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Chase H.Q. (TG-16 / TurboGrafx-16)

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This is a different style of racing game in which you attempt to catch criminals by chasing them and ramming their cars off the road. Playing as two cops from the NYPD special “CHASE H.Q.” unit, the first half of each stage involves you maneuvering your unmarked car in a heated chase, followed by an action sequence in the latter half.

Once you reach the target vehicle, you flip on your lights and siren, and then try to stop the culprits by repeatedly colliding with them. Use your different gears wisely as you make your way through streets and around corners, and be careful not to hit objects or other cars, or you’ll lose speed. Also at your disposal are turbo units for temporary extra speed and ramming power.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Let's go Mr. Driver!

Back in 1988 Taito released Chase HQ into arcades around the world. It took the driving aspects from many other racing games of the time period and coupled them together with the intense action of a high-speed police pursuit. While this offered a nice...

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User Comments (34)



worrybomb said:

If the version of Chase H.Q. for the TG-16 is the same as the arcade version, then I'll be definitely getting this the day it is release. Had a lot of fun playing the arcade version back in the days.



blackknight77 said:

I eagerly wait the review since this game is announced for July. Its like Out Run meets Cops!
I remember playing this in the Arcade a few times. I remember this being really fun, I also remember how much I love the old arcades back in the day:)



Mr_64 said:

Thank goodness it's not the C64 version! I'm still scarred by the playground ridicule of my Spectrum owning friends at the sight of that attrocious port!



slangman said:

I am glad its the Turbografx version over the NES version since its more arcade perfect.



CanisWolfred said:

This game looks awesome! With great arcade ports like this, I'm suprised the Turbografx-16 wasn't successful. What happened?

Lucky #7



David77 said:

I hope it's really a July release. And I hope it's a good port of the arcade, because i want it!



Link79 said:

Is this a good game? I'm usually not a huge racing fan but if it's well done and fun to play I'm sold.



Corbs said:

This was a fun arcade racer back in 1988, but it's just not held up very well over the years. I remember now why I used to sink so many quarters in the arcade games after trying to beat these strict time limits again.



Draygone said:

Even if the game doesn't come recommended, you gotta admit, that tunnel effect is pretty cool. I've never seen that effect done in an old racer like this before.



slangman said:

... But now i am put off by the 2 star rating so now i don't think i will be getting this after all. Shame as ONM said this was one of the Turbographx games to look out for.



Corbs said:

As I said, the visuals are the game's high point by far. It's all downhill after that.



spartan547 said:

This game does look kind of cool, but sounds like it would not be good to download. It looks a lot like Top Gear 2.



Terrible_Majesty said:

I confused this game with the fun arcade driving/shooting hybrid, Lucky & Wild. Too bad that will never come out, it has never been ported to any console.



CanisWolfred said:

Dang! So it wasn't a good port after all! Oh well, I guess it's a good thing I was short on cash, because I woulda picked this up in a heart-beat, and have to experience the displeasure first-hand. I'll probably get this eventually though, since I'm weak, but I was saving some points for other games, and now I won't be wasting them this. Sad really, since I determined Ys wasn't worth getting, and I don't think I'll get Break In, so basicly out of the whole "Hudson Month", I'll only be getting Star Parodier. Though I could simply sub in some worthwhile games instead



Damo said:

Phantom - that bit in Burnout 2 was inspired by Chase HQ.

To be honest, as much as I love this game it hasn't aged well. The arcade original is pretty shallow and it doesn't help that the TG-16/PC Engine conversion isn't anywhere near perfect. However, if you have a real desire to play this then pick up the Taito Memories collection on the PS2, or the Japanese Saturn Chase HQ/SCI double pack. Or, if you want to play a more advanced variant, pick up Ray Tracers on the PSX, which is a 3D update that Taito did. It can be completed in under an hour but is loads of fun while it lasts and shouldn't cost you much cash money.



David77 said:

And beside, I want to know why the arcade version is not on Taito legend 1 or 2



Corbs said:

I'll second the Ray Tracers recommendation. Very cool game.

And I did say in the review that those who loved the arcade classic might like this as well, but to pass for everyone else. Some games age better than others. This one didn't age very well.



David77 said:

you're right about the fact that it didn't age well. but it's the same for every racer of it's kind. Most of the racer in you're top 10 racers wanted didn't age well, if not all (mario kart is the only one). We play them for nostalgia reason



HeikeKagero said:

This game isn't that bad but it isn't that good either. I had never played this version before until today. I did however play Super Chase H.Q for SNES when it first came out and I enjoyed that one and thought that I would enjoy this one. The time limit is deffinitely annoying though




Horrible review! i can beat this version with my eye's closed and i have no issues with control what so ever i think you just suck!! I own this hucard and play it quite frequently,it's a daily beater but a fun game.



bobuido said:

I know I'm only gonna play this once or twice but that's worth £4.20 right? Looks in the air and shakes his fist Dam you nostalgia trips! Making me buy games I won't play... Again!



CJ1 said:

Loved this 18 years ago... but I shouldn't have downloaded it. Breaks my heart; its that rubbish.



deggs said:

where's chase hq 2 for the genesis... i had that and loved it as a kid. you get to use different vehicles and stuff. i bought the snes one recently and it isn't as good (not too keen on the first person car view when the graphics aren't that great)



SNK said:

i had the AMIGA version in 1989,i used to play it alot,ive got the ARCADE version on Mame which is far superior.

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