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City Connection (Wii Virtual Console / NES)

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Released in 1985 for the NES, City Connection is a highway action game which sees you race to drive all the highways of the world! As a young Californian driving a customized automobile, you must avoid pesky cats and the ever-present police who will stop at nothing to bring your journey to a screeching halt.

Utilising oil cans and death-defying jumps, throw your assailants off your trail and travel the world from New York to Egypt in this exciting arcade game!

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Crash and burn

Originally released as an arcade game, City Connection puts you in the shoes of a man who wants to travel all over the world in order to paint its roads white, thus proving that he's travelled across the globe. Sounds like vandalism to us, but that's the...

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USA USA Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Driving round a bend

City Connection was a moderately popular arcade game in the early '80s. The game stars you as a rather strapping young man driving around the world to paint the roads white in order to prove he's been there. Doesn't make much sense to us, but hey,...

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User Comments (29)



Serpent said:

I used to have this game before, I remember it being really fun but repetitive. I dont know how well it holds up now.



Rossi said:

Ive played this and many a time and woundered why but.. it was all made up when i got to the 10th stage and the batman tune was playing with a mix of Tchaikovsky!



WarioFan63 said:

My God, I really love the story here. What could posses someone to decide to paint the roads white as proof of visiting?

I demand a movie adapataion



sportymariosonichybr said:

The premise seems cool, but how plentiful are the in/oncoming cars, how aggressive are the cop cars, and most importantly, how long does it take to paint the whole game once through?



Stuffgamer1 said:

What's this about horrible music? I thought it was kinda catchy, actually. If there's any major flaw, it's just too high-pitched. The game itself, however, looked pretty dull.



Jona said:

this game is crap!!! i mean ur a car tryin 2 get all the squares white. WTF!!!



NESgamer said:

It was one of the first games i've ever played, don't be hard on it, it's a little game that is fun. Probably is not worth the download, but is not a bad game.



G-MAN said:

Yeah right NESgamer this is the worst game ever. Don't even think about buying this, there are better nes games out there



NESgamer said:

Nah not the worst, just it never stand the test of time... i say don't download it.



NESgamer said:

On the VC probably there isn't, but i'm not trying to make you like it lol, probably i'm the only person that enjoyed it...



The_Indigo_Effect said:

A game on the VC that's worse? How 'bout China Warrior, Spelunker, Donkey Kong Jr. Math, The Legend of Kage, or Super Thunder Blade? The VC's chocked full of games more craptacular than City Connection.



Ricardo91 said:


Don't 4get Cruis'n USA, baseball, Urban Champion, and Ecco Jr., among many others! :)


How did you find it enjoyable if you didn't emulate it? Did you play it at the arcade or as an NES cartridge? How can you say you enjoyed something if you didn't play it?

Edit: this game's annoyingly high-pitched music reminds me of The Legend of Kage, though a little less irritating. :P



KeeperBvK said:

Is the music in the vid the one you call that terrible in the review? I think it sounds great actually. I'm serious: What the heck did you find to be so bad about it?



little_terror said:

i love video game music but the sounds in this game are freakin' terrible. especially repeating every 30 secs or when you die.



deggs said:

jaleco had the occasional decent game here and there. i hope this means we're getting pinball quest at some point in time...



brooks83 said:

Probably my biggest VC regret... I guess it's entertaining in small doses though



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@brooks83: Thank you for saying that. This title had appealed to me but hearing that and seeing other similar responses has helped me put things in perspective.

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