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TurboGrafx-16 Releases - September

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

It's the last Friday of the month, so Hudson has outlined their VC plans for next month. There appears to be a "game swap" of sorts taking place - The US is getting two games that Europe has had for a few months, while Europe is getting two games the US recently got!

The US can look forward to sampling the delights of two import shooters - Cho Aniki, a wonderfully wacky game and the first in a series which has only gotten stranger and stranger over the years, and Final Soldier, the last remaining TurboGrafx-16 installment of the Star Soldier series (But not the last in the series, obviously!). Cho Aniki's US release is very surprising as Americans generally don't like overly weird Japanese stuff - What will players think of the game!?

Europe's upcoming September releases are less surprising, as the US just got them - Chase H.Q. is a port of a popular arcade racer, and Ys Book I & II includes remakes of two games in one package, creating one of the greatest RPGs of all time. Certainly something to look forward to!

The US releases have not been given a specific September date, but both EU games have - Both of them are coming out next week!

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Bass_X0 said:

oh how fun it will be when Cho Aniki gets released in America. I can just imagine the kind of comments there will be. And I'm just not interested in Ys though...



blackknight77 said:

I will pass on Cho Aniki after reading about it on Wikipedia, but is Final Soldier worth getting if I have Soldier Blade? I'll have to think about it, but Final Soldier does look cool.

I am a little dissapionted that Gradius 2 will not be out. Shame on you Hudson:(



Terra said:

Wait, if they're coming next week, what will happen with the Hanabi Festival? Will they be released alongside each other like with Metal Slug?



Jon2 said:

I think we will see Ys and Chase HQ on Friday the 12th. Next Friday will give us (EU) DoReMi and Spelunker.



Cipher said:

So if they're coming out here next week, are we to assume the last two Hanabi Festival titles will be released alongside WiiWare two weeks from now? And will these two titles be part of the Hanabi Festival too?



Drake said:

I'm gonna guess Terranigma will have the correct prediction.



whalleywhat said:

Yeah, it's a shame there's no plans to bring over Gradius II yet. I'll buy Cho Aniki though. Good shooter with interesting music and visuals. And, uh, the first one's nowhere near as "different" as later installments.



Chunky_Droid said:

Not sure about Cho Aniki, but definitely not a fan of the Soldier series so will more than likely giving both titles a miss



CanisWolfred said:

Gradius II is from Konami, not Hudson.

I'm glad Final Soldier is finally coming to NA, I've been waiting forever for that game. I think I'll pass on Cho Aniki. While it seems pretty funny, it doesn't look all that fun to play.



deadbattery said:

I want Cho Aniki! I don't care what normal people or shooter-elitists say about it - because I don't identify with either group. I wanna try something truly bizarre, even if it's reviews aren't the greatest. That's my opinion and no one can change it.



Fuun_Saiki said:

Cho Aniki is great, I'm looking forward to seeing what America thinks of it. Shame on anyone too scared to download it! Its reasonably solid shooting mechanics and 'unique aesthetic quality' make for some hilarious fun. Definitely worth your 900 points.



slangman said:

I can already see Cho Aniki getting a lot of backlash. There was me thinking it would never come to NA. Shame you guys don't have Gradius II. Having played the VC version i think its great fun.



MaxPlastic said:

Yay! I've been waiting for Cho Aniki! It has the weirdest shmup soundtrack ever... I for one love quirky Japanese stuff, even tho it might include strange man-love... O_o



Danieru_Lynx said:

I don't know anything about these Ys games, although they do intrigue me, so maybe I'll be making my first TurboGrafx-16 purchase at some point in the near-future, =O



Adol said:

@ Danieru Lynx

Its a pretty unique action RPG. The combat system might put you off at first (its real time, but it doesn't involve an attack button, except for magic attacks), but its pretty amazing for a 1990 game. If you like Zelda, and the like, give it a try.



Objection said:

Cho Aniki is really weird, I saw a video fo it a couple years ago. But hey, these both look decent.



Gitaroo_Dude said:

I'll be downloading Cho Aniki simply to support bringing over more bizarre Japanese titles.

And like someone else said, I'm not a hardcore shooter fan, so reviews can't dissuade me. This and Star Parodier are the only ones I have any interest in (sorry, Lords of Thunder).



Danieru_Lynx said:

@ Adol: Oh I like Zelda alright. I absolutely ADORE Zelda. I think I'll almost certainly give Ys a go once I have the money.



Rexy said:

Wait a minute: Ys is coming out next week? What happened to DoReMi Fantasy and <<shudder>> Spelunker? Whichever, next Friday will be a fine week for gaming, that's for sure



Yasume said:

@Rexy: We will get Spelunker, DoReMi Fantasy, Ys Book I & II and Chase H.Q. all on friday the 5th.



Corbs said:

At least Final Soldier is finally coming to the US. It's about time!



Rootbeer said:

With Cho Aniki, at least when the 13 year olds start saying "this game is gay" it will be fairly accurate for once XD

I too am looking for Rondo of Blood...I would guess it's coming at some point if they're bothering to release something like Cho Aniki here. I'm hoping they release all of the Turbo CD games we don't have yet at some point.



Kafei2006 said:

September's gonna be hot ! Mega Man 9, Gradius rebirth, and now Ys Book I & II, i won't be able to get them all with my remaining points and i just bought 2000 last week. Plus i'll have to delete even more VC games from my wii now... bummer...



JiggyGF said:

Super Star Soldier, Soldier Blade, and Star Parodier all made me very happy, so Final Soldier will be a natural definite purchase.



Ricardo91 said:

Yay Final Soldier!

Now what about SMRPG for America? Sorry! I had to ask.

And I said it before, but I'm gonna pass on Cho-Aniki.There's something about flying men in speedos that shoot projectiles out of their heads that gives me the heeby-jeebies.
Plus, it doesn't look that fun anyway.



WolfLink22 said:

To me as long neither of those 2 TG16 games are VC Game 250 then i'll be happy.We should get something everyone wants for VC Game 250.

As for Europe getting YS Book 1 and 2 who'd get it at the moment with Super Mario RPG out in Europe?



StarDust4Ever said:

Oh no, not Cho Aniki...
[Stardust bashes his head onto the keyboard, bloodying up his laptop and frying it in the process]

If you want to know why StarDust went berserk and got a one-way ride to the E.R., it's because this is coming to the US:

Ladies, I need an honest opinion: How would you react if this game featured "babes in bikinis" instead of "studs in speedos"? Now you know how it makes us guys feel



Adamant said:

^Actually, no, it's not. By "the first game" they mean "the second game" - not a single picture on that site is actually taken from the original Chou Aniki, the one that's coming to the VC.

And dammit guys, it's just a bizarre, funny game, you won't grow gay from having it in your region.



CanisWolfred said:


I wouldn't trust information from a site called "i-mockery", since chances are they just exaggerated everything for comical effect( which is also called a hyperbole).



MrPoo6321 said:

whatever happened to Castlevania: Rondo of Blood? Is it getting the shaft because of the PSP game?



WarioFan63 said:

To me as long neither of those 2 TG16 games are VC Game 250 then i'll be happy.We should get something everyone wants for VC Game 250.

They arent coming Monday, otherwise theyd have a big "9/1" on them.

Why does 250 have to be something memorable? I cant remember what 150 was! Or even 50!



CanisWolfred said:




Well, now that I've seen more of it, I might pick it up. People will probably be asking me "questions" though.


Well, 250 is a big number, so I'd imagine they'd have a big game to commemerate the fact that numbers can, in fact, go that high.



Rexy said:

@Apocalypse, comment #21: I know what you're saying, but I still think a four-VC-game week (technically five) sounds too good to be true. I wouldn't be too surprised if it turns out to be a repeat what happened when America was promised 3 major titles (Ys, Samurai Shodown 2 and Megaman 1) and got none of them on the day they were "confirmed" to arrive.



lordbowser said:

Cho Aniki is gonna be a day one purchase for me. I'm not to sure about getting Final Soldier (Mainly because I'm horrible at vertical shooters), but I'll definitely give it a shot when I have more points.



Sharecrow said:

am interested in Final Soldier but not in Cho Aniki. I am leaning towards playing others in the series before Final Soldier (have only beat Soldier Blade), but I'm still glad it's coming



Atlantis1982 said:

Yeah yeah yeah, and making threats and insults to a harmless person (a total stranger to be exact) makes you a better person. You should think twice before you make comments or someday you won't even be allowed on this website. >.>

By the way, Nintendo can't help you that your selection in games are so narrow that you think every Monday has been crap; August and probably September will end up being the best months for 2008 when it comes to the Shop Channel.



Jolted85 said:

Is Cho Aniki a CD game, or is it a regular Turbo Grafx game? If it's a CD game it'll cost 100 points extra making it 900 points, the extra price may throw me off on getting the game though, but who knows I may get it some day.



aphexbr said:

Wow... I was going to buy some more credits soon to get Mario RPG, Splatterhouse 2 and Cybernoid... Looks like I'll have to buy more for Ys!

I would go for Chase HQ, but I'll skip it as it's supposedly a shoddy port. I still have no idea why ports are used when the Wii's perfectly capable of MAME-style arcade emulation :S



Drake said:

@ Jolted85: Cho Aniki is a CD game. The game might even be worth the price of admission for the soundtrack alone - It's one of the strangest you'll ever hear, but it's also excellent



blackknight77 said:

Man they need to put some clothes on those guys. Cover up! Maybe NOA can edit the game and the those 2 guys some jeans and a t-shirt

I'll stick with Wario Ware for weird Japanese stuff



StarDust4Ever said:

Wario fan63 said:

"To me as long neither of those 2 TG16 games are VC Game 250 then i'll be happy.We should get something everyone wants for VC Game 250. They arent coming Monday, otherwise theyd have a big "9/1" on them. Why does 250 have to be something memorable? I cant remember what 150 was! Or even 50!"

Number 150 was "Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels" (October 1st, 2007), anticipated and wanted by many, including myself.

Number 250 will (hopefully) be an even more anticipated release, "Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars" (September 1st, 2008), lest I have to eat my own words...

It really would make sense though, especially seeing that the rerelease of Lost Levels was on the same day as MarioRPG in Europe, and the Us got Lost Levels two-and-a-half weeks after Europe the first time around. By-the-way, Ninty of Europe was wrong on you guys for pulling it.



Rapadash6 said:

I hope we see Dracula X soon. Maybe they're saving it for an October release? ^^' September is already looking to kick some serious butt even without these titles. Super Mario RPG and Mega Man 2 are enough to make it worth it, in my opinion.



Rexy said:

Numbers don't mean a thing. Apparently your 200th release was Zelda II (which I still think is good but is most probably "too different" for most others to appreciate lol), so we can't really rely on milestones or anything. The least we can do is find out what happens on Monday, and if it IS SMRPG, then let me be the first to say "finally, the horror of the screaming fanboys can sizzle away to nothing".



Eltigro said:

I'll download Y's if for no other reason than it is one of the games I remember the most from the advertisements for the TG-CD. I wanted it then and I want it now. I'm usually up for a good RPG game and this one got some good reviews back in the day.



lordbowser said:

@ Rexy

I never did see the hate for Zelda II, You're basically all set if you level all your stats to four at the beginning of the game. Also, I'm pretty sure the fanboys will find something else to whine about. CoughsecretofmanaCough.



Atlantis1982 said:


Nope, they'll move on toward Earthbound and now Secret of Mana as Bowser just mentioned.

By the way, I would LOVE to see Cho Aniki be the 250th; not because I'll get it on Monday, but laugh that it became a 'milestone'.



Sonic_tails1 said:

@ Rexy

Actually Zelda 2 was number 100 for North America,
Lords of Thunder was number 200. but some would say Harvest Moon was 200 but since i prefer Lords of Thunder over Harvest Moon i call Lords of Thunder 200.



Clayfrd said:

"Americans generally don't like overly weird Japanese stuff " I like No More Heroes, which had more than its fair share. Maybe I'll like this.



Cally said:

I'm in the middle of Book II of Ys right now. I plan to write some more on the game's comment page when I finish.

The short of it, though, is that you really do have to get this game. It is as simple as that. It's kind of profound that almost ALL of the first game's action is done with one hand walking into enemies, but it's not a bad change of pace, so to speak (the second game you use magic with a button). The story--while many stories in games today are often seen as overwritten--is rather minimalistic but quite excellent and well-told. It's basically a really good (and very playable) old-style RPG, not hard to get into or finish at all. I got stuck once, I think, in Book 1. Just FYI



StarDust4Ever said:

@ Rexy, Sonic&Tails: The fact that the fact that Zelda 2 was number 100 in NA and number 200 in EU, sends a profound message about the power of numbers. 150 was lost levels in the US, and Lost Levels got rereleased the same day in Europe as did SMRPG. Seeing that lately (with the big exception of Megaman) we have been getting things just a few weeks later than Europe, gives me this profound assumption that SMRPG will be released Monday (Labor day holiday, and the big 250!).

Unfortunately, I will be on the road for college (we start back right after Labour day since we use the quarter system at Tech), and most likely my Wii will still be sitting at home, which is bad timing for me but good timing for the rest of my country (although I will be wanting my Wii really really badly). And also there's a hurricane heading strait for Louisiana, so it's a good thing I live 300 miles from the gulf, but still it will be pouring down rain no doubt by the time I get set up in my dorm room.



Rexy said:

Of course, I forgot about Labor Day (which is understandable given my humble origins); I can understand the pressure being on for a holiday release for SMRPG since we got the game during a Bank Holiday weekend and all. I can understand what everyone's coming from with numbers, but given that even titles like Harvest Moon could end up being "milestone titles", I'd rather see it as some kind of coincidence.



Adol said:

@ Cally

Good to see someone who gave Ys a chance despite the game's unorthodox combat "system". I really do hope all the people on the net that say "teh running into teh enemies is teh stooopid" would give it a chance.



KingMike said:

Yep. #50 was Ice Climbers, Kid Icarus or Kirby's Adventure. The later 2 were high-profile.
#100 was Dead Moon, Milon's Secret Castle, Toejam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron or Zelda 2. Zelda 2 was likely the highlight of the week.
#150 was Sin & Punishment or Mario: The Lost Levels (both were highly-desired imports)
#200 was Lords of Thunder or Harvest Moon.



Cally said:

Heheh. More rocket science.

I can do weird stuff. Cho Aniki's style just comes across to me as just kinda stoopid. Otherwise, I don't know how good of a shooter it is, of course.



Can't say this one is too interesting. All else aside, it looks very bland, like most everything else that has come out recently (too me of course).



Hero_of_time113 said:

Wow... Sorry Europe, Ys is one of the worst games I've played...
But I have always wanted to try out Cho Aniki.

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