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United Kingdom

Fri 7th Mar 2008

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stevenlindsay23 commented on EU VC Update - International Karate +:

ive officially given up on vc. today i went on e-bay and got some great bargains on games and consoles. e.g. snes=£5 and cannon fodder=£2.50. most old games are cheap and most old games will never be available on the VC



stevenlindsay23 commented on Donkey Kong 3:

this game looks shockingly bad! i mean really bad. i know its nostalgic but jesus! id rather get hit by everyone of kevin mcallister's house traps than waste money on this! give me cannon fodder!



stevenlindsay23 commented on EU VC Release - March 7th - Kirby 64:

I Check every week wishing and hoping they will release Cannon Fodder. Main reason I got the wii as thought it would be on there!
I know there may be legal reasons why it hasn't or may not ever be on The VC. Does anyone out there think there may be a chance? Or am i wishing on a Star and may as well buy a super nes and super nes game