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Meet Spotto, a plucky duck on a mission.

Ill-behaved ghosts have kidnapped Chikkie Wowwow, President Wowwow's daughter. Spotto, being the world's foremost Bombirdier, must follow these ghosts to a haunted house and use his trusty bombs to blast the baddies. Take control of Spotto, adjusting his aim with the stylus and trying to toss bombs into the ghosts' mouths in 50 "explosive" stages. Along the way, you'll avoid obstacles (or use them to your advantage), find powerful Super Bombs to inflict even more damage and even encounter a frighteningly large ghost or two. With multiple modes of play and numerous solutions for successfully blasting ghosts to pieces, this is one haunted house you'll want to visit often.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Boom boom pow

When it comes to downloadable game output, Intelligent Systems is on a roll. They’ve launched us to the moon, single-handedly blasted pollution into nothingness and took a few turns around some dragon war. Now they’ve got us chucking bombs into the...

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bloocheese565 said:

Well I took a shot in the dark when I bought this. It's very... interesting to say the least.

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