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EU VC Update - International Karate +

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

It seems this week is some sort of "arcade week" in Europe, as there are three new games which all have distinct arcadey gameplay. If you don't like karate, painting roads or golf, then this week is not for you!

International Karate + is the extremely popular sequel to the original International Karate. Aside from allowing up to 3 fighters in one battle instead of 2 (Although one of them is always a computer, there is no 3-player mode), it is impossible to get completely knocked out, as you will always get up again after a short time to continue battling. The first person to get 6 points will be the winner. This is highly recommended by us as a C64 classic which still plays well even today.

City Connection was released in the US some time ago and is a NES port of the arcade game with the same name. In it, you play as a racer, travelling the world in his in order to paint all the roads white, to prove that he has visited each location. While the arcade game enjoyed modest popularity, the monotomy of the gameplay sadly isn't really too hot these days, so you probably won't like it unless you played it in arcades!

Neo Turf Masters is a golf game for the Neo Geo, as you might've guessed by the title. You can pick from 6 players as you travel the world in order to clear a number of holes. The game was released around the mid-point of the Neo Geo's life cycle, so it has some rather nice visuals, and the gameplay is actually not too shabby! The game also does something that was popular around the time - When your golfer is taking a swing, it appears as if he is an animated photograph of a real person.

Although not necessarily a bad week, we were sort of hoping Nintendo would release five games again, as they only released two the previous VC update! Next week is probably WiiWare week again, so you'll have to wait a while for the next chance at five games!

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User Comments (85)



timp29 said:

3 games is a huge improvement!
And i spent many hours on IK+, until i discovered barbarian on the c64. Not a bad week, just not an awesome week either. As if fail you two!



uncle_smuck said:

Nothing too exciting for me ol wii points! nevermind I'll just have to spend the next few days perfecting my bikini line of me hols! A tidy triangle is always a must people!



Bass_X0 said:

well the more games that are released, the more chance we get a good one soon.



uncle_smuck said:

Nobody! and i mean nobody wants to see someone walking around looking like a sweeping brush is tucked down your pants!



Objection said:

@BassXo Um...yeah...I always have too. Its not like Rexy where people should know.
As for 5 games in one week...I don't think it's coming back. You just got lucky. Twice.



sadpanda212 said:

IK+ makes this an excellent week as far as I'm concerned.

@ Timp

Ah, Barbarian, I had it on the Speccy and amiga, happy memories



Raptor78 said:

I always enjoyed Neo Turf Masters, trouble is that since golf games started making use of the wiimote these old arcade style golf games just dont feel right anymore.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Why are you guys complaining about 3 games? It's not like the US has gotten any 5 game weeks this year! (or C64 games for that matter) I wish I could change my region like Australia. I want to try out the Commodore too!



DEMON212 said:

Typical, almost every Brit here is whinging at IK+'s presence, despite it being a AAA 5 star game. Yet an American is wanting it, despite having no connection to SMRPG at all.

Big up to Tides is all I can say.

C64 is one of the best VC consoles, and IK+ is probably it's best game. Great week this week for that alone.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Nothing for me this week but still wainting for the Commodore 64 hit Australia as they are comming as via a leak in the Nintendo Channel with Paradroid .



timp29 said:

haha a sweeping brush lol
i think smuck is still a guy
pikachu- get a visa debit card (if you're old enough), if not give your mum/dad $15 per 1000 points and use their visa card, change your wii region to uk and order up!
With the exchange rate, points actually worked out about AU$14.80 for 1000 points.



dark_moogle said:

Still pissed off that C64 stuff isn't available in Australia (Its Turbo Graphix ALL OVER AGAIN!!!) so now that I've spend over an hour putting all my VC games onto an SD card I'll prob just go download Lostwind to pass this week.



Fierce_Deity said:


Dont get me wrong, IK is a fun game, im just more into the fast paced fighters where you dont have to wait 5 mins to get up after being knocked down.



ttplayer92 said:

@dark moogle

Its not really TurboGrafix all over again because youre not the only region not to have the console.



Virus said:

@dark moogle
I wouldn't get LostWinds if you need something to pass the week. It won't last you that long!

Well, seems like a slightly better week for you guys at least in quantity. You guys still need one more game for it to be fair. I don't know about the quality of the games, but for those happy for IK+, kudos to y'alls.

I wonder if Neo Turf Masters will come out for the US on Monday. For some reason I have a bad feeling we may not see any Hudson games.



AlexSays said:

Holy smokes, is Demon212 defending an American, and attacking a Brit?
Anyway, I really hope we get Neo Turf Masters next week.
It'll hold me over until Tiger 09 comes out.



Corbs said:

I just added a game play video of Neo Turf Masters and nine new screenshots for the game. I'll have a review up soon.



Objection said:

It's definately not just you. There's a reason i've only downloaded 2 VC games so far. (Though there's one more that's out that i want: Sin and Punishment)



CanisWolfred said:

Wow three games, and one of them actually looks cool. Grab your putters, men, it's time to golf!



Adamant said:

Yeah, definitly not too shabby a week, this. IK+ isawesome, City Connection is decent, and whiel I'll never played Neo Turf Masters, it looks pretty good.



7th_lutz said:

Neo Turf Masters shouldn't be coming next week. North America is 2 games behind Europe in Neo Geo games released on the vc.

Art of Fighting 2 was released in Europe on July 11th. I expect Art of Fighting 2 to be release before Neo Turf Masters as a result.



CastlevaniaTest said:

I'm glad Neo Turf Masters has been released. I've been looking for a good golf game on the Virtual Console and have been reluctant to buy NES Open and Power Golf due to some unfavorable reviews from multiple sources. I'm interested in seeing how it turns out.

As for the other two games...I'm not familiar with them at all, but IK+ sounds good.



DarkLloyd said:

@objection sin and punishment is definitely awsome game was also my first ng4 game downloaded though i think its originally called glass soldier. its a guess cuz the name appeared in the end when i beat it



Adamant said:

@CastlevaniaTest: I haven't played Neo Turf Masters yet, but I can vouch for NES Open Tournament Golf being fantatsic. Power Golf is more on the bleh side, though.



Nobarai said:

Well I have this bad feeling we'll get ALL Hudson games next week!

Ahhhh you lucky Brits! You guys get Neo Turf Masters! Enjoy your pristeen digital golfing fun from SNK you lucky dogs you XD



DEMON212 said:

@ Super Mario.

I'm insulted that you think my arguements are racially inclined. I'll bad mouth any idiot who slags off games without ever having played them and slags off weeks saying that they're bad just because THEY don't want a game.

I don't care if they're, White, Black, Blue, Purple, American, British, Chinese, Australian etc... etc... etc... or whatever.

If they call something **** without having ever tried it, they're an idiot.



Virus said:

I personally wouldn't mind seeing some Turbografx games again. It would be a dream though if we got both Neo Geo and Turbografx games this Monday!

Way to be worldly.

And to the reason I was going to post: after this IK+ release, I did some research on the ol' C64. I can't say I'm wowed by its ability, so I'm hoping this console makes its way onto the American VC. I'd like to clarify or dispel my assumptions about a console I missed out on.



Corbs said:

The review for Neo Turf Masters is now up for those waiting for it.



el_cabarto said:

I'm going to say that this is a disappointing update for the UK and Europe VC fans. These games just seem like an after-thought on NOE's part. Like, 'Blimey it's Thursday night and we've nothing to put on ye olde Virtual Console tomorrow! Quick, chap, grab three obscure games with defunct licenses!' It's like they aren't really putting these games out to appeal to anybody ; more that they're just trying to find titles to upload that won't be expensive / difficult to obtain licenses for. I'm not saying these games are bad, I just think that NOE should be doing more to obtain all those hundreds of classics that we Americans take for granted in our nostalgic moments but were never released in Europe. In the face of those games these just seem...'all right'.



Ricardo91 said:

Now why can't we American folk get that many games in a week?

As for the games themselves, I'm not impressed, save for International Karate+. Sucks for you guys.

Uh oh, I'm starting to get a baaaad feeling we might get Neo Turf Masters next week.

But if Star Parodier comes out as well, I won't have a problem with it. It doesn't really matter anyway, as I'm gonna be in Washington D.C. for almost a week.



el_cabarto said:

I wouldn't envy them for getting three games this week. They aren't likely to get any next week meaning they'll be lucky to clear 6 VC games this month. Realistically we can expect 8 since we usually get at least 2 a week every week.



Rexy said:

Oh lord, why did there have to be something so perverted within the first few comments? Thanks for the imagery, Smuck.

This is a mixed batch of a week, to be honest - I think the one thing it got going for it was International Karate +, and that IS one of the best C64 games out there. Not sure about the other two though - Citty Connection looks like one of those titles that require a good emulation before a purchase, and I'm not one for playing golf either in spite of its 4-star score.

I'm still ok with it. It's never a waste of a week if someone will be able to find something out of any of the three.



aphexbr said:

Jeez, you guys can be hard to please... 3 games, 1 of them a true classic, and you still complain! IK+ is one of the best fighters ever, and it's only 500 points. I'd rather have that than 5 mediocre games.



DEMON212 said:

W00T! @ APH

As I said weeks ago, someone will always complain. And someone will always make **** up.

My favourite BS post is when everyone says that the TG16 VC games are dominated by SHMUPS, when they don't even take up a 3rd of the TG16 VC library. Majority = more than half. Dominating = at least 80% IMO.

What's even better is that everyone moans when we get 2 shmups, they want variety. A Golf sim, a car arcade game and a beat 'em up. Unless we're now classing these 3 games as 1 and are making a totally new genre called the "Happy Gilmore" genre, then that's a totally mixed bag.



truercki said:

I do not know how many nights I spent in front my C64 playing IK+ ? You think it was a waste of time ? I think it was worth every second and I will be playing it from today onwards again maybe it is all about memories.



RevolverLink said:

People are disappointed that Europe didn't get 5 games? I still nostalgically reminisce of the glorious days when North America would actually get 3 VC titles (3!) in a week.

Anyway, I'd be really excited about IK+ potentially getting released across the pond (because it does sound like fun) if we could actually get anything for the C64 over here.



TheMentalBeaver said:

I used to play IK+ a lot on my Amiga. Not sure if I would want to play the C64 version. I might give it a go though.



Jay1 said:

I'm starting to see a pattern on this site. VC release~>moanrantwhinge. VC release~>moanrantwhinge. VC release~>moanrantwhinge.

GYAC guys - IK+ is innovative, it has ultra solid fighting mechanics and it remains playable to this day. Just a shame they didn't release the hacked 3-player version Turf Masters is one of the best examples of old school golf games and is up there with Leaderboard and PGA Tour Golf in my book. Can't see what you're all moaning about.



DEMON212 said:

@ Beaver.

I've had every version, and this is just as good as the amazing AMIGA one. It's missing "trousers" and the bomb game, but the Karate still kicks ass!



uncle_smuck said:

@ rexy i aim to please......then usualy miss!
@ bass My genitailia will never be uncovered.........sadly it has never been uncovered.........Boom boom
If chris Tarrant was posting comments he would say, "its only good if you know them" ie. in realtion to games not on multiple choice questions.



Kelvin said:

@DEMON212, the "trousers" aren't in the C64 version? Really? I was sure they were. I'm going to have to check now, which won't be a chore, as IK+ is such an excellent game!



Jon2 said:

IK+ is a classic, no less. I haven't played the other two games but the Turf Masters seems interesting.



Kelvin said:

Weird. Well, I had both the C64 and Amiga editions, so I'm probably confusing the two.



slangman said:

Can't see anything wrong with this week. IK+ sounds quite cool and i am quite tempted to get Neo Turf Masters. And this is coming from soembody who is not to fussed on sports titles. Maybe its just me been impressed easly.



blackknight77 said:

If anyone is interested posted the SNK classics review which features Neo turf and other Neo titles. They said the collection is good and plays better than the PS2 version. Also the Classic controller is supported. Good job SNK!



Rapadash6 said:

What? Only 5 games in one month? That's even worse than we did last month. I don't understand why Japan is getting 15+ games every month while North America and Europe are getting WELL below the 10 we were originally promised. sighs After the shameful display Nintendo had at E3 this year, you'd think they'd at least compensate the core gamers with a decent selection of Virtual Console titles for the remainder of 2008. Obviously that's not Nintendo's intention.



Mike1 said:

The Neo Turf Masters game looks fantastic. You're right with all of your comments. There is a sports game, a car sim, and a fighter. Variety is the spice of life. Aside from a platform game, everybody has something they can enjoy. Off hand, how many blocks does the Neo Turf Masters game take up?



stevenlindsay23 said:

ive officially given up on vc. today i went on e-bay and got some great bargains on games and consoles. e.g. snes=£5 and cannon fodder=£2.50. most old games are cheap and most old games will never be available on the VC



alxtlvra said:

PERSONALLY I hate golf and I think it might not even be called a sport, but just a game (I mean whats the great PHYSICAL effort in walking a few steps and hitting a ball with a club while just standing), although it may be just me, so I´d prefer to get all 3 TG16 games that were scheduled for july or AoF2 (and another one, It´d be ANOTHER let down from Nintendo to get just one vc game) instead of Neo Turf M (but, since that game is on the compilation disc to be released for Wii, I think we might get it eventually before said compilation in order to make more money of the game)



Andrew said:

I'm jealous that you guys got Neo Turf Masters. I'm a sucker for golf sims, so I hope that it comes stateside sometime. Does anyone know how many blocks it takes up on the Wii memory?



AlexSays said:

@ alxtlvra- Have you ever played golf?
Try hitting a ball 200 yards and on the fairway, and then tell me golf isn't a sport.

According to that logic, baseball isn't a sport either.



Terra said:

Not too bad. Could easily have been worse so i'm not complaining.



mcc1333 said:

ik+ is a good game as is neo turf masters. would the complainers prefer 5 crap games instead?



Ricardo91 said:

Correction, Supermario: People who manage to hit the ball that far just take a golf cart to ger to it.

Baseball actually requires you to RUN, therefor, it is a sport.

Golf video games can be fun, but the "Sport" itself has gotta be one of the most monotonous and boring ones in existence...



AlexSays said:

They don't use golf carts in professional golf.

Just because you don't like golf, doesn't mean you have to degrade it.
Many people say Tiger Woods is the world's greatest athlete.
So the world's greatest athlete doesn't even play a sport?



Andrew said:

I think golf is great. I don't see how it's any more monotonous than any other sport.



Ricardo91 said:

I don't just hate golf, I hate EVERY sport, except for tennis, ice hockey, and football. I actually hate Soccer more than I do golf. And I have nothing against Tiger Woods. I respect him quite a bit, actually.



Rexy said:

@Mario, comment #74: I don't know if sports personalities that do something other than track and field would be counted as "athletes". But you are raising your point - technically, a sport is a competitive activity where the physical capabilities of the person playing would determine the outcome, so in the case of a golf player we're looking at someone that would rely more on combining the accuracy of the swing with strength in one's arms. And that's how in spite of the slow pacing, golf is indeed considered a sport.



CanisWolfred said:


Golf simply isn't fun to watch, but neither is any sport, in my opinion. I personally have nothing against golf, I like to play miniature golf, and I especially like to play the video game iterations of the sport, Like Neo Turf Masters.



timp29 said:

Im off to play golf in a few hours. And I've semi given up on VC, now im ebaying some old GC games I never played.



timp29 said:

lawn bowls is a sport, synchronised swimming is a sport. In fact in terms of hard core, lawn bowls is the most dangerous sport in the world... Old people die playing it every day. Also, at least in australia, the lawn bowls club house still sells alcohol at 1950's prices. Which is win win really. You get tanked for cheap and have a pretty good chance of seeing a fatality.



el_cabarto said:

Midget wrestling is my favorite sport. There is this bar in the Philippines where I got to pay midgets to fight each other. The USD/Pesos exchange rate was rocking at the time so I practically had my own personal 3 foot tall cage match for like $20. It was awesome.



Jolted85 said:

Neo Turf Masters is a good golf game, I play it all the time on my PSP with SNK Arcade Classics, the graphics look good, and it plays well, who cares if it's a sports game if you can enjoy yourself playing it?

I hope it gets released either tomorrow (Monday); or in the month of August.

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