
Reel Fishiing - average at best.
iPhone port with added benefits of being really expensive - not that great.
No VC - absolutely expected, yet still truly disappointing.
Knowing Nintendo haven't got a clue - priceless.

Oh well, at least it saves on the pennies. I only expect the VC to continue to suffer, considering the line-up of "AAA" titles that are coming this year (no, I'm not talking about the lack-lustre Wiiware stuff)



mastersworddude said:

I love the linear Castlevania like this one, even more then the Metroid style of Symphony of the Night and the DS titles.



SanderEvers said:

I couldn't care less about the "no vc" part, never play those anyway, and I love that there is a new Castlevania for me to play this evening.

I am very happy.



PhoenixRising said:

@SanderEvers: How can you not care about VC when you 'love that there is a new Castlevania'? Seems strange that you want to play this yet you have no interest in the previous games even though Super Castlevania IV is considerably better.



Betagam7 said:

Actually Marcel this week is worse than a no VC week. It's a minus one VC week as Last Ninja 3 was removed from the shop channel with this update and everone who bought the game has received a 500 point refund and had their game disabled.

The first ever MINUS ONE VC Week!



Porky said:

@PhoenixRising: I got Castlevania Rebirth and I care less for vc ones because they seem outdated in my eyes. Such as Final Fantasy 1, 2, or 3 vc or something.



PhoenixRising said:

So a game with blurry 16-bit style graphics and 8-bit gameplay mechanics is somehow more appealing? And of course 50Hz makes all the difference in a Castlevania game. Interesting.



Kurachi said:

bummer, once again no SMK, not even another VC game
let em at least put up SMK and/or KSS, for now SMK will do, since its out



3230ru said:

nice update, rich on vampires, birds & boms! talking of DSiWare - I am for sure gonna buy intsys "sports innovation" because of its... outstanding plot))



madgear said:

Arrrrggghhhh stupid Mario Kart!!!! I gave in & bought a SNES with it but it doesn't work! I don't know if it's the SNES or the game but one thing is clear - I'm cursed! Sorry but Europe will never get Mario Kart because of me (or you will & my Wii will just break).



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

No Virtual Console again ==> Disappointing update!

I might download Castlevania Rebirth maybe next time I turn on my Wii ( which will be the day Super Mario Kart or another VC highlight or Metroid: Other M is released) since I don't care about 98 % of the WiiWare games at all. So Castlevania Rebirth could be my first WiiWare game (I already have over 40 downloads on Virtual Console). But on the other side I don't really want to start supporting WiiWare after Nintendo is obviously burying the Virtual Console.



Porky said:

@PhoenixRising: Not interesting; alot of us youngsters such as myself are more interested in new games and people like you who love your Pong.



Betagam7 said:

Presumably because they've issued refunds. If you take your game back to the store then you don't get to keep the broken game in question. If you try and play it now you get the message that the game isn't designed to run on your Wii, akin to the one you get if you try and load a game from an SD card that's registered to someone elses Wii.
Looks like they've just retracted the licence. That's the thing with VC games, technically Nintendo can withdraw the license whenever they want. Nothing beats owning the originals

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