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International Karate + (C64 / Commodore 64)

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International Karate + is a development of the original IK game, the main extra feature being that there are three fighting men on the screen at once (and five in pause mode!).

There are 16 different moves that can be made, all controlled by the Wii Remote, and with practice all these moves can be executed smoothly in a flowing fight sequence without the man pausing momentarily in the standing stance. The controller system is simple enough for players to learn quickly, but after some experience of how the moves behave, much more sophisticated control can be achieved.

Opponents can be hit in the head, chest, stomach, shins and feet from in front or behind, although an attacker receives only half the score for attacking behind.

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Posted by Dion Guy

Karate fighting has never been so much fun.

After the original was released as one of the two debut C64 titles on the VC, we didn't have to wait too long for the even better sequel to appear. At heart the same game, the plus in IK+ refers to a key difference - a third fighter. Whilst you could...

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User Comments (25)



KeeperBvK said:

Too bad this only has a single background, but still it's definitely way more worthwhile than the original. Pretty much like SF II Turbo to SF II.



Dazza said:

This is the daddy. It improves on the already excellent International Karate by adding a host of new moves and gameplay refinements. It's neat how two human players can gang up on a CPU player.



DEMON212 said:


Bit gutted that it's not 3p. Never knew if the C64 version was. But it's still great, and I really hope that it has the funny remaining, so that I can add it to my review

Also I hope it still allows you to change the background (Sun). Because the AMIGA version had both of those and I loved it



Kelvin said:

Press "T"
Great game, and really impressive to see running without glitches on the humble C64.



DEMON212 said:

Thanks Kelvin

Man I can't wait for this. Please hit on Thursday

I'll gladly "settle" for another 2 C64, 2 NG and 1 SMS. Just like 2 weeks ago



Mr_64 said:

This is still a great game to this day. The C64 version isn't quite as polished as the Amiga version, but if you compare the specs of the two machines, it's no wonder. The C64 version is without a shadow of a doubt the best 8-bit beat-em up and the sub-game with the shield is worth the download on it's own.



Kelvin said:

If you press the T key on the keyboard, your opponents' trousers fall down, distracting them briefly so you can get a few quick hits in, or get up if you've been knocked down. I thought you could do it on the C64, but it may be an Amiga exclusive!



timp29 said:

Did anyone successfully manage a double head kick on both opponents at once? That was the holy grail on IK+ and I don't recall I ever managed it. Devastated... might have to download just to have the chance of pulling that move off.



djshep1973 said:

Wow, this is such a great game! I always wanted this when I was a kid, but never had a C64, so had to be content to drool over its rave reviews at the time...

Now I have it on VC, I have to say it was worth the wait. It just plays so smoothly, the graphics look great and I love the sound fx. Superb.



Mayhem said:

Three human player hacked version on the C64 is always going to rule though...



puresthatred said:

A FANTASTIC beat em up. Its a crime that other regions may never get to try this on the Wii but its humour, style, sampled voice fx and incredibly well designed animation/fighting system should be tried out by any beat em up fan. SF2 it aint but its a bit more strategic at times. A great buy for 500 points.



SNK said:

my vile mate had this for the c64 and i had it for the amiga back in 1989,its a good game but the amiga version is far superior.



Maxx_the_Slash said:

Wow. The graphics suck badly, but man, the C64 sure did have great sprite animation. Especially the sunset in this game. Karateka too had great animmation.



^ Umm, suck badly? Even as stills, those are some great graphics, and the sprites are pretty good on C64. But it goes beyond expectations and the animation is enough to make you take a double take and question if it's really a C64 game. I can't name a whole lot of NES games with animation that smooth and beautiful.

And the music is unmistakably C64.

I was at the store recently, and believe it or not, I found a GBA port of the game. According to GameFAQs, this game doesn't even exist outside of Europe, but it seems IK+ was released here in the US for GBA. I've never played the Amiga version, but from the videos I've seen it resembles it more than the C64 version. It plays exactly as you would expect, it's a good port.

It was $5, so I got it instead of waiting for the VC version (which I'll undoubtedly get later). It seems to have a two-player mode, but since the internet barely acknowledges the existence of this game, I couldn't find out if this game supports single-cart play. There's one FAQ on GameFAQs, but it's a total joke that spends more time insulting the game and calling it a generic fighter and saying there's something wrong with the graphics.

The select button does the trouser trick, but I can't figure out any other secrets. L and R adjust the difficulty, A is the button, and B doesn't seem to do anything. Unfortunately, the biggest flaw is that you indeed need two copies of the game. I found that out on my own a few hours ago. It's a crying shame, since this couldn't be any more simple of a GBA package, and Yie Ar Kung Fu (which was bundled with five other games, with some fun secrets, on a collection) was single-cart (Not only that, the game didn't even have 2P Play before this port, and now you can play as everybody, not just Oolong!) and even added two brand-new characters (Bishoo and Clayman). The amount of effort they put into that single game is staggering, but even the other games have hidden modes with updated graphics and new levels. Meanwhile, this package is pretty much a straight barebones port, without the decency to include single-cart, which means I'll only be able to play with the four other people who have it.

Well, it's portable and will tide me over until they release IK+ on the VC here.



Travenous said:

I had this game but it was released by a different publisher and was called Chop N' Drop lol! I spent many weekends with buds having tournaments. This game plays better than the original, and the original had a few clone games like Way of the Exploding Fist, though in the that one you had hit points so the matches were much longer. Also, Fist the Adventure needs to come out on VC, that would be excellent.



Travenous said:

Oops! Correction - that fist adventure game is called Fist II: the Legend continues. On side 1 it had the adventure and side 2 had the fighting game with the health points. Way of the exploding fist is like IK with the karate style rules

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