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Reel Fishing Challenge offers a fun and challenging experience for novice fishers and master anglers alike.

Put your skills to the test and discover new types of fish in the challenging mission mode, or relax and enjoy the game at your own pace in free play mode. No matter which mode you play, the game's beautiful graphics and natural setting bring the fishing experience to life. Choose from a variety of lures to attract and hook the game's numerous fish. Each fish looks and moves like the real thing - it's the closest you can get to real-life fishing without putting on your waders.

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Posted by Brody Olimar

Keeping it reel.

There are some sports that seem tailor-made for video game translations, but fishing is arguably not one of them. A pastime that centers around patience rather than action or skill does not seem like the sort of thing that most people would be interested...

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KnucklesSonic8 said:

Looks quite promising especially for only 500 Points. Let's hope that this little arcade experience has some hidden depth.



Cheezy said:

Last time I checked this game was originally released for the Dreamcast.



Shiggy said:

Controls are a bit too realistic, and end up being complicated. e.g. To cast the line, you have to rise the Wii Remote, hold A, "throw" the Wii Remote, release A during motion, and press B.

The "Ranking" option is not an online ranking, just a list of your biggest and special fishes caught.

Graphics are good, though.



longtimegamer said:

I'm not super impressed with it yet. Then again, I've only played it a short time (somewhere around 20 to 30 minutes. I'm not sure.) I haven't got a fish yet either. I hooked one but lost it. The music is nice.

I'll play more later and see what I think then.



apocalypse217 said:

Graphics look nice and it looks better than some of the 20 dollar games used at gamestop. But I havent played a fishing game since the old arcade ones



sirgrim said:

The graphics look good, but I haven't played it too much. I did manage to catch a couple fish, but it took some learning. You're thrusted in to the game and must find the manual if you wish to learn how to play. The gameplay is a little shallow (pun not intended), but not bad for 500pts.

It seems to have one fishing location so far, but you can change lures and appears at one point you will be able to unlock other rods, so maybe I can get another location or two. I just need to get better at fishing and beat some of the challenges when I have more time to play and see what happens.

The controls are easy enough. To cast you hold A, go back, swing forward and hit B to finish the cast. You can crank the Nunchuck to reel, or B will reel fast, and A will reel slow. Snagging a fish is done by waiting for them to take a good bite and pulling back on the Wiimote like a normal fishing pole. It's harder than it sounds though and requires some good timing.

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