USA VC Update: Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

You're in for a treat today - Another Square Enix classic will be available in the Wii Shop. Some might say it's one of their best games, but what is definitely a fact is that it's one of the rarest SNES games - Only about 25000 copies were released in the US, meaning the VC version will be much cheaper than actually finding the game.

Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen is the first game in the Ogre Battle series, a series of medieval strategy games which are quite in-depth. Between levels, you can manage your characters (And there's a ton of different ones to get!) and items, while the actual levels are somewhat similar to games like Fire Emblem, featuring turn-based gameplay. The game has a ton of stuff to do - There's multiple strategies to win each level, you can try to recruit special characters and there's a variety of different endings, meaning you'll keep coming back for more. Our review will be available within the next few days!

No extra C64 games just yet, but one of the most wanted Square Enix games is available at last! On WiiWare this week you can grab one new title too - The mysterious Family & Friends Party.