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Here’s an arcade game with real coin-op flavor. Jack and Walter are two old fishermen in a fantasy world.

They’ve found places where crazy fish leap out of the water all day long – perfect for fishing. It’s a shame the other strange creatures aren’t going to make things easy. In this surreal action game, you’ll experience the excitement of the great arcade classics on your Wii console. Hold on tight to your controller and fish ’em all, featuring nine colorful scenarios, three game modes (Arcade, Challenge and Fishtris) and one- or two-player action.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

A game about fishing that isn't actually a fishing game. A worthwhile catch or the one that got away?

WiiWare's already got a fishing game - Cocoto Fishing Master, which isn't exactly very exciting. So when another one was announced, we couldn't help but hope it'd be a bit better. It seems like our prayers fell on deaf ears though, because although...

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User Comments (8)



Neomega said:

I Neomega hereby HYPE THIS GAME!


I also rename this game to Bullshark Wrangler!



LGamer said:

All those fishing-games are so boring... I'll think this one too...



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Unless a review turns me over, I doubt I'll get this...

In other news: Expect to see this game pop up semi-soon.



BrazCanaMan said:

It's... not exactly... a fishing game... is it? I'm with KnucklesSonic8, it needs a good review (8 or 9, which I highly doubt) for me to even consider getting this "netting" game.



Corbs said:

I'm getting this game the day it comes out in the US. This just looks hilarious.



calculon said:

Man this game has one of the most inconsistent control scheme ever, plus the arcade mode is so repetitive is gets tired real quick. I also found that there's simply too much going on on-screen - why should I have to keep jumping over/on crabs and hedgehogs when there's barely enough time to catch the fish to complete a stage anyway? The sharks and /bombs alone I could live with - maybe adding other obstacles later to make the game difficult would have been sensible but it seems the whole kitchen sink is thrown at you before you've barely got to know the game.

In all honesty, I haven't tried (and have been largely put off) the other modes yet, but unless they're any good I have a feeling I've just flushed another 800 points down the toilet.

No doubt this'll be another 7/10 'classic' but I'm opting for a more sensible 4/10 simply because - just like Plattchen - the developers have tried to hard and failed, making what could have been a great little game into a chore.



Tate24 said:

Its such crazy arcade game that you'll be jumping around trying to catch the required fishs to complete level, plus yeah arm will get full work-out as well lol
not only that but trying to dodge sumo frogs, ninja rats or dragons can be mad!!!

played it with a friend and it was so funny we had right laugh:D

challenge mode has depth trying to get through them all and along way unlocking levels & new challenges.

to be honest i dont really like fishing games i find them to slow but for this game slow is not word id use!!! Blind panic be more word i would use trying catch fishes quicky against clock and avoiding hazards along the way.

its game that u jump into for bit jump out.

but think people should give it chance before you dismiss it:)

its fun crazy and thats all you want isn't it ?

"Gotta catch them all" .....pokemon!!

sorry i mean fishemon lol

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