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USA VC Release - Earthworm Jim

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Just the one game for the US today, but it's a classic - It's everybody's favourite earthworm, Earthworm Jim!

Earthworm Jim for the Genesis might not be the most graphically advanced version of the game, but that doesn't really matter when you consider the fact that it has an extra level which only also appeared in a later enhanced PC edition of the game. The game itself is pretty much the definition of a cult classic, because although it's only "good", not "great", it has a large following, which can probably mostly be attributed to the fact that there was of course also a cartoon based on Jim. If you'd like to shoot down birds, swing across hooks with your head, launch cows and defeat Queen Slug-for-a-Butt, look no further!

That's it for VC this week. On WiiWare, you can download the next installment of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, Episode 3: Baddest of the Bands, plus the third Art Style game - Art Style: Rotohex.

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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1



Jockolantern said:

Earthworm Jim is a solid, well-developed game. But, as far as platformers go, EJ isn't my particular cup of tea; particularly not the inferior Genesis version that Nintendo decided to release on the VC. If we ever get the SNES one, I'd definitely download it eventually.

Art Style: Rotohex for me, all the way! Can't freakin' wait to download that one.



Bass_X0 said:

One game weeks are always pretty sucky regardless of the game because if you're not a fan of the genre then you don't have any alternative even if the solo game is actually good. Castlevania III was OLFC rated but not ESRB rated, it may come out in Europe this week. Anyway, Europe is used to seeing three games on our days. It probably all works out equal in the end. Should be more catch up weeks between the two regions, IMO.



Adam said:

I think I was the only one as a kid not to go nuts over this game. I'm happy it's released though so that I can stop seeing Earth____ in reference to VC and thinking at a glance it's Earth Bound.



blackknight77 said:

Great game but I was hoping for Castlevania 3 being so close to Halloween. Maybe it will come out when judgement does



deadbattery said:

Gee, I could've sworn that Nintendo was capable of releasing more than one VC game today. Because, you know, a second game means another opportunity for them to make more money. Oh well, Nintendo's loss.



Bendover83 said:

@Tony: Maybe just like Simpsons Treehouse of horror always comes soon after Halloween, maybe NOA will release a Halloween game next Monday.



Bass_X0 said:

Deadbattery, it would be interesting to see what the guys deciding what games are to go on the VC each week have to say about their decisions. I'd like to hear that.



Virus said:

Hmmm, no doubt we'll hear more about this one-game release from others--all of which I can't see being that positive--but as long as we have a total of three released games every week, I'm fine. As for those who will attack Nintendo for not releasing a Halloween-type game, I must remind you Nintendo has rarely released games because of some nearby holiday. Yeah we got Super Mario Bros for Christmas one year and Super Mario RPG for Labor Day, but I have a feeling they would've come out around those times regardless.



Wiiloveit said:

I agree with Virus about the holiday timing - there was the time we got DKC3 as a "Christmas present", but it still wasn't very festive. At least you got some good WiiWare though.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@WiiloveitOnline: To be fair, what game WOULD be "festive" enough for Christmas? I can't really think of one. Anyway, I think people were expecting Castlevania because we got Castlevania 2 in October last year.

As for today's release, I'd like it better if it was the SNES version. I'm getting really tired of the "let's release the Genesis or NES version of a multi-system game" approach Nintendo takes with the VC (I've mentioned this on this site recently, and it's still true). I'd probably rather search out a GBA copy if I cared enough about the game. As I've never played it, I don't really know if it's good enough to bother. And I've got too many other games to play anyway. Gotta download Strong Bad in three hours, though.



The_Fox said:

Another one game week?! Boooooooooooooooooooo! Earthworm Jim is a great game, but one game weeks suck ass. On a side note, I'm also a bit let down that Nintendo didn't go for something more fitting for Halloween such as Castlevania 3. Just seems like it would have been a great fit.



fco said:

NO... Not so soon!.. I still need to finish ANY of the VC games I have so I can start making space for this (darn, I feel like an otaku).

Also, I'd really love to play this on my TV, but it's hard to say yes to this when Good Old Games is offering the PC version of both Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 for $6.



slangman said:

Another 1 game week but at least you guys finally get Earthworm Jim. I wounder if we will get Castlevania III this week? Although if we get SoM this week i will be happy enough.



North99 said:

Yay for Earthworm Jim.... but I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed Nintendo didn't give us any real 'Halloween-themed' games to go with the holiday.



Kultist said:

Yeah, Earthworm Jim is really excellent, but I do hope this does not mean we'll never get the SNES version as I'd rather wait for the SNES version...




how many more ppl are gonna complain bout a 1 game week and it not being a more halloween themed game you guys should b used to noa antics by now lol



Ricardo91 said:

"To be fair, what game would be festive enough for Christmas?"
Snow Bros.? Pengo? Fire N' Ice? I dunno...

@Virus & Wiiloveitonline. I don't expect a holiday-themed game on EVERY holiday, but we did get Castlevania II and Samurai Ghost last Haloween, which were holiday-appropriate. I was really looking forward to some Rondo or Castlevania III today . Oh well. I was looking forward to Earthworm Jim too, so I'll stop complaining.

Like Bendover said, we'll probably get them next week alittle after Halloween.



Rapadash6 said:

Meh, not much of an update, for me at least. I've never been all that big on EWJ but I know there are many out there who are so I'm happy for them. Castlevania III would've been nice but I'm sure, just as the first two games, Europe will recieve it first, so I wasn't fully expecting it today anyhow. I'm still working on Mario RPG and haven't even started Secret of Mana yet, so I'm not at a loss of anything to play for a while, so the updates, good or bad won't really matter until I'm ready for a new game.



deadly_by_design said:

Hate me all you like, but I will not download anything but the SNES version. Sega's sound chip drives me nuts. This is coming from a guy who drew Jim for years and years on school notes, etc. I love the character, but not enough to buy this atm. The extra level does look neat though.



RadioShadow said:

(cries in corner)
Thanks for bringing it out while I can't buy it Nintendo. Stupid Wii Shop Channel update.

Still, it's a GROOVY update and even know it's one VC release, it's a decent one!



Rexy said:

@Wiiloveitonline, comment #10: Though DKC3 didn't "look" festive, then surely that secret cheat code ("MERRY" when naming your file) and the result of Christmas themed bonus rounds meant that it would have fit rather well for a Christmas update last year, I believe.

But anyway, glad to see you guys finally got Earthworm Jim. Enjoy it, y'all



Kevin said:

I can't wait to try this game out. I never got to play it years ago.



blackknight77 said:

"To be fair, what game would be festive enough for Christmas?"
Snow Bros.? Pengo? Fire N' Ice? I dunno...

I love Snow Bros. and I forgot all about it. I hope it comes out soon
I tought Castlevania 3 and Alien Crush would have been good for today. But the more Genesis games the better , thats what I always say.



Manicfatty said:

@ Jockolantern & - Can't say that I hate anyone, but I certain don't understand the whole 'wait for the SNES version' attitude (The fact that it probably won't surface not withstanding). I own both and I have to say, as do many other people who have actually played both (including reviews I remember reading at the time), that the Genesis version is actually the superior of the 2 when they are taken as a whole. You can find cosmetic and aural differences that might sway you to the SNES version, but step back and look at the games as complete interactive experiences & the Genesis version comes out on top. The animation is smoother in many instances, the control tighter, and the extra content alone tips the scales.
I'm not falling into any 16-bit system wars, but I don't want anyone who hasn't experienced the games at all being put off by these subjective statements. Mine may also be opinion to a point, but I'm high-lighting points that have been made since the game was released.
The Sega CD version trumps all, for that matter... but while it would have been preferable, it wouldn't stop me from downloading it (if I didn't already have the cart!). I'm just sayin'...



Although Earthworm Jim is not my cup of tea, I'm glad they've been releasing games that people actually want. I just wish they'd release TMNT III for the NES, that would be awesome.

Having said that, it's a good thng there's nothing for me to download this week. I'm fresh out of Wii Points, and space on my hard drive. I downloaded Splatterhouse 2 and some other Sega games I had gotten rid of.



Serpent said:

Glad this finally came out, I only ever played the sequel to this game and it was great.



Tragickingdom said:

For those of you that think that they should do this as holiday specific releases, then I will be waiting for some games this Christmas: "King of Kings the early years" Or "Exodus: Journey to the promised land" for the nes please. Both great christian games that were realeased for the nintendo, and would be a awesome tie-in for celebrating the birth of Christ.

Or maybe just earthbound, so I don't have to hear everyone complain about it...LOL



blackknight77 said:

@ TragicKingdom
I would be down with that I would not mind trying a christian based game. Theres already enough worldy games out there




@ Manicfatty
well put and ur right the genesis version is better compared to the snes 1 which is rare cause it was usually the other way around
i think before we get tmnt 3 we should and hopefully get tmnt 2 as long as it brings us to tmnt 4 turtles in time thats my favorite 1



Objection said:

Decent release for one ghame but like BASS said, one game weeks are flawed by concept.



Manicfatty said:

@ ALDAWGZ - Thanks - which is not to say of course that the SNES version was BAD. It was a great game as well. The Genesis owes it's advantage with EWJ 1 to the fact that it was developed for the Genesis first, along with the loving care and devotion of Shiny pushing the system to near it's limits. With EWJ 2, the systems were on even footing with the development team and it shows as the SNES version edges out the Sega version based on visuals and audio, but once again not on game play. Both were solid and control was tight enough on both versions that it came down to which controller you preferred to use. I still feel the Sega 6-button pad was the best 16-bit era controller, but that IS my opinion.



Draygone said:

To those hoping for the eventual release of the SNES version:
When has the other version of any multiplatform game on the VC been released?

(On that note, I'm still glad we got the NES version of Yoshi's Cookie instead of the SNES version. The SNES version doesn't seem as appealing to me.)



carson said:

earthworm jim? eh. its allright i guess. it would have been nice to see a couple more games come out though



Ricardo91 said:

@TragicKingdom. Yeah, or how about Bible Adventures? That would make a great Christmas release.

"When has the other version of any multiplatform game on the VC been released?"
Does Street Fighter II ring a bell?

Oh, and as you all can tell, I changed my avy again.



Devastator said:

I want to download this game, but I don't want it if the SNES version will be released here in the future. If this is the only one, then I am getting it as soon as I get a points card.



Tragickingdom said:

@Mr. Cheez, I had not played that one, but it seems very interesting...he is amazingly strong to carry all that livestock all at

There has been alot of great religous titles down through the years on the nintendo systems...but doubtful we will get them for the virtual console.



Golgo1327 said:

Tragickingdom, all those christian game were horrible, not to mention they wern't licensed by nintendo. I am glad we will never see them. If they didn't push that stuff into your head when it was still soft you would never buy it.



Ricardo91 said:

@TragicKingdom. Actually, I posted that one as a joke (hench the emoticon). I've heard horrible things about that game, so consider yourself lucky for not playing it. Though it would be fun to throw Baby Moses in the river. lol.

There's also another Christian themed game called Sunday Funday, which was basically a Jesus-friendly version of some game called Menace Beach. It's pretty crappy too. I wanted to find a video that had amusing commentary, but the only comprehensible one I found had some guy screaming like a banshee, so I took it out.

Thankfully, snce none of these were licensed by Nintendo, we'll never see them stink up the VC.

Edit: And I just remembered a unlicensed Wolfenstein hack for the SNES called Super Noah's Ark 3D. One of the wierdest games I've ever seen. lol.

Edit 2: @Stuffgamer, below. Oops. I didn't bother to read that little tag on the side. I changed it to Wolfenstein now, so it's all good.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Time for my two cents on Wisdom Tree games.

First off, it's true that they weren't licensed games, and therefore will NEVER appear on the VC (kinda ironic that CHRISTIAN game makers would BREAK THE LAW to get their games out, though...).

Secondly, they weren't all bad. Bible Buffet (if you have a quiz book, anyway) is actually quite good. And if you DON'T have a quiz book (a common problem), there's literally NOTHING Bible-related in it! Spiritual Warfare was the best they made, though. It's pretty much a Zelda clone, but it's a pretty good one, I think. The Genesis version is your best bet, though. The graphics are VERY slightly improved (the see-though eyes of the character were filled in with white, for example), but the music sets the game apart. There are several (five, I think) tracks to the music, and you can choose what instrument plays each one! How many games do you know that offer THAT kinda customization?

In the end, though, I'm not even sure the company still exists. Their last console game was for the SNES (Super Noah's Ark 3D, an infamous graphics-and-sound swap for Wolfenstein 3D), and then console security became too hard to crack. They moved to PC gaming for a while, but I don't think they did very well. Strike that, they're still around. In the unlikely event that you care, check

Yes, I know more than I need to about this. It was a large topic in an event my old church ran three years ago that attempted to teach adults what gaming is really about (if only more than three people had shown up...). But maybe somebody found this info interesting?



Bass_X0 said:

really doubt the snes game will ever appear on the VC now the Genesis version has.



Logically, TMNT 2 would come before TMNT 3. But I honestly don't care about TMNT 2, and would perfer if they bypass the former in favor of the latter! But they probably wouldn't, so I'll have to wait. It would be nice if they just released them both in the same week. But that's wishful thinking.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Cheez edited as I typed. Dude, even the page you linked says it's Wolfenstein, not Doom. Just sayin'... (edit add-on) Very nice. Just keeping your facts straight, like every good obsessive-compulsive game freak does.

On topic (to a relative degree), I agree that the SNES version of Earthworm Jim now has a snowball's chance in What the Heck (why do I know that stage name when I haven't played the game?) now that the Genesis version is up. But which does the GBA version more closely mimic? Or could it even be the Sega CD version (doubtful...)? Anybody know, or do I have to look it up myself?



Atlantis1982 said:

@Comment 4:

Your not the only one, at least in the boards. I didn't really care for this game, but thats good anyway seeing that I have games that I want to get back into.



Tragickingdom said:

@cheeze &, I saw that wolfenstien clone a long time shot sheep and stuff I think...very odd indeed. I also played a game called bibleman, this one was pc, but it was about nes quality. Amazing what people will do to get thier point out. Can someone enlighten me about the whole liscenced/unliscened game thing...what does this mean exactly...sorry for my ignorance, and thanks for the information it is very interesting.



Jolted85 said:

Yesterday was my birthday and I was expecting the big N to give us something good, but I never really played Earthworm Jim, so I might give this one a try, and I do like the Sega Genesis games.



blackknight77 said:

@ Tragic kingdom
You know some games have mined material from biblical scripture. The Castlevania series has borrowed names such as Beelzabub and Legion and used them as boss characters.

I can safely say Earthworm Jim is not one of these games



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Tragickingdom: A game license is the console maker's (base company such as Nintendo or Microsoft) official permission and involvement (with manufacturing; in the NES era this included providing the cartridges) with the creation of a game. Since Wisdom Tree wasn't a licensed company, they had to make their own cartridges and figure out how to make them work on the system. This is illegal, and modern systems use security measures that make that way, WAY harder to do now, so they gave up and switched to PC.

Hope that answers the question, as I can't think of a better way to word it.



rodoubleb said:

Christian video games, that is a gas.
I'd prefer to see the release of Bubble Bath Babes and Satantica II: Sodomy Rising.



Clayfrd said:

Huh. I wish I'd saved my points better. I really want this game.
@Mr. Cheez - Come on! How many avatars have you had up to now? I'm actually thinking about starting a cycle with avatars. I'll do it in thirds of a year. The first third will be the SMW Mario sprite, which VCR took the liberty of replacing my original lower-quality Mario avatar with without my consent (okay, I didn't care that much ). The second will be Weegee as seen in drawings of him from M&L:SS, which many of you should remember. The third and final will be my current Captain Falcon avatar.



RadioShadow said:

@Stuffgamer1: From what I've played of each version:

Mega Drive Version: The original. Had the best 16bit music and graphics were decent. The transparent effects weren't very good (I don't think the machine could handle transparent) and certain sound effects got interrupted/didn't make play at times.

SNES Version: Graphics have been improved but music wasn't as good although sound effects were better. Lost a level (although it was a disgusting level ) and IMO, is easier to beat.

MEGA CD Version: More of an upgrade of the MEGA DRIVE version. Earthworm Jim gained more animation, some graphics updated (the SNES did a better job), two extra levels, some levels modified and had MP3 music which used instruments which was decent.

PC Version: Had different MP3 music to the MEGA CD versions, had all levels from the MEGA CD version and used SNES graphics (I could be wrong about that part, if I am, I'm sorry).

GBA Version: Contained all the levels from the MEGA DRIVE version. Level designs however were modified so it wasn't a 100% copy of the MEGA DRIVE version. Sound wasn't great, controls not responsive enough and it ran slow with the new engine.



classicmike said:

Even though it is only a one game release this week, at least it is a classic one.
@ Stuffgamer1: yeah, I always found that funny how Christian games were released without a lisense.
@ Badknux: Not to be mean, but at least this week you didn't type one of your one word posts again.



CanisWolfred said:

Meh, never really liked Earthworm Jim, so nothing for me. Then again, I'm out of points, and I'm already dividing my time between three different games, so I wouldn't have gotten anything today anyways.



Manicfatty said:

@ RadioShadow - Actually, it's 'redbook' audio - not MP3. 'Redbook' is the standard for CD audio and sets forth the audio specifications. The actual audio encoding itself is PCM. MP3 is an entirely different form of audio encoding, and features 'lossy' compression, meaning it's not going to be 'CD' quality (Although in some instances depending on the bit rate and audio equipment it can, at least to the casual listener, approach it). And the art used in the PC version was Genesis/Sega CD art. It WAS re-colored to take advantage of the larger color pallet. No need to be sorry Yeah... I'm a nerd



Starwolf_UK said:

really doubt the snes game will ever appear on the VC now the Genesis version has.
I wouldn't hold hope but weirder things have happened like Street Fighter 2...



deadly_by_design said:

Yeah, still not buying the Genesis version. I'd gladly purchase a non-ninty title, but the Sega sound just bugs the crap out of me. So much so, that I can't play a lot of games on the system. It just drives me nuts; I'd rather listen to 8-bit sound, given the alternative.

I don't expect a SNES version to be released now, and I love EWJ, but that's okay. It won't kill me. But listening to a kid trying to emulate a game soundtrack with his armpit just might, and that's what most of the Genesis sounds like to me. So, to someone who originally played the Genesis version, it might not be a big deal. As someone who fondly loved and remembers the SNES version, I'd rather keep my nostalgia intact.



Nintendork said:

Leave it to Nintendo to release the worst of the versions (hopefully they'll release the SNES version in the future)



Eltigro said:

I'm interested in the Earthworm Jim, but there are other games on my list that I want to download first...



Manicfatty said:

@ Nintendork - Sadly incorrect and misinformed. If you prefer the SNES version, that's one thing. The Genesis version is, based on the facts, the superior version. No room for fan boy comments that might put off people who have never played EWJ. If the sound bothers you, then that's 1 point for Nintendo. But the SNES version was a port stripped of an entire level and it shows.

Once again, I owned both. I got EWJ for the Genesis the day it came out. I got the SNES version a bit later used. I played through them both again. The Genesis version came out on top.

The worst version of the game on consoles, by the way, would have been the Master System version of the game! And since the Master System is represented on the VC, it's just one more reason your statement is a bit misinformed. Just sayin'

FYI - I got the Genesis version first because that was the version that came out first. Not because I'm a random Sega fan boy - wow. I've never heard anyone have such a problem with the Z80 before. Have you play the streets of rage series? The Z80 does some things well, but it's true that it can't compare to Sony's custom sound pair (SPC700 and the DSP itself) in the SNES. I just can't see passing on a great game because of it. And how on earth do you play any of the NES games? Or TG 16? Those blew compared to the Genesis, yet the Genesis causes your ears to bleed. I agree that the SNES is FAR MORE pleasant to listen to. I love listening to Super Castlevania, and Chrono Trigger. Part of the joy of playing Secret of Mana is the soundtrack. But I wouldn't pass up the Phantasy Star games, the Shining games, or the Sonic series because the Z80 can't create the mellow tones of the SNES. I'm just saying... Just wondering out loud
ps. Just a fun tid bit. Do you know who developed the SPC700? Ken Kutaragi - Essentially the father of the Playstation (which as we all know began life as a CD add-on for the SNES). I love geeky trivia!



Manicfatty said:

@Bass X0 - Intestinal Distress (a level very near and dear to me for medical reasons - heh... I kid... sort of ) And there are varying reports as to the reason why, but it really doesn't matter as it doesn't change the fact that it's only on the Genesis




@ Manicfatty
again well put ppl seem to forget that the GENESIS verison had an extra level and that it came out for genesis 1st if its not ppl crying bout getting 1 game this week its about not getting the verison that they wanted of EWJ



Ricardo91 said:

Personally, I'd prefer an extra level over improved sound any day., if the sound is really that annoying to you, just turn the volume down on your TV. Simple as that. You'd probably be waiting a while to get the SNES version, if we get it, that is.

I'm not impressed by the Genesis's sound chip much either, but it is capable of cranking out some good tunes once in a while. The Sonic games and Gunstar Heroes are great examples of this. If you thought the Genesis sounded like crap, try playing a Master System game. THAT will make your ears bleed.

@Manicfatty. Didn't know there was a Master System version. I'd imagine it would suck pretty hard.



RadioShadow said:

@Nintendork: That's a bit unfair to say since it came out first on the MEGA DRIVE. While the SNES is a better machine, there were games that were better on the MEGA DRIVE. Such as Earthworm Jim.

Sound wise being one example. Listen to the first music level from both versions:

Everyone has different tastes but the MD version sounds better in quality.

Oh, and one level had cool 'underwater' effects in the third level in the MD version. THE SNES version didn't even attempt to mimic this affect.



JiggyGF said:

One game weeks inherently suck even when I actually like the game that's been released. Choice and variety are good things. :/



lockelocke said:

Holy Ish! What a classic. Not sure if I'll actually pick this one up, but hopefully this means we're one step closer to getting Earthworm Jim 2!



Adamant said:

" (kinda ironic that CHRISTIAN game makers would BREAK THE LAW to get their games out, though...)."

The reasons these games were Christian in the first place was because, being unlicensed games that wouldn't be advertised or sold in normal outlets, slapping Jesus on them would not only make parents more prone to buy them (the kids who actually play the games would prefer to look into the game a bit more than just reading a quick description in a newspaper ad when determining which game they want), but would also keep lawsuits at a bay. "Nintendo sues over Christian games" is not the kind of headlines that make it easier to sell your products.

Same with all those unlicensed porn games out there - the easiest type of products to sell through such channels without giving your customers a chance to look into the product first are religion-related stuff, porn-related stuff, and toy/movie/TV/celebrity-related stuff (and the latter is going to get you lawsuits from the license holder unless you're located in the copyright-lawless world).

Wisdom Tree originally sold non-religious games under the moniker Color Dreams, but all they had to go on was "these games are rather violent, but not really that much", and that didn't sell enough carts. Enter Jesus.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@RadioShadow: Very helpful links, thanks. You've managed to shatter my preconceptions that multi-system games were ALWAYS better on the SNES instead of Genesis! With EJ, the graphics differences are surprisingly small, and the music's just different, without either as a clear winner in my book. And an exclusive stage is an exclusive stage, I guess. Maybe I'll give this a download once the storage problem is fixed (too many games I KNOW I want that I don't have memory for right now...).

@Adamant: Much of what you say makes good sense. I can add to the Color Dreams bit, though. Color Dreams made games for other systems, the licensed way. But Nintendo refused to license games for the NES unless the companies worked ONLY with Nintendo. One example is Crystal Mines II for the Atari Lynx, a copy of which I have right here. The box clearly says it's a licensed Lynx game. Color Dreams wasn't the only company to do this, either. The main other one that comes to my mind is Tengen (did all the old Midway arcade ports like Klax and Gauntlet on the NES), as they worked with Sega.
As for the thought that they sell Christian games ONLY to avoid licensing issues, why are they STILL making Christian games now that they're PC-exclusive? Wouldn't they have gone back to making whatever they wanted?

Anyway, I never said that there wasn't a reason for it (Nintendo, known for censoring their own games by removing religious symbols like crosses on graves, wouldn't have wanted entirely Christian games on their console regardless). All I said was that it was ironic, which it is, seeing as selling Christian product ILLEGALLY seems to (as well it does) go directly against the core morals of Christians. THAT'S what I meant...



Bass_X0 said:

I do recommend looking up the Angry Video Game Nerd feature on those Christian games. Its quite amusing.



Manicfatty said:

@ RadioShadow - Thanks for driving some of my points home with those links . I must say, in all fairness, that what we witness and hear is Shiny playing to the strengths of each system. And the warping water effect is present in the SNES version, it's just more subtle. What you see is actually several layers of scrolling backgrounds (parallax) one of which has a subtle warping effect. They try to create a sort of 'depth of field' effect. I think this is one place where it actually benefited the SNES version to be released second, as there is no reason the same combination of effects couldn't have been done on the Genesis. Case in point: The Thunderforce/Lightening force games and Gunstar Heros. The same warping affects were used in conjunction with multiple layers of parallax scrolling and many animated ship sprites, shots and explosions. Also note that a SNES version of these games with all of those effects applied would more likely than not have been plagued by LOADS of slowdown. People point to Yoshi's Island as proof that it ain't so as that game had an expanded color pallete and was LOADED with huge sprite, crazy effects and loads of parallax all at once with no slowdown. Guess what... that was a Super FX2 chip game and it would have never been possible without the chip... or load and loads of slowdown and sacrificed effects. Both systems had their strengths, and it was a smart developer that took the time to use them.

@Bass X0 - Hahaha - LOVE the Angry Gamer vids



Ricardo91 said:

@Bass. Oh yeah, I saw that one. Hilarious!

@Stuffgamer, #54. Wait, Wisdom Tree is still around? I thought they died during the late 90s!

@Clayfrd. I'm on my 6th avy right now, excluding that Waluigi's Taco Stand one I barely had for a day. I think I should start a avatar cycle too, done every other month. First, I'll use my old Futurama avatar, then switch to the Dig-Dug one, then Hotel Mario, Captain Falcon, that cute little mouse Corbie gave me, Wario, then back to helmetless Mega Man again. I'm also considering a Yoshi's Island avy, a turkey for Thanksgiving, and a Charlie Brown pic for Christmas.

Edit: I just listened to the music in the videos Radioshadow linked to, and I must say the SNES version is a lot easier on the ears.



Nintendork said:

I just never really got used to the Genesis engine, thus in my opinion the SNES version is a lot better. I never really cared much for graphics EDIT: @ Radioshadow, sorry, the MEGA DRIVE



vio said:

I agree that Castlevania III would have been a better choice or at least should have been released in addition to Earthworm Jim. I'm a Castlevania fanatic, so I desperately want to see more games in the franchise. Konami and Nintendo were doing good for a while, but now they're just slacking... How long have we been waiting for Castlevania 3 now? I want to see all of the games on VC(well, the ones that can be put on there). Castlevania: Bloodlines, Dracula X: Rondo of Blood, the SNES Dracula X(yeah, i know it's not as good as Rondo, but it's still a good game) and even one of the N64 Castlevania's, preferably Legacy of Darkness.

As for Earthworm Jim, I say download the Genesis version. It's quite good. While the sound obviously isn't as good as the SNES version, the graphics are excellent and really show off what the Genesis/Mega Drive was capable of when pushed to it's limits. I don't see any reason not to download it if you're an Earthworm Jim fan.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Mr. Cheez: So did I, until I found the web page I linked in the post you're replying to. I searched for them specifically as I was typing that (as the writing style should make evident), and was surprised to find their site.
Also, please stop talking about all the avatar changing. It's so confusing! I frequently identify posters by their avatar more easily than trying to read their screen name. I often don't realize I'm reading one of your posts after you've changed it again until somebody refers to you further down the list. That's why I stick with the Triumph Forks all the time. So much easier...



deadly_by_design said:


I actually enjoy NES music, oddly enough. Enough so that I'll listen to 8-bit remixes while working, or similar stuff like Trash80. There's just something about the Genesis sound gamut that bothers me. Deeply and disturbingly. I'm not really even sure why, but it's been like that since I was a kid playing the stuff for the first time. I enjoyed some Genesis titles like Sonic and Mutant League Football, but overall, I can take or leave most of its library. (borrowed a Genesis for a few months, but didn't own one)

More importantly, it bugs me enough to not buy a version I'm not fond of. I think I played the bonus level on the PC version, so I'll live.

Like I said though... I've always loved playing and drawing Earthworm Jim. I could do the latter with my eyes closed. I have a VHS of one of the cartoon episodes, but I can take or leave that. The game's where it's really at anyway.



Bass_X0 said:

If you're unsure of Earthworm Jim then you probably should wait for the sequel. Its much better.



Fuzzy said:

I don't think that the extra level in the MD version is that great. Anyway, I'm not really fussed that I've got the MD version instead of the SNES version i played when i was younger- it's still pretty fun!



deadly_by_design said:

Forgot to mention that I keep an EWJ action figure on my desk at work. Just so we put my love for the series in perspective.

People kind of expect a level of weirdness from artists, so no one really bats an eye. Any kids that come in love it, since his head pops out of the suit w/ the push of a button. (Evil the Cat resides on my PC desk at home)



Clayfrd said:

Hooray, 100 comments. I just got EWJ, and I'm liking it so far. I find it difficult not because it has difficult enemies or hard levels, but because the gameplay mechanics are far different from what I'm used to in a platformer. Despite this, I'm still having a lot of fun with it. Good stuff. I have an EWJ action figure too! I actually have two. One is his regular suit, and one is a scuba version. I got it long before I played this game, though. I got it because of his appearance in Clayfighter 63 1/3. I thought he had such a unique, defined, and weird personality that I had to like him. So, when I saw his action figure, I couldn't resist.



Most-Excellent said:

I was highly anticipated for Castlevania 3... talk about BOGUS that it didn't show up; and I wanted it for this Halloween!!!
This is most non-non heinious!!!



Devastator said:

I think the first Earthworm Jim is the better of the two. I went to youtube to refresh my memory of what the second one was like, and I felt it looked like crap. Thats my opinion, I just don't want people to waste their points on the second one when it comes out.



Manicfatty said: - So when you say artist, am I to infer from your tag that you are a graphic designer? I ask because I am a Graphic Designer/Artist myself And I too own many EWJ figures. Freakin' artists...



Gravity_Suit said:

We'll most likely never get the SNES Earthworm Jim as Interplay signed a VC agreement for 4 Genesis titles only. Its a shame really.



MaxPlastic said:

'Slightly' inferior? I DLed it this morning and was sorely disappointed in the "What The Heck?" level audio... I also have some qualms about the button layout... I would trade this MD version for the one-level-less SNES version any day... That's the one I grew up playing. However, it is still an excellent game and no one should pass it up

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