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Tue 22nd Jul 2008

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DarkAkatosh commented on Review: Gradius ReBirth (WiiWare):

Corbie, unless I missed something here, you mentioned absolutely nothing about power-up choices. From the screenshots, it looks like there are ripple lasers and normal lasers and whatnot. What about different types of missiles, like spread bombs and two ways? Are those included? Can you edit your power ups like you could in Gradius III? Or are there different "ships" you can pick from like Gradius II and IV?

Another thing worth noting that has gone unmentioned-does the game loop to a harder difficulty level when completed? (I assume it does since it's a Gradius game but you never know)



DarkAkatosh commented on Talking Point: Is the Virtual Console On The S...:

Eh I completely lost interest in the VC/WW stuff once the PSN started picking up. The WiiWare platform is pretty bad to develop on given the storage limitations. WiiWare will never see games like Super Stardust HD, PAIN, Lumines Supernova and Everyday Shooter. If only the Wii had a hard drive, then WW might have more decent titles.



DarkAkatosh commented on EU WiiWare Update: Midnight Bowling and Potpou...:

Why is everyone so excited about a freaking pinball game? I mean, pinball? Do we care about that? Really?

Stop speaking for everyone. There are quite a few people, myself included, that are very eager to try out this game. Play the original and/or Devil's Crush and you'll know what I'm talking about. And if pinball doesn't float your boat you shouldn't even be commenting to begin with.



DarkAkatosh commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

I've got the GameGear version on SMC+ for the PS2 (which is the game game) and I think it's awesome. The special stages and method of finding Chaos Emeralds are unique to the series, and hella fun. A hidden gem on the VC, for those that have some extra points lying about. Can't go wrong here.



DarkAkatosh commented on Ninja Commando:

Awesome game is awesome, despite its flaws. Wrote a review for GameFAQs. It should be up within a day or so.