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EU WiiWare Update: Midnight Bowling and Potpourrii

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Let's pretend there were no new WiiWare games this week and call it a day. It'd probably be better than what we really got.

First up is the dreadful Midnight Bowling, which was released in the US earlier this week. Not much companies have bothered to make any competition for Wii Sports's bowling minigame yet - This is probably the reason why. Midnight Bowling throws everything Wii Sports did so well control-wise out of the window, replacing it with its own very weird control scheme. We didn't like the US version, and there's no reason the PAL release is any better!

Potpourrii was also released in the US a while ago - In this case, about a month ago. It's a decent little puzzle action game, but we thought it grows stale rather quickly. For some reason the developers have also decided to tack on a needlessly long subtitle to the game - On the Wii Shop, it's listed as "Potpourrii: A delicate mixture of challenge and fun!", which sounds more like something you'd put in the game's description (Although it's really not that challenging or fun).

Thankfully not all is bad this week - Like the US last Monday, you will be able to download some additional content for Mega Man 9 for a small fee later today (Strangely, you can't do so just yet). You can grab Proto Man for 200 Wii Points, or the Endless Mode for 300 Wii Points.

If you were waiting for the likes of Alien Crush Returns and Space Invaders Get Even, sadly you'll have to wait two (Or maybe even more!) weeks!

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User Comments (63)



Shortay said:

Poor week, but I'll download Mega Man 9 ASAP since I haven't done so yet.



Corbs said:

Wow that's a bit of a disappointment for you guys in Europe. Maybe you'll get some great VC titles next Friday.



Killraven said:

OUCH that is more than bad, the least they can do is release them beside something good.

Oh yeah we had many great weeks just a while back. but i'd be lying if i said i wasn't more than dissapointed.
i wanted orbital badly.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Yah 9th comment .
Now back on subject that something must be wrong with the servers got the news the games there but when i to the Wii Ware section the games are not there .
I wanted to read the discription but the games not there .



OverlordMao said:

get Endless mode instead, Proto man isn't as good as i thought he would be. The damage increase is TOO MUCH to bare. I'll just wait for the new stage and BASS to come least i HOPE bass will come out.



Objection said:

Owith...not only a catch-up week but a weak one at that! see what I did there? Anyway, hope your next 2 weeks make up for this! Actually, I hope for everyone to get the mentioned Space Invaders and Alien Crush soon!!



Djungelurban said:

Why is everyone so excited about a freaking pinball game? I mean, pinball? Do we care about that? Really? And Space Invaders looks kinda "meh"...

Edit: Ok, I actually watched the trailer just now and fine, Space Invaders seems alright. I've just kinda glanced at some pics before which has done nothing for me and the name "Space Invaders" itself isn't really a name that makes me gleaful... But that trailer looked interesting so maybe... I still don't get the Alien Crush excitement though...



Naturestee said:

Ick. So sorry, Europe.

@Djungelurban- Yeah it's "just" pinball- inside an ALIEN!!! Visually it looks cool. And the original (available on VC) is a favorite of many people that I keep meaning to download sometime. Good ball physics, neat stages, etc.

Besides, pinball is fun!



DarkAkatosh said:

Why is everyone so excited about a freaking pinball game? I mean, pinball? Do we care about that? Really?

Stop speaking for everyone. There are quite a few people, myself included, that are very eager to try out this game. Play the original and/or Devil's Crush and you'll know what I'm talking about. And if pinball doesn't float your boat you shouldn't even be commenting to begin with.



megacody said:

I have to warn some people, Protoman's game play is pretty weak. I would recommend endless stage, it's like a new game. Protoman's game play can get pretty annoying. Trust me, I still haven't beaten the game with Protoman, and if your a rookie, you'll probably need a guide to beat the game with him. Endless mode is worth the extra 100 points.

Endless mode 8/10



WarioFan63 said:

The next European WiiWare update will be Strong Bad 3, Groovin Blocks, and Orbient. I can feel it, just like I felt the cosmos all those years ago.



Gavin_Rozee said:

@ WarioFan63, I agree with you, except for Grooving Blocks. I reckon it'll be Tetris Party, but I guess that's more of a hope than a prediction.

@ Americans, which is best out of Madstone and Grooving Blocks?



AlexSays said:

@ Gavin Rozee- Madstone.
If you want a falling block game, wait for Tetris Party.



Kenji510 said:

Damn no good games for you guys this week but i doubt it youll prolly get some good ones by the end of month of halloween october.



WiiMan192 said:

Ah well. We'll get Strong Bad 3 next week, so it isn't all that bad
Besides, we're catching up with NA. Good enough for me

Yay 25th comment



Mario64DStyle said:

nevermind.. misread something on vc-reviews.. this week just really stinks =
sorry guys

I'm ready for monday, I'm interested in what score world of goo is going to recieve... maybe a 7.. depends who is reviewing it =P



Corbs said:

I'm reviewing World of Goo. And I heard that 7 crack.

Trust me, after playing through the PC version, it's not getting a 7.



RGVEDA said:

The week is not so good, but hey, we need catch up weeks. There are still 9 Games that the US have and Europe not!



PALgamer said:

Two games a fortnight are never going to catch up with Americas weekly duo. If it isn't quantity or quality, what the hell is did NoJ think it is doing with PAL with this batch? If you are doing catching up, do it quickly (more games) and get it over, specially with bad ones.

Maybe they are having problems, like always, bringing them over here (even though now we are their strongest market). I hope next-generation (since this one is a lost cause), Nintendo will have worldwide releases and we can forget all this crap. Heck, a region free console would be perfect, you just decide where to spend your cash.

Edit: Sorry, today I'm pissed off



Dazza said:

The main problem slowing things down is applying for OFLC, USK and PEGI ratings and translating games into several European languages. Some developers do all this right from the outset of development, but it seems some wait til the last minute. Make no mistake it is a time consuming and expensive business.

Maybe Nintendo should insist on US + EU worldwide releases for future WiiWare games?



Yasume said:

This is probably the worst PAL WiiWare week so far. There are much better WiiWare games that we still need to catch up. I'm talking about Gyrostarr, MadStone, Art Style: Orbient and Groovin' Blocks.



PALgamer said:

Some Q's. Don't they have english, spanish and french in US WiiWares? And isn't there applications problem also over there with all the countries they have in America, or do they all use the same rating system?

Like they say, "The grass is always greener on the other side".



Starwolf_UK said:

There are still 9 Games that the US have and Europe not!
And one game Europe has that USA does not; MaBoShi (though seriously I hope they get it soon and we get some stuff soon...because at the moment everyone loses)

Last week I cracked jokes about awful updates (Family Table Tennis and Protöthea) but my joke was nowhere as bad as what happened. Thursday and the fact Orbiant and co were only just rated wwas the last blow.

Maybe Nintendo should insist on US + EU worldwide releases for future WiiWare games?
That would require Nintendo to abide to these standards...which is never going to happen because Nintendo still think like its the 1980s. Translations were a bolt on to the end of development when these days its pretty easy early on to tell what will make it out of Japan and so translate accordingly...which they seem to do for a few games but not enough.

Predictions for the 24th. Strong bad 3 is a certainty, Alien Crash Returns will be our number for Hudson* and a third game...
*-Unless they miss a month



Bass_X0 said:

Yeah, I didn't think of that Dazza.

And no, its not fair on Americans to suffer like we're doing if games are available to be released straight away there.

I wonder why MaBoShi is taking so long to get to America. I'm expecting it to be available on Monday.



Starwolf_UK said:

3 more days till world of goo
There is rubbing salt in wounds and then there is pouring sulphuric acid in wounds...this leans towards the altter.

Why? Euorpe gets to enjoy World of Goo in Spring as a €40 retail release...



danik said:

Not interested in these two really even before the bad review of midnight bowling. Hopefully something good will be out in the next 2 weeks or so.



Drake said:

@ Starwolf_UK: Just buy the PC version, you won't get the retail version's extras but you can get it now



Outrunner said:

How is the PC version of WoG anyway Corbie? Did you mean it's higher than a 7 or lower?



Terra said:

Man, Gameloft have really let things slip here. They "Were" my joint favourite WiiWare Developer alongside Hudson. Now They've there below that mark for this.

As for Potpourii, i don't care much for the game. There are still loads of games i need to buy so this won't be downloading to my Wii anytime soon, Like MaBoShi.



Starwolf_UK said:

@Drake and Starwolf_UK--Plus, the PC version is much cheaper than the retail will be!
Still, a little more expensive than Wiiware (at least the US version of Wiiware...) but I guess it is worth it.

I do have a couple of plans for buying the game while avoiding the stupid retail release.



RadioShadow said:

At least the crap games have been released so the good ones should appear next. Hopefully Nintendo might give us a better selection next VC and WiiWare update.

I'm still waiting for Gradis ReBirth.



ILoveWii said:

Well the World of Goo on Steam news is promising!

What a shame that this week was so poor. Except maybe the content!



Adamant said:

I'm going to disagree with the other MM9 raters here - Proto Man mode is the best one of the two MM9 updates. Yes, it's essentially a new difficulty for the game, but he plays quite a bit differently, and has some tricks to make certain areas easier as well.
The Endless Stage, one the other hand... it gets tiresome, and it's not really that rewarding. One single slipup will be your bane, you HAVE to energy grind when you get the chance to not get caught unaware by tough level bits, and once you start getting the hang of things, you're only looking at an hour-long level with zero breaks as you attempt to chase a high score that isn't really displayed anywhere in the game.

I've never liked score-based games where the difficulty level is too low, making each session last incredibly long, and the Endless Mode is essentially that - an excercise in tedium as you learn the level bits and then see how many hours you can go without making a single miss, before it's back the square one again. This simply isn't good design.



Djungelurban said:

It was probably due to the lackluster nature of the games released. Pretty much no one cares...



Vortex99 said:

@ Mr. Cheek (I thought that name would be appropiate) -
Congratulations, now an entire continent hates you 'cause you made fun of them, and you seem immature to the rest.

Anyway, downloaded Proto Man DLC. After a few minutes using him, the air was so blue...



AlexSays said:

Congratulations, now an entire continent hates you

Considering not one-one millionth of the continent will even see his comment, I don't think that's a safe assumption.



Terra said:

Don't be so sure. You never know who's looking at this



Ricardo91 said:

@Vortex99. Mr. Cheek. Heh, Very clever.
And like x.Supermario.x said, only a teeny-tiny fraction of your continent visits this site on a regular basis (or knows it exists for that matter), so naw, I'm still pretty cool with them.
I'm sure a few Europeans here laughed a us when we got a bad week.

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