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Plunge directly into the trendy and electric atmosphere of Midnight Bowling. With awesome playing sensations, prepare for ultra-fun gaming thanks to a new physics engine that lets you control your throws precisely and easily with your Wii Remote controller and make spectacular spins that will impress your opponents.

Face up to three friends in the fun party mode, where your playing abilities will be put to the test. Whatever your experience level, launch yourself into the immersive career mode, where you will play in the trendiest bowling spots on the planet against charismatic characters that will give you a run for your money.

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Posted by Spencer McIlvaine

How many points does a game score for a gutter ball?

Gameloft has given Wiiware some of its best titles like Midnight Pool and Wild West Guns, so it was with great anticipation that we sat down to enjoy their latest offering, Midnight Bowling. Although some would argue that Wii Sports renders any other...

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User Comments (30)



Kevin said:

Why would i want this when I can bowl on Wii Sports? Maybe a new control scheme? I love Wii Sports' scheme so I'm probably not getting it.



Rawk_Hawk said:

@ Kevin

You can also play Wii sports at midnight. Which totally makes this game pointless. Ha Ha just kidding But whats with the midnight stuff?



Terra said:

If there is online, a tournament mode alongside regular single player, multiplayer for 4, Wii Sports style controls and you can play as your Mii characters, then that would be an absolute dream. I'd happily pay 1000 points if this stuff was in there but that's just what i'm hoping for, who knows if any of that will actually be in there



mr_niceguy said:

I'll stick with Wii Sports, thank you. Come on, Gameloft, I know you got better games that you could port than this, so come on already!



Terra said:

Wii Sports Bowling didn't have that many features to it. Well, there a single player mode, multiplayer for up to 4, training missions for it, playable Mii characters and ...

That's It! Sure, it was fun but it was lacking and Gameloft could have more features planned to be included than Wii Sports Bowling. Gameloft's games have been surprisingly fun and this could be another good game from them




this sounds like wii sports the only thing i can see them doing different is adding online features 2 it



Gabbo said:

Now that Midnight Pool is out we can see that Gameloft made the Wii version much fancier than their original cell phone release. I expect something similar from them with this game, hopefully with a 'story' mode of some sort to add more depth than Wii Sports had.



Terra said:

I was expecting the same stuff. Can't wait now Pool has been released



CanisWolfred said:


You can't ask for much more than that in a bowling sim. I'm curious to see what they do to make this game worthwhile, but I can't help but feel that they will fall short of that goal.

Edit: Nothing, apparently.



Atlantis1982 said:

You know, I am very curious with this game now with the much success that Gameloft is getting with their WiiWare lineup. Plus, Midnight Pool is a good game too. :D



samus2008 said:

it was ok, but the controls were just awkward, it seems no one besides nintendo can make a decent bowling game for wii! XD



Ricardo91 said:

Maybe if it's got online multiplayer and lots of fancy modes and doodads, i'll look into this. I loves me a good bowling game!



Quimby said:

I would have steered well clear of this title had I ot take a chance with midight pool. I am keen to see what gameloft can do with the midight IP



Dazza said:

Added video, shame Gameloft haven't supplied us with the official one yet. I guess even they aren't too enthusiastic about this! lol



Bensei said:

@Dazza: It's already on the Nintendo Channel, I recorded it and wanted to upload it for Wiiware World, but then I found Nintendaan's and decided to not upload it, since his is in better quality



POE said:

Ha Ha HA! .. the video makes this game even more terrible. Also what's with the loading screens, looks like porn. (funky bass line)



daikon said:

I downloaded the game before reading the review. The review is right on. Yeah, it's cheap, but a crappy game that costs a penny is still a crappy game. Gamesoft obviously thinks gamers are suckers. (Well, there's me.) And Nintendo needs quality control in the Wii Store, or at least a place for user comments.

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