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Dimps Revealed As Sonic 4 Developer

Posted by Damien McFerran

Sonic Team not involved, say Sega

Sega's highly-esteemed internal development studio Sonic Team may be named after the character it helped to create but it will apparently have nothing to do with the production of the upcoming Sonic 4.

Coding duties have instead fallen to Dimps, the team which helped Capcom make Street Fighter IV.

While this news might cause some jaws to drop, Dimps actually has a fairly decent track record when it comes to the spiky blue one. The studio created the Sonic Rush series for the DS, as well as the three GBA "Advance" outings.

Elsewhere, had access to a few leaked screens and video of the game in action, but has been forced to pull the content down at Sega's request.


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TwilightV said:

Dimps... I remember the name. I believe they've worked on various anime games (including ones for my favorite series, One Piece).

They also made the daytime stages in Sonic Unleashed, so that counts for something, right?



TwilightV said:

The only thing I didn't particularly like about Rush was the music, and I don't think that will be a problem here.



jkgatling said:

im glad Dimps is the developer, they have proven to be really good after the Sonic Advance games and Rush Adventure



TKOWL said:

Sega finally got the hint that the new Sonic Team can't do a hedgehog justice



V8_Ninja said:

I love how Sega isn't doing anything with their main mascot that turned them into the company they are. It shows that they really care about their important franchises.



Machu said:

I thought the leaked vid looked sluggish and floaty, but then it is early days.



Jeroen1 said:

"Sega's highly-esteemed internal development studio Sonic Team"

That made me crack up. They're rubbish. Dimps at least seem to have a grasp on what made a specific property endearing in the first place.



Raylax said:

@Prosody: The video is still available here:
There's quite a few things we can confirm from it:

  • Enemies include Buzzbombers, Motobugs, Newtrons and Choppers
  • Old-school power-up monitors
  • 4 zones (currently) with 3 acts each and a separate boss act
  • Time Attack Mode and online leaderboards
  • Appearance variations within zones - Splash Hill Zone's first two acts are set at day, whilst the third and boss act are set at sunset/night.


chadthegamer said:

I guess I shouldn't be worried about this game then
BTW, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it also DIMPS who helped make the daytime stages in Sonic Unleashed?



James said:

@Raylax - I'm really trying my best not to see too much of the game before it's ready. I've spoilt games for myself in the past by looking at every still, video and piece of art before release, so I won't watch that vid. I hope it's good though.



MrPinguy said:

So in the worst case ever, the game will be "Not Bad" instead of "Total Junk". Good News

Also, the 4th screen is an mock-up.
It was made by members of Sonic Retro to see how would be like Sonic's classic design in Sonic 4, the screen is on their forums WAY back then....



Damo said:

I always thought hedgehogs were marsupials. That's me told.



Mingo73 said:

Same with me, but I'm leaning towards the 360 version. Graphics aren't super-important to me, but there's no real difference between the versions except for graphics, so I'm probably gonna go with the better-looking platform.



Mingo73 said:

Wait, why was Sonic Team's logo in the leaked footage if they have nothing to do with the game?



suburban_sensei said:

This is awesome news. I was already excited for Sonic 4, if not a bit skeptical...but now I know it's in good hands. I loved the Rush series (still need to pick up Rush Adventure).



pixelman said:

Ahhhh, that's why (it looks like) it doesn't suck. The Advance games were by far Sonic's best. I just hope the gameplay isn't too similar to the Rush games, because those weren't too great.



LztheQuack said:

I don't get why Sonic fans are complaining about this game, but then again I'm not a Sonic fan



MekkaGodzilla said:

Hedgehogs are placental mammals (like you and me) as opposed to marsupial mammals like kangaroos or koalas.
Knuckles is not a marsupial either, as echidnas are egg-laying mammals.



Pj1 said:

Wow I am impressed that people rate this company, I don't know any thing about them and reading these positive comments makes me think Sonic 4 will be amazing!

I'm surprised that the original Sonic creator isn't involved with the game, Shigeru Miyamoto still gets involved with Mario (?) Hopefully this game will get good press coverage from now until it's released on Wii-ware. I'm really excited about Sonic 4.



MrPinguy said:

Suprised? The original Sonic Team is long gone, nowadays it's just really an brand with other people working there.
And Yuji Naka, doesn't work for Sega since 2006.
So why it's surprising?



VinylFly said:

I absolutely love Sega; I mean come on...the Dreamcast anyone? And more obviously their contributions to gaming: Sonic, Phantasy Star, NiGHTS. Anyhow, the point is I've enjoyed Sega for their gems and their sloppy mistakes.

With that being said, the fact that Dimps is doing Sonic 4 makes me say--and quote me on this, please--"this will be the quintessential sonic experience since the original Sonic, period." And that's a good thing

Also, Sega on the DS? Sublime.



bestbuck said:

How many episodes will there be? sounds like a rip of to me. That could be up to 40 euro for a downloadable game, No thanks.



SwerdMurd said:

Yeah I'm gonna second the "Sonic Team not involved = good" sentiment. I don't remember the last time their name was on anything good. Been at least a decade. As usual though, lack of HD output = purchasing on other console.



bboy2970 said:

Well this certainly explains alot. That is fairly pathetic for Sonic Team though because Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush were largely the only good Sonic games of the past decade except for Secret Rings, MAYBE. Sonic Team has really gone very downhill since the Adventure titles in my opinion. The fact that they aren't gonna be touching this game makes me confident it will be good!



astarisborn94 said:

Being responsible for the Sonic Unleashed design for the Wii and that the Wii version is the best one, this game is in great hands.

We'll see what The Sane Revelation thinks of this (Previously darknessthecurse, but his new Youtube account).




This is the best decision following this game. With no Sonic Team, I can now look forward to this



Adam said:

Sonic Team, highly esteemed? I hadn't noticed. This sounds like good news.



HipsterDashie said:

This is good news to me - having played Sonic Advance 1, 2 and 3 and Sonic Rush 1 and 2, I have high hopes for this game.

I too am wondering whether to get the Wii or the 360 version. See, whilst I'd like the 360 version for the achievements and the 1080p output, I can't play 2D Sonic with an analogue stick, and the 360's d-pad is a steaming pile of crap.

Why does everytjing have to be a compromise?



ToastyYogurt said:

This proves the game will be better that most Sonic games (Sonic Team kept screwing him up after the creator left the team).



Vinsanity said:

Such good news. Dimps had a mediocre start with Sonic games - Sonic Advance 1 was meh - but everything else they've done since has been gold. The Sonic Advance 2 and 3 games are probably the best in the entire damn series, Genesis titles be damned. Sonic Rush 1 + 2 are great as well. But their work with the Wii/PS2 of Sonic Unleashed was awesome - ran smoothly, looked great, played better. Absolutely perfect controls and just the right gameplay mechanics to keep it intuitive but add depth. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is in very, very good hands.



Oof said:

@TwilightV: Guess I'm just the only one who liked Sonic Rush's music. I really enjoyed it. Anyway, Dimps has proven they're quite compotent with Sonic, having done Sonic Rush, Advance and the day levels in the PS2/Wii versions of Sonic Unleashed.

So, I, along with most others here, subscribe to the "This is a good thing" belief.



Raylax said:

I don't get the movement complaints. People complained that Rush was too fast, now they're complaining that this is too slow. Despite before Needlemouse's announcement everyone begging for a 2D Sonic that focused more on platforming than speed. I think it's about right, myself.
And hey, the series is knocking 20 years old. The mechanics are naturally going to alter a bit within that time, especially with Sonic's sort of history.

Besides which, the leaked footage shows a game with mechanics clearly in very early beta, its perfectly possible that they still need fine-tuning. I suspect it would be most sensible for them to do the movement tweaking after all the level objects are properly coded - that way if they have to dramatically overhaul anything they won't have to throw out a perfected engine.



Objection said:

Thank goodness. The last SOnic Team games I enjoyed were.............. Feel the Magic and Rub Rabbits. (Took me a moment to recall some.)



Pj1 said:

I've also heard (common knowledge I know) that the game is going to be released in episodes?
15 Levels for the first episode? blimey! Any many episodes altogether?
Also can't the game support the Classic Controller?



Namo said:

Finally, Sega gets smart. Nearly every Sonic Team game that doesn't involve Sonic is mediocre at best, and every Sonic Team game that DOES involve Sonic after Sonic Heroes were just terrible.

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