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Another 100 years has passed since the death of Count Dracula, but the revival of his curse has emerged once again within the realms of Transylvania.

Play the role of the ultimate gothic hero from the long lineage of vampire hunters, the Belmont clan, and rid the universe of Dracula's legion of darkness and doom. Based on the classic 1989 original Castlevania: The Adventure, the WiiWare version will allow players of a new generation and older fans to experience one of the most popular games within the storied Castlevania timeline from a new perspective.


  • Revamped graphics for the Wii: Completely new graphical presentation designed for the Wii platform while simultaneously staying true to the original GameBoy version.
  • Quintessential Castlevania Action: Combines fast-paced 2-D side scroller action/adventure immersing players into the world of Dracula as players assume the role of Christopher Belmont, great-grandfather of Simon.
  • Upgradable Weaponry: Progressively enhanced weapons, most notably the whip and various versions ranging from standard to flame.
  • Originally designed by the master, Koji Igarashi: The man that has been behind the storied franchise on various Nintendo platforms for years brings his latest vision to the Wii.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Vampire killing with a nostalgic twist!

We've already seen Konami resurrect two of their most popular gaming franchises with WiiWare’s Gradius and Contra ReBirth, so it comes as no real surprise to see them giving the same treatment to yet another much-loved classic series: Castlevania: The...

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JamieO said:

Completely amazing news, lots of Nintendo Life users predicted this one and had it on their Wii-sh list. Konami must have listened, so 'job well done' everyone
If anyone knows Jedi mind tricks, persuade Konami for 'Axelay ReBirth' and 'Sunset Riders ReBirth', for me please.



Kirk said:

It'll be interesting to see how the do this.

I just wish they would do another Castlevania game that was as good as SOTN. That still has the most fluid and fun control for the main character that I have seen in any of the Castlevania games.



blackknight77 said:

Instant download for me. I think this will be 1000 Wii points and will be a 5 level 16-bit remake of the original GB game. Color me happy

I just hope they take out the rope climbing and add steps



SwerdMurd said:

@Tony - if it were a 16bit remake of the original game it'd have 4 levels I honestly hope they go for a bit more...it'd be good to have another 8-level Castlevania like 68k Castlevania or another branching-paths thing like Drac's Curse...but yeah these Rebirth games tend to be the shortest in their respective series (unless it's the FF4 sequel...but that's priced like 4 games anyway)



Kirk said:


Seeing the latest screens it looks a little bit like DS graphics scaled up to fit on a standard TV which is not quite what I would have liked.

I was really hoping for something that looked as detailed and and polished as the likes of Symphony of the Night.



StarBoy91 said:

There's a timer?? Awwww!!! Oh well, so far of what I've seen here, Castlevania Adventure Rebirth (GB, 1989~WW, 2009) looks a beautiful 16-bit title to me. I wonder when it'll come out.

It also makes me wonder when Konami will release the Rocket Knight Adventure games on VC!



Kirk said:

Ok, now that I have seen the complete game via youtube I can say it looks pretty good.

Classic Castlevania, although that means it still has some of the issues that are present throughout most of the series such are as sluggish movement and control of the main character (SOTN seemed to fix this much more than any other Castlevania game so I have no idea why they don't use that model for fluid player movement) and some annoying hit detection when you simply bump into certain enemies or parts of bosses that really shouldn't hurt you, but it looks pretty solid overall.



cheetahman91 said:

This should come out the 30th. That would make November such an epic month not counting this past week.



Klatrymadon said:

The early Castlevania games are designed around the way your character moves, though, Kirk. The focus is on the level design rather than the enemies themselves, and their placement is always very metered and considered - always making you think carefully about your next move ("When should I jump to that high platform so that I don't get trapped or knocked back by that skeleton and suffer my third death-by-recoil of the evening?"). If you were given Alucard's or Samus Aran's fluid movements, it would all fall apart. These days, you don't have to put much thought into your movement and can make sloppy jumps all over the place, because falling down from somewhere simply means you have to waste a bit of time climbing back up again.

ReBirth does come to a compromise, though, by giving you two control schemes to play with. 'Normal' allows you to correct your jumps in mid-air, sort of like in SMB, whereas 'classic' forces you to commit to them, and basically gives you Richter's movements from Rondo of Blood, minus the backflipping. I think you'll still enjoy this game either way, mate.

PS - don't worry about the timer, StarBoy. You get a good ten minutes or so to do each level, which I've found is always plenty. You'll usually reach the bosses with at least 3 minutes to go.



I like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Castlevania: Bloodlines. Other than that, I don't care so much for the series. But, I'd download this anyway.



edofthe209 said:

So are they going to give us a date anytime soon? I've been playing Dracula's Curse nonstop to prepare for it, but I'm starting to feel like I've been stood up, dagnabit! If I get New Super Mario Bros Wii before this I might never get around to getting it. I kind of have an obsessive mentality until my next flavor of the month arrives.



evilralfwiggum said:

Just downloaded Castlevania III the other day.. looks like I need to get me some more points for this too now lol



Pj1 said:

I will download this once Europe gets this but 1,000 pts is a lot?



Pastry said:

I hope there is a Metroid ReBirth, that first game was so hard to enjoy.



Firkraag said:

Unless Konami buys the Metroid IP(that's never going to happen btw) a ReBirth of that series is unlikely to be made.



cr00mz said:

for those who have played it, how difficult is it compared to Mega Man 9?



outrun2sp said:

Very high difficulty. Continues do help.

Not as difficult as Mega Man 9, esp the last stage. MM9 is more about memory anyway.



adamtallguy said:

Downloaded on friday 26 feb, am enjoying playing the game and like the old remakes of the music, shame their no password system to carry on when you don not carry on.
Thanks Konami, when will their be rebirth of track and field and penguin adventure from the msx days?



This is pretty fun. The first level uses music from Bloodlines, which I love.



Goomba said:

This game is very playable and has great atmosphere. I especially like the design of the enemies.



strenny said:

i'm really tempted to buy this, but the lack of saving/password is an obstacle...

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