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United States

Sun 11th May 2008

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aichpvee commented on N64 Controller Mod For Virtual Console:

Way too much at $30 AND they're charging way too much for shipping. It doesn't cost $7 to ship a cable of that size between any two points within the continental United States. This fool got too greedy and is going to lose a lot of sales over it. I might be too lazy to make my own, but there's no way I'd pay someone else almost $40 to get one.



aichpvee commented on Dr Mario WiiWare pulling a sickie?:

Critter Round-Up better be like 50 Wii Points, because that looks like all it is worth.

Kevin: I don't know about Smash Bros, since the new one seems to play just like the last two with more stuff in it, but Mario Kart on home consoles hasn't been good since N64 so of course you'd want an older one on VC rather than paying $50 for the new ones that aren't good.