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Nintendo Download: Space Harrier Arcade, Fish'em All and Art Style: NEMREM (EU)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The first new arcade game since Virtual Console Arcade launched is accompanied by one more game for each service.

After last week's lack of a new VC game it's a bit surprising to see just one this week. At least it's a somewhat long-awaited one!

The arcade version of Space Harrier is long overdue - Its Master System port and Mega Drive sequel have both been available for quite a while! It goes without saying though that this is the best version of the original game you could possibly ask for - The Master System port is relatively mediocre, so if you held off on downloading that but still want to play Space Harrier, now's your chance. The only problem might be the price, however - It's the first European Virtual Console Arcade game not to cost 500 points - It's 800! Naturally we'll have a full review soon.

On the WiiWare side of things we have the previously announced Fish'em All by Abylight. In this largely multiplayer-focused game your job is to catch as many fish as you can. You don't actually need to go fishing to do so though - The fish seem to be eager on getting caught, so they'll leap out of the water without hesitation. All you have to do is catch them in your net! If you're up for some multiplayer fun this might be worth a look for 800 points - Stay tuned for our full review this weekend. In the meantime you can read our Abylight interview about the game.

On DSiWare there's yet another Art Style game - Art Style: NEMREM was already released in Japan some months back as Art Style: SOMNIUM. This is basically a sliding block puzzle. You're presented with a bunch of coloured blocks and from there the objective is simple - Slide them around and get them in the correct positions. It seems like one of the less interesting Art Style games Japan already got, but who knows, it could be fun! Like all other DSiWare Art Style games it's only 500 points, so it's not too expensive either. We'll have a review soon.

That's it this week - Although it may sound like a broken record, perhaps next week, the first update of June, we'll get a Hanabi Festival?

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User Comments (56)



anthonyb said:

Neato. I've never played any of the Harrier games, so maybe this will be the place to start. If it comes here, of course.



Megaace said:

I want to buy Fish'em All because I love coin-op style gameplay, and because it is a game from my country but first I need reviews, so please, someone post a review of the game...



Philip_J_Reed said:

Wow, the first Art Style game that doesn't appeal to me. In a way, that's an accomplishment!



Twilight_Crow said:

Not a bad update, ArtStyle games are always good, a VCA that many have been waiting for, and Fish'em All which actually looks kind of fun, I hope NA will get it soon.



Jolted85 said:

finally another arcade game for the VCA, Japan gets one every week, wish we did, Space Harrier Arcade is a lot better than the SMS one by a mile.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Art Style NEMREM is cool. I love the Art Style series.

Not interested in the fish game for WiiWare. Where's Bonsai Barber @?



Cheezy said:

Now we're the ones behind on the VC Arcade. Had to happen. Same goes for the Art Style series.



lockelocke said:

Space Harrier, come state side, I've held out for so looong. buy...slightly inferior...SMS...port...must maintain...losing willpower quickly...must hurry..



Lotice-Paladin said:

I don't see how one release justifies this? Although it's a good'un, I was really hoping for a Hanabi at the end of May for some reason.



SwerdMurd said:

Space Harrier ARC is like the sega version, but 6x the speed. I found it almost unplayable--again I have the Sonic Mega Collection version, but I doubt it would play any differently



Ricardo91 said:

Despite the shortage of games, this isn't too bad of a line-up. You guys finally get another Arcade game, and more Art Styles isn't a bad thing either. I feel sorry for the people who DLed the SMS Space Harrier though.

Wait, arcade SH is on the Sega Ultimate Genesis Collection, isn't it?



BulbasaurusRex said:

Yes, I loved the Sega 32X version of Space Harrier, which I believe is the only console version that matches the Arcade version. Please come to North America next Monday.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

THEY got Space Harrier AC when I've been wanting it for ages! I swear, Monday BETTER be good! I'm dying for more VCA (and even N64) releases!



bboy2970 said:

Are you kidding me!? We only have 2 Art Style games and europe just got it's 4th! Eventhough it's my least favorite of all Art Style games, i envy you europe. And another thing, NEMREM????? I can't remember who had the forum thread about crappy name changes but i think this certainly fits in that group. Hopefully the US will get a better name for it. Crossing my fingers for AT LEAST 1 Art Style game this monday!



astarisborn94 said:

Good for your Europeans. You've finally got an Virtual Console Arcade. However, I have a feeling that we could get one of our most requested game on the American Virtual Console instead. Know what it is?:

Earthbound for the SNES!



JTC-Pingas said:

Poor Europe gets hurt with higher prices.
@greyelephant: How are we behind? We have more games than them on the VC. I do wish we were equal with each other.



LinktotheFuture said:

Glad the ArtStyle games are starting to come out to places besides Japan, but I would like them to come to the US now.



WarioFan63 said:

Poor Europe gets hurt with higher prices.
Not in this case. I'm pretty sure Space Harrier will be 800 all around. They also get Gaplus for 100 cheaper then we do so it's not all ripoffs.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Oh I really hope Space Harrier stays 500 when it comes here. I think that would really help with its sales for one, and two, it would go back to the whole "EU paying more" thing. But I'd be willing to pay 800 for it if it came this Monday. Plus, I'm all for consistency so I wouldn't be surprised if they did price it for 800. I'd be so happy if not one but two VCA games came out on Monday - heck, I'd be happy with two VC Games PERIOD - but with the way things are going...

Oh and yay for another great SEGA release!



Ragnor said:

I could barely play this game on the SMUC.

Way too fast, impossible to play normally.



Kenji510 said:

Yeah i want to see more Artstyle games coming out to the US now, please!! Im getting tired of waiting and stop messing around now nintendo, this aint no joke and its not funny anymore.. my DSi is just getting more dustier and never touched it since we never got any cool games for awhile now... oh well, guess ill go back and play more of my PS3 on Bionic Commando and inFAMOUS.



Big_A2 said:

Am I the only person here still waiting for Super Dodge Ball this Hanabi?



Sean_Aaron said:

Good update, I'll be picking up both (I only held out on Space Harrier in the hopes it might be cheaper, but clearly 800 is the standard for VCA and we just got a 1st release discount; I really would have been surprised if it was 500 frankly!).

Oh and RE: Super Dodgeball, the PC Engine version with the story mode is most excellent; I was playing it last night, so agreed it would make a nice hanabi release.



Omega said:

I love Space Harrier II on the Mega Drive/Genesis because this is the only Space Harrier game so far that I am able to play through (without cheating).

I fear the arcade version is not so easy. In fact, arcade games are never easy because they want you to die fast and insert some more coins. So as I see it, most players will not make much progress in this incarnation of Space Harrier.

I think people, that want to try a Space Harrier game for the first time, are much better advised with the Mega Drive version because it's slow enough that you can see something and on the easy difficult setting you get so many extra lives that it's almost impossible not to play through (at least with a little bit of practice).

@MickEiA: I agree with you. Where are all the good N64 games? Bring em out bring em out bring them out!



Adamant said:

So now we're starting to double up on games for real, with both the arcade original and most well-known console port being available.
I take it we'll see the arcade Splatterhouse before too long, then.

And Nintendo, bring on Donkey Kong.



Gizmo said:

Yeah, a new 'Art Style' game, I downloaded it immediately at 12 o'clock =).



KoKoO_Psy said:

Did anyone else notice that the dsi ware title reads "Mermen" backwards.
It made my day!



Sean_Aaron said:

The original Space Harrier I remember being brutally hard with fiddly analogue controls; I'm hoping that this emulated release will control better than what I remember from the arcade. I downloaded it this morning so I'll find out about that (and Fish 'em All) tonight!



Stevie said:

@36 - Hope you didn't eat anything!!

I am interested in the fishing game and have also found the perfect accessory for playing it - see Gun for Conduit thread in the Wii forum.



Chunky_Droid said:

"Finally, the best version of Space Harrier!"

And I still wouldn't buy it, but thank god they're releasing Arcade games again. I still want Donkey Kong Arcade though, I've resisted buying the gimped NES version



KDR_11k said:

4 Fridays left, 10 games to release...

The release list is a LIE!!!
The release list is a LIE!!!
The release list is a LIE!!!
The release list is a LIE!!!
The release list is a LIE!!!



Egg_miester said:

wow space harrier arcade i am once again a little envoy for UK people but sega really needs to bring afterburner outrun on the arcade



PALgamer said:

You're right KDR, from the NoE April-July release list, only two games so far have come out. We have a great month ahead of us, more than one WW weekly
Can't wait for: Bonsai Barber, Cave Story, Colorz, Icarian, LIT, Oveturn, Robocalypse, Spaceball, Squibs Arcade, Water Warfare.

On the DSiWare front, they've done much better so far by releasing four games with Mighty Flip Champs! and A Little Bit of... Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: Maths Edition left for next month.



KDR_11k said:

If they want to keep to the list they have to release 3 games on two of the Fridays provided they don't release ANY other games.




Yeah, what's with that release list we got a few weeks or so back? LOL. Doesn't match...

Hopefully we'll get Icarian and Watergun soon.

Nemrem = Somnium? I need a review, but if its Art Style, chances are it'll be good

Not chuffed by the rest of the releases. Disappointing besides the art style for me.



PALgamer said:

Indeed, there is only hope...
One of the future WW's, Squibs Arcade, just got released on the App Store for a measly dollar.



Adamant said:

@43: Yeah, seriously - why on Earth isn't Outrun on the VC in any shape or form yet? It's one of Sega's most popular games, and it got tons of ports all over the line.

Would like to see Hang-On too.



Crazed said:

Has anyone bought Fish'em All? I'm curious about the game. Is it good?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Adamant: I've questioned that for quite some time also and I'm also itching to know if they'd consider making a WiiWare version maybe even with online.



KDR_11k said:

Art Style Nomnom is pretty good IMO, kinda like a Rubik's Cube. The description promises relaxing music but at least some of the worlds have music that'd be better described as nerve grating, sounding almost like microphone feedback and crap like that.




Hmmmm, don't like Nemrem as much as the other Art Styles (YET) but that what I said about Aquite, which I later liked (though wouldn't rate as a 9, but an 8).

Looking forward to what you guys think. I was going to wait for the revw, but Art Style hasn't yet let me down and it was "only" 500 points...worth the pun therefore...



TheEmulationZones said:

Wow i just dident saw that coming ! Art Style Nemrem ? I Like The Name Art Style Somnium More! But Still A Nice Game! I Dam Hope Next Friday : Mighy Flip Champs Coming ! Like In America !




I'm in the probable minority in that I want Brain Training Maths next Friday.

Wiiware: Watergun Warfare and/or Icarian please...ta

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