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Wed 17th Feb 2010

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VinylFly commented on Review: Horizon Riders (WiiWare):

Great review. I really enjoyed finally using that darn balance board; It makes you feel like you're playing an actual arcade machine, something that most other similar peripherals--like Tony Hawk's skateboard--could never do.



VinylFly commented on Horizon Riders:

It's a shame that the actual control scheme is kinda cumbersome, but I'm having a good time with this anyway. I do have a board, and it works well, but I actually prefer the slightly odd controller setup instead. I'm a big fan of Sabarasa and this is another ambitious project from them. If you love Sin and Punishment--like I do--you still need to download the demo first, because it's actually pretty different beyond the on-rails part. Anyway, it's another impressive Wii Ware release! Yay!

EDIT: Actually, the board is great once you get the hang of it; it's a ton of fun. I hope this scores high and people check it out.



VinylFly commented on Music On: Acoustic Guitar:

I downloaded this a few hours ago and am really surprised at the amount of stuff jammed into this 200 point "app". Not only are there many chords to choose from when programing the sounds to the 4 directional buttons, but the option to just pluck a few strings at a time gives the chords themselves some diversity. So even if you choose, say, an E of some kind, you can either strum the 6 strings to create the chord, or just a few strings to add some personal touches. Oh, and you can "palm mute" the strings for further, on-the-fly customization.

I guess I'd give it a 8 of 10, if I were to review it. If you liked the keyboard, you'll definitely enjoy this...especially if you use Audacity or some other music-capturing device. Good stuff!



VinylFly commented on New Metroid: Other M Footage Looks Intense:

Hmm, yeah, the negativity is quite strange...

I actually liked the creepy "birth" video; it sort of feels right at home with the strange uneasy feeling you get from the "plucky" sounds during the gameplay.

This adventure seems like a mash up of Resident Evil meets Dead Space meets Aliens meets Campy-B-Movie-Spectacular. Also, I love the sparseness of the enemies and the lonely atmosphere. Day one, baby!



VinylFly commented on Dimps Revealed As Sonic 4 Developer:

I absolutely love Sega; I mean come on...the Dreamcast anyone? And more obviously their contributions to gaming: Sonic, Phantasy Star, NiGHTS. Anyhow, the point is I've enjoyed Sega for their gems and their sloppy mistakes.

With that being said, the fact that Dimps is doing Sonic 4 makes me say--and quote me on this, please--"this will be the quintessential sonic experience since the original Sonic, period." And that's a good thing

Also, Sega on the DS? Sublime.