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Castlevania: The Adventure (GB / Game Boy)

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This retro game – the first in the series to appear on Game Boy – follows Christopher Belmont, an ancestor of the original NES games’ hero Simon, as he battles with the evil Count Dracula who has risen again to threaten the uneasy peace in Transylvania. Guide Christopher through the levels as he wields his mystic whip.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Belmont's first portable adventure

When the Game Boy hit store shelves in 1989 it didn’t take long for a vast swathe of third-party publishers – many of which had grown fat on the profits generated by Nintendo’s astonishingly popular NES – to sign up to produce software for the...

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simonbelmont82 said:

come on nintendo when are we going to see all gameboy and other systems that made castlevania titles i want to see belmonts revenge and castlevania legends and tis title in north america you loose money every day you don't have these titles on 3ds. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



eleven59 said:

I just noticed the release dates for this game back in 89- same day for us/uk... Nowadays... Not so much... Simpler times indeed

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