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US VC Releases - 26th May - Metal Slug

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

A rather crowded day for the US today - There's two well-known titles, accompanied by two lesser-known ones. One of each of these two sets is a Virtual Console game.

The well-known VC game is of course Metal Slug for the Neo Geo. As Marco Rossi or Tarma Roving, you have to take on a whole army full of soldiers, tanks, planes, artillery and other machinery. Like in games such as Contra, one hit will kill you, so you have to be very careful not to hit any of the tons of bullets flying around! You will start with a regular hand pistol, but will soon get weapons like rocket launchers (Jokingly called "rocket lawnchairs" by some due to the way the game pronounces it), flamethrowers and grenades. The game is probably the Neo Geo's most well-known franchise.

The other game this week is lesser-known. City Connection is a port of an arcade game, where you drive around various locations with your specially-modified car, painting all the roads white to "prove" you've visited those places. Your car can also fire oil drums to protect itself from the police, who are of course out to stop your vandalism. The game was moderately popular in arcades, but is nothing really special. It's not necessarily bad either though.

On the WiiWare side of things, today you get Dr. Mario Online RX and Family Table Tennis, both games that Japan got with their WiiWare launch. Sorry, no Toki Tori yet! Visit sister site WiiWare World for more info.

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User Comments (57)



BB_Sting said:

Oh well, mabe we'll get earthbound next week.
games I'd like to see within the next year:
1. Yoshis Island(definitely a possibility)
2.Goldeneye(not likely, it has a license attached)
3.Super Mario RPG(well it's certainly possible, but not probable)
4.Earthbound(should be renamed Wii-bound, cuz it's comin)
5.mother 1&3(hey, 1's already been translated)
6. vectorman 1&2(already out in Europe)
7.sonic cd(who knows)
8.killer instinct(sure, it was rated M back in the day, but if it were rated today, it'd probably get a Teen rating)
9.The Mortal Kombat games(I think I'm haviv a pipe dream right now)
10.Starfox(and don't forget it's unreleased sequel)



coire said:

Looks like a good week for you guys! Metal Slug is great. If any of you like it, I'd recommend the Metal Slug Anthology on Wii.



Ragnor said:

Another week, another plethora of dudes screaming for Earthbound.



Adamant said:

Another week where a fantastic game is released, another slew of idiots calling it a disappointing week.

Killer Instinct was rated 15+ in Europe, at least.
Plus, the VC release of Eternal Champions is rated 18+ in Europe (why? Beats me), so I'm not sure where people got the idea that no M-rated games will ever make it to the VC.



Viral said:

No clue Adamant. I'm thinking that we'll get a good release this Friday.



Kevin said:

@Adamant: That's cause we all expect to see earthbound every monday since it got rated. We got Dr. Mario today so I can wait a litlle longer.



Kawaiipikachu said:

For me its boring .
None of them gets my attion even if they were released last Friday (Australians got no titles )



Viral said:

That's because Australians get screwed on a lot of things....I'm looking forward to playing Earthbound if it comes to the VC. However...I will be happy when they release Mother 1 and 3 since those are games I've never played, and that's what the VC encourages us to do, give games we've never played a go!



North99 said:

Well, I'm incredibly disappointed. I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed for next year, I guess.



Ben said:

I think they need to get Super Mario Kart out across all the regions before they start worrying about any other games!!



Chipmunk777 said:

Wow! The first good week for the US VC in a while! If they weren't making me choose between the space for Metal Slug and Dr. Mario, I'd definitely pick up both! I've already deleted all the games I can, I hate parting with my games!



Objection said:

FACT: Everyone wants Earthbound (myself included)
FACT: Everyone else knows
CONCLUSION: Shut the hell up. Enjoy the games that come out or don't. Just leave the rest of us out of your pity party.



ChocoDK said:

Well I do enjoy Metal Slug but due to space issues I might not get it. However, at least now people will shut up (don't mean to be rude about Dr. Mario. Although I am dissapointed that Toki Tori wasn't released. But I would have to admit that this week is a very nice week for North America. Its a hit and miss really. Two good games and two well not so interesting games.



firebrand said:

"Another week where a fantastic game is released, another slew of idiots calling it a disappointing week."

City Connection is not a fantastic game.



Quimby said:

In reference to all the chatter about Killer Instinct, The rating would not be a major problem, the problem is the fact that it is a RARE game.
Microsoft bought them out a couple of years ago which sucks for us now, but gave me the most played game on my (original) XBOX...
CONKER RELOADED (awesome game if you havent played it,you must buy an XBOX and a copy NOW!... Go go go)



alvieao said:

So, Metal Slug finally comes to the American VC with full use of the Classic Controller. Only difference from Anthology is that Metal Slug on VC is based on the AES version (the home console version of Neo Geo), which means picking that MVS difficulty (aka Level-4) and having fewer continues. I'm also glad to see Dr. Mario Online Rx finally out on the WiiWare...



deadly_by_design said:

Bought Dr. Mario & Metal Slug. I don't buy often, so I'm pleased by the releases.

Although Metal Slug seems to have some slow-down issues when the action gets flying.



Hattes said:

I don't get it. It sounds absolutely nothing like "lawnchair". He clearly says "lounger".



Adamant said:

"City Connection is not a fantastic game."

No, but Metal Slug is. I said "a" fantastic game



lockelocke said:

Nice! Maybe I can finally fulfill my childhood Chuckee Cheese dreams of beating Metal Slug 1...
City Connection review is a bit harsh, its a fun arcady title, good if you like Burger Time/Dig Dug esque type games.

Another week, another slew of elitists putting down other people for having opinions.



Corbs said:

I popped Metal Slug in my Neo Geo arcade cabinet this morning and began playing it again. I had forgotten how much fun it was. I hope they end up bringing Metal Slug 3 to the VC. I still consider it the best of the series. But that's just me.



Viral said:

Just get yourself Metal Slug Anthology and save yourself tons of money. Metal Slug 1 cost 900 Wii Points. Now, if you get the Anthology for like, 20$, you're getting 1, 2, X, 3, and more. It's more value for your money. It'd be awesome if Nintendo released compilations instead of some VC releases. For example, they could fit over 20 NES games on a Wii disc and call it "The Best Of NES Volume 1" and it'd still sell like hotcakes....



Stratos said:

But, Viral, That would mean Nintendo couldn't charge you as much money if they made a collection, and they are money hungry



whalleywhat said:

@viral: All of the control schemes in Anthology stink, and only the first 3 Metal Slugs are worth it anyways.



crntn said:

You can use a Gamecube controller in Anthology. Anthology is kinda nice also because it includes MS6, which isn't available anywhere else (besides obscure arcades).

The "lawnchair" joke is more prominent in the later Metal Slugs.

The advantage to the Virtual Console version is you can use the Classic Controller, but if you like that sort of set-up I would recommend the PS2 version of Anthology (I learned to play MS with a Playstation controller and got that one).

@alvieao: MVS difficulty doesn't do anything relating continues. You got as many continues as you put in coins and as many lives as the machine operator set per continue. The difficulty settings ran 1-8, but that mostly just effects the boss' HP and attack patterns. Home console versions just had 3 sets of difficulty, which would select an equal difficulty setting in relation to the arcade ones (i.e. Normal = 4, Hard = 8) and give you a set number of continues (you'd get 4 on Normal). The arcade version has more flexibility, but they're pretty much the same.



blackknight77 said:

I actually have to say, I don't think Nintendo would have brought out Earthbound today and put it head to head with Dr. Mario.

Maybe it will be out later this summer



J_K said:

Looks like a good week between the two. I've played City Connection before and as lame as the premise sounds it's actually pretty amusing for an arcade port. And well as far as Metal Slug goes, about damn time. I had picked up the Wii Anthology many many months ago, played it twice, and then returned it. I can safely say I was not a fan of the crappy control setup, and the other sequels got even less fun or memorable as the number increased. I could see dropping the $9 just to have this one to throw around now and again eventually.



will1 said:

I have been posting weekly of my BOYCOTT of this poo... I will not be Buying the "SLUG" due to the fact that there is an Anthology out for the system $30 (Nintendo feeds us its poo and we eat it and like it again???). City Connection... I would have preferd CHASE HQ for a crap driving game. Still one should at least admire the release of 4 games total in some way or form. This is good but I still ENCOURAGE the VC boycott. NINTENDO will give us better if we don't eat the poo...
GAME SHOUT: My two nes for this week are...



Will said:

Actually, I liked chase HQ on the C64. I wasnt a hardcore Metal-Slugger so I never felt the need to shell out for the anthology. However I was curious enough to part with 900Wii points for its VC release. Much to my delight, I found a brilliant game which was very enjoyable.
If nobody is joining your "boycott" its because you have no manners, and all your posts read like they are written by an angry simpleton. I just hope nobody confuses me for you.



Mike1 said:

Don't forget that the VC version of Metal Slug alone probably takes up more memory than the Anthology collection.



Rapadash6 said:

Better than last week, that's for sure. Hopefully the releases will only get better from this point onward and stay that way for a while. I can't imagine there are that many Wiiware titles in the pipeline, so maybe we'll start to see more than two VC releases here pretty soon. Earthbound, blah, blah, blah. I definately look foward to it but I'd really much rather see Super Mario RPG and/or Yoshi's Island.



Quimby said:

I'll assist your boycott will. Just gift all this poo to me and I'll investigate it for you.



Clayfrd said:

Hmm. Well, I wouldn't exactly call this a good week. Unless you absolutely cannot find a copy of Metal Slug Anthology, why bother? It's already a budget game, and it includes 7 Metal Slugs! Oh, well. At least we get Dr. Mario! Finally!



konkerdoodle said:

@ Quimby - lol

@ will - I can see where you're coming from, but chill out. All of these "most wanted" games will be released eventually. In the meantime, have patience and appreciate what you already have.



blackknight77 said:

Maybe the VC will start supporting all of these systems they have added. This is the first Neo-Geo game in a long time, the TG-16 has been MIA here in the US. Finally, the poor Sega Master System is getting no attention.



NESgamer said:

City connection is a little fun game!, i don't know if is worth the download, but i remember it from my childhood and it was great.



everydayJOE said:

I remeber playing this a little in the arcades, but don't remeber the difficulty. Is it as hard as the contra series?



firebrand said:

"Maybe the VC will start supporting all of these systems they have added. This is the first Neo-Geo game in a long time, the TG-16 has been MIA here in the US. Finally, the poor Sega Master System is getting no attention."

Yeah, I keep wondering what Nintendo's master plan is. Maybe they have no master plan as far the Virtual Console is concerned. Maybe they have no idea what they're doing.



alxtlvra said:

Wonderful week, if it wasnt by SNK launching "SNK classic arcade games vol 1" for Wii in october... I mean whatsthe point in wasting 900 points per game if you can have them all in a single disc WITHOUT WASTING MORE THAN 3 MEMORY BLOCKS, the only game not in the disc is Blues journey ... and its not that great.

About City connection, its one of those great games which saddly only experimented gamers and collectors give him its true value.

But the games I´m really waiting for are Alex Kidd for Master System, Pokémon ranch for Wii Ware and I´d like to see Genesis 32X (CD) games, specially 'Knuckles Chaotix", since it hasnt been ported to any Nintendo console. I also love classic Nintendo games, but thats why I prefer to buy the original consoles and games on e.bay, not for vc.



deadly_by_design said:

I don't think 900 points is a waste if you only want one Metal Slug game. Not everyone cares enough to need all 7 or however many there are. I've played a few emulated, and while they're fun, I can't see myself playing them enough to dump the $30 either.

@EverydayJOE - No, this is easier than Contra.



Adamant said:

Easier? Eh, I think it's pretty much on par with most Contra games. Contra tends to have it's difficulty level exaggerated a lot by people who lose all their lives on the first level the first time they play.
Playing on the easiest difficuly level, you'll beat this one fairly quickly, but that's more due to the large amount of extra lives, not the difficulty level in itself.

As for the value... yeah, 9$ for a sampler of the Metal Slug series isn't THAT bad, really. The Metal Slug games are pretty damn similiar to each other, so for the non-fan who just wants to see what all the fuss is about, this is a nice opportunity.




Im shocked at all the love Earthbound gets. I played it and enjoyed it till near the end when things just got weird. I am betting there will be a lot of disappointed people when they play it for the first time.

I also want Yoshi's Island. GREAT game.



cowboy said:

i downloded metal slug but at the options what does it mean msv dificulty

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