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Top 10 C64 games wanted on the Virtual Console

Posted by Dion Guy

Now that the Commodore 64 is firmly established on the Virtual Console (at least for Europe) it seemed like an opportune time to compile a list of C64 games that I feel deserve a home on the Virtual Console.

All of these choices are influenced by games that I loved at the time, and, in my opinion, retain superb playability to this day. With such a wealth of games available it is inevitable that this small selection omits some other classics, and for that I apologise in advance!

10. Head over Heels
Arguably one of the best isometric arcade adventures on any system. Featuring hundreds of rooms, clever puzzles, and a suitably daft plot, you control either Head (jumps higher), Heels (runs faster) or a combination of both (once you manage to get them together), in a bid to free various planets from enslavement by an evil Emperor.

Even with a generous 8 lives for each character (and more that can be acquired along the way), you quickly realise this is a game you aren’t going to complete in a hurry. Over 20 years later and this still proves to be the case for me, but that’s not to say there isn’t lots of fun to be had trying. To round it all off you have power ups in the form of cute bunny rabbits and the ability to fire doughnuts at your enemies, which is slightly odd, but still handy when you are in a tight spot.

9. Kikstart II
Inspired by the similarly named eighties BBC TV series (Kickstart), this one or two player game sees you trying to navigate your dirt bike across courses littered with hazards and obstacles, in an attempt to cross the finishing line first. A generous 24 courses were included, and if that wasn’t enough you also had an easy to use course designer at your disposal to create even more!

Whether you were racing against a friend or the computer, the split screen display ensured a certain level of tension as you could see where your opponent was at all times – which was great if you were ahead! With different obstacles requiring specific speeds of travel, and some that you couldn’t jump or wheelie on, it also became a test of memory and patience. Quite often you would speed up a bit too much when crossing a gate or brick wall, trying to make up some ground, only to be thrown off your bike as a result!

8. Defender of the Crown
Graphically splendid, although obviously upstaged by the 16-bit versions, this was one of the few games that combined looks with actual playability. Taking the role of one of four Saxon knights (such as Wilfred of Ivanhoe), you have to conquer the land and castles of your opponents in order to be crowned King of England. As part of your campaign, you can go on raiding parties (for either gold or to rescue a fair damsel), enter jousting tournaments, siege castles and even persuade legendary outlaw Robin Hood to lend a hand!

With an enjoyable blend of action sequences and simplistic strategy, this was a firm favourite – despite having to play the cassette version! To the uninformed, this meant enduring long load times (with the possibility of it not actually loading at all) every time the game went to an action sequence. Clearly a Virtual Console release would have no such problems, and if they wanted to spoil us we could even have sword fighting and jousting using the Wii remote… if only!

7. Who Dares Wins II
Based on the arcade game Commando, but, as anyone who has played it knows, far superior to the Commodore 64 conversion in terms of gameplay. As a lone soldier armed with a rifle and a limited supply of grenades, you have to fight your way through 8 levels of enemy territory (whilst avoiding patches of quicksand and water), capturing garrisons defended by hordes of soldiers at the end of each one.

Despite the difficulty perhaps being pitched a little on the easy side, this was nonetheless a decent enough challenge and, more importantly, a lot of fun. You really felt like a one-man army. If you wanted to be extra heroic you could also rescue the prisoners found on every level (you have to be quick though – take too long and they get shot by firing squad!), and blow up the various enemy vehicles that got in your way.

6. Spy vs Spy II: The Island Caper
Unlike it’s predecessor, the split screen action all took place outdoors as you battled the opposing spy in an effort to assemble the three parts of a top secret missile and escape the island. Not forgetting that you are up against the clock because a volcano eruption is imminent. As before, you can either play against the computer or a friend, with the latter option naturally providing the most entertainment.

Though I am a big fan of the first game, this one appealed a lot more because of the interesting location and hilarious traps. As traps could be placed pretty much anywhere, this also gave you a greater sense of freedom than before. The pits you could dig and then cover over were brilliant; even better was the napalm that exploded in the spy’s face and temporarily reduced him to a pile of ashes. Putting a trap on top of a buried missile piece was always a good tactic (unless you then accidentally set it off).

5. Boulderdash Construction Kit
Rockford returns for a fourth instalment of diamond hunting, but with the added bonus of being able to construct your own caves using the straightforward editor. Of course, searching for diamonds isn’t easy… there is the constant threat of boulders falling on your head, being entombed by the ever creeping amoeba, or having to flee for your life from lethal fireflies!

Don’t let the basic graphics fool you, this terrific blend of arcade action with puzzle elements keeps you on your toes and seldom grows stale. Even when you do tire of the 15 caves on offer you can turn to crafting your own devious levels, and test them out on unsuspecting friends and relatives. Making a cave with no possible way to the exit was funny, provided you weren’t the one playing it.

4. Split Personalities
On face value, this is just a sliding block puzzle game, albeit featuring famous faces of the time (Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and so on). However, once you factor in the sliding doors, wall sections that bounce pieces back at you, bombs that hinder your progress (costing you a life, should you let one detonate!), the fair but challenging time limit, and the many other small touches that make up this game, you end up with something special.

Although there are only 10 levels, which get progressively harder, the quality of gameplay makes up for the fairly short duration it takes to complete. Bonus items that appear on each level serve to provide more enjoyment, as you try to work out which item pairs belong together. Early on you realise that water will safely defuse the bomb, but there are plenty of other item combinations to be tried. There are few games that you complete and immediately want to restart in search of a better score – but I consider this to be one of them.

3. Bruce Lee
Essentially a platform game with a couple of fighting moves thrown in, it’s not until you actually play this that you realise just how delightful it is, and how the inclusion of the computer controlled Ninja and strange “Green Yamo” elevate it to a new level. Whilst collecting lanterns to progress from screen to screen (in your quest to defeat the evil wizard and gain immortality), the antics of this not-so dynamic duo prove extremely amusing.

A lot of pleasure comes from the fact that your two adversaries sometimes inflict damage on each other, instead of you. Even funnier is when they blunder into a trap intended for you (usually as a result of you kicking them into it!). The two-player mode (where a second player can control the Green Yamo) is manic from start to finish, with you either ganging up on the Ninja, or simply beating each other up non-stop. Another game that is relatively easy to complete, it’s the fun you have en route that makes it so worthwhile.

2. Wizball
As Wiz, with help from his cat, it is up to you to restore Wizworld, which has been drained of all colour by the evil Zark. Jumping in your ball transporter, you move around the landscape despatching baddies and shooting coloured bubbles, collecting the droplets that fall using your faithful cat. Once you have gathered enough red, green and blue across 3 separate levels (connected by tunnels), the target colour is restored and it’s on to the next (via a bonus stage). Other coloured droplets also appear from time to time that, when collected, give a variety of results – including one that drives your cat crazy!

Initially slightly bewildering, due to the fact that you begin with limited movement (being able to only bounce left and right), once you earn and activate your first couple of power ups (from the several available) you can gain total control over the ball. Fortunately this never takes long, and you are soon charging around levels taking care of business. A fantastic single player game, with greater depth than first impressions give, this also features a two-player team mode where a second player can control the cat.

1. Paradroid
Beamed aboard a space freighter, your goal is to eliminate the rogue droids from each of the 20 decks. Your opponents range from basic menial classes through to a heavily armed “Command Cyborg”, classified according to number. You control a humble 001 droid, the “Influence Device”, which is equipped with a rather feeble laser, but also has the ability to temporarily take over other droids.

Entering transfer mode and making contact with your target droid triggers a sub-game based around a circuit board (it’s far better than it sounds!) which, if you win, grants you control of the droid. How long you get to enjoy this depends on how powerful the target was. The higher class of droid, the higher drain on your energy. If your energy gets too low, you have to revert back to being plain old 001. In this fashion you either shoot or transfer your way to victory, until you have cleared each deck. Successfully clear the entire ship, and you will be beamed aboard the next, except this time the droids will be a bit harder.

It’s difficult to condense the brilliance of this game down to a few small paragraphs. Being able to only see droids if they are in your line of sight is a stroke of genius. This can lead to some tense moments when you are low on power, but know there is still a powerful droid roaming around the deck. I’ve not even touched upon other things such as the consoles you can log onto for an overview of each deck (or to peruse the droid library). The variety in droids is excellent, and each really comes across as having it’s own personality. A shoot-em-up at heart, but with a deceptive amount of strategy required if you are to succeed, this is one game that truly is as playable today as it was on the day of release.

So those are my favourite C64 games. What are yours?

Note: If you enjoyed reading this then why not check out Kelvin's Commodore 64 hardware focus?

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Dazza said:

Pretty inspiring list. Good work there Dion.

I fondly remember Head Over Heels, Kikstart 2 and Bruce Lee from the Speccy. There wasn't much that I envied from my Commodore 64 owning mates other than Last Ninja 2 which would have been my #1 choice - hey we all have our own preferences!

Notable mentions must also go to Elite and IK+ which are both still superb to play even today.



Will said:

I remember I had boulderdash construction kit, and it NEVER LOADED! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!



sandos said:

I played paradroid on Amiga, and it was excellent. Superb graphics too. I',m sure the C64 version is good, too. Kikstart II is a must!

I have a vague memory that wizball was also good.



djshep1973 said:

Hmmmm.. of the myriad of computers and consoles we had when I was a kid, we never actually had a C64, though we always wanted one and probably bought one of the C64 magazines every month anyway! Some of the great looking games I remember wanting to play would have to include Summer Games / WInter Games, Last Ninja, IK+, Combat School, Paradroid and any of the shoot-em-ups like Sanxion, Delta, etc. If any of this stuff made it's way, I'd be very happy indeed!



Kelvin said:

Interesting list. While there are many there that I agree with (Paradroid and Head Over Heels are brilliant, brilliant games) I think mine would be very different.

In no particular order, I'd pick Wasteland, Turrican and its sequel, Creatures 2, Katakis, Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken, Exile, Last Ninja III and The Sentinel. There's ten there; perhaps I'll write my own top list!



Kawaiipikachu said:

Thru loco is the only one that comes to mind mostly due to my father talking about his c64 he had but still i be looking forward to see the s64 landing in aus .
I'm going to expeact it to be a huge dozen titles similar to when the turbografx when they were first released .



Dion said:

Thanks guys. IK+ is superb - I'm resisting purchasing IK because I'm waiting for IK+ to appear! I found Elite a bit slow on the 8-bit systems (shame on me), but loved it on the Atari ST.

Creatures 2 is another great game, but one that I missed out on at the time and only experienced through the joys of emulation. Nice choices though Kelvin, many of which I would purchase on the VC in a shot!

I know Last Ninja 2 is also well loved. I had the first game on the C64, completed it, and never touched it again. For this reason I didn't play the sequels, but maybe it's about time I did!



Kelvin said:

I know Last NInja II has a lot of fans, but I really like the third game. I think that's where everything really came together for the series. I'd be a bit concerned if the games came o the VC though, as they don't work brilliantly with a pad.



tovare said:

I've allways wanted to try The Little Computer People (Disk version). Probably dead-boring, but historically interesting.



Zelda_freak-DK said:

I was hoping that the Zelda majora's mask. will come soon. and it were on top 10 list of wanted games...
But its ain't there..
I don't understad:S :S



chiefeagle02 said:

I've only one heard of Defender of the Crown because I used to have the NES copy. T'wasn't a bad game at all.



Viral said:

True enough Bass... LOL!!! Bass, watch Britain's Got Talent...freakin' hilarious.



Betagam7 said:

Sadly I don't think it'd be worthwhile them bringing Elite out as it'd be next to impossible to play with the onscreen keyboard blocking the screen. Same with Renegade, which I recall also had to use the keyboard for the various commands. Although these games could have there key buttons remapped I can't see it happening. I'd rather see a Wiiware remake of Elite similar to the ones floating around on the Net but DEFINATELY with the C64's original soundtrack.



PRP said:

My C64 wishlist:
-Turrican 2
-Zack McCracken & the alien mindbenders
-Last Ninja 3
-Creatures 2
-Gauntlet 3
-Hudson hawk



Link79 said:

Why aren't commodore 64 games being released in the U.S.? I thought it sold well here. I had my hopes up to try some of these.



100xp said:

My C64 wishlist: None

Please continue to port more games from all the gaming consoles that we feel are worth spending out Wii points on...or just reward players who have registered their product. Seriously, C64 games should be like 50 - 100 pts or cheap as free.

...but to keep with the thread.
I'll put my vote in for: Archon



tnk4god said:

I cannot believe that wasteland (awesome from beginning to end), Pirates (this is the original, and the best fight with swords and cannons), pool of radiance/curse of the azure bonds (The best of the SSI games, they came in the infamous gold boxes) , Legacy of the Ancients and Ultima iv quest of the avatar (these two rpgs were alot alike and were great game play for hours at a time), Bards tale ( I am partial to this game since my avatar is the front of the folding game case, this was gameplay for hours, with only the hum of the disk drive loading the next 5" to interupt your great time) not to mention games like space taxi, M.U.L.E and raid over moscow!!!

Come on people stick with the proven great games if you are making a top ten list, not the wannabees



dazza72 said:


5. IK +



Carolyn said:

I would especially like to see Neuromancer, a widely admired game that I never played, hit the Virtual Console. And I've also heard a lot about the enduring brilliance of Paradroid, and would like to check that out.

Other than that, I don't know. I loved the Bard's Tale games, the SSI Forgotten Realms games, Zak MacKracken, Space Taxi and countless other games back in the day, and would like to revisit them for reasons of nostalgia, but doubt that they would hold my attention for very long today.



Ergon_Ronay said:

My top ten C64 games for release on the VC are as follows, these are in no particular order by the way.

1. Starglider (with a name like Ergon Ronay..what did you expect!)
2. Barbarian (the Palace one, not the one by Melbourne House. I owned both; mind you the MH one did have some good moments)
3. The Sentinel (didnt have any ratings but check out the review at the following link)
4. IK+ (best/most funny beat-em up ever in my opinion) 93%
5. Zac McKracken & the Alien Mindbenders
6. Armalyte (great two player shoot-em up) 97%
7. Creatures 2 90%
8. Microprose Soccer (good football game and the replays were amazing)
9. Buggy Boy 97%
10. Last Ninja 2 94%
This list was put together using the special rose-tinted glasses of my youth...Iike many I wonder how they will stand up today. But why is it only 10!!!! I must find a spot for Kickstart 2, Wizball etc.

Edit: Like some of the others here, I have included scores to the ones I could find



Bananiac said:

Hi There,
I absolutely NEED to make a few suggestions here about same seriously missing links from the C64 VC-Universe:

  • Archon I + II: brilliant games that would definitely hold their own nowadays gameplay-wise (btw. Archon III seemed kinda obscure)
  • M.U.L.E: Nobody remember that unique trading system???
  • Wizard of Wor: simple, fast, and unbeatable 2p-fun!
  • G.I. Joe: those boot-times were unbelivable!!! But well worth it...
  • Pirates! Used to play this for months! However, the recent PC (Re-)release got me completely, THX Sid! So no real urgency in a VC release here...
  • Anybody remember Racing Destruction Set?
  • For some good, old-fashioned action I would go for the likes of Raid over Moscow, Zaxxon, Fort Apocalypse... yeah, Beach Head, Who Dares Wins, also excellent choices.

Bruce Lee! Completely forgot about that title. Always wanted to play that one again. Would be a perfect release for the VC!
From the current releases I would definitely recommend Impossible Mission!
And I would damn love to see some damn release of damn Gauntlet, don't care which system! (Even Legends on N64 would be something... although this is a C64 thread, not N64 - wink @ Zelda-dude...)
Oh god, I love the VC! If only I had more spare time for it...



timp29 said:

The Last Ninja and Last Ninja 2, nuff said.

Head over heels looks like it inspired an average NES game called Solstice. And Kickstart to Excitebike.

EDIT: I just saw someone mention barbarian!!! How class was the decapitation followed by the little green dude who kicked the head off the screen LOL



PRP said:

ouch...I forgot something:
-Ultima 6 (six disks swapping on the real C64...pure hell!!!)
-Maniac mansion
-The Sentinel



Dion said:

A couple of points:

1. As a UK C64 owner in the eighties, I only had access to cassette based games, the same as the majority of us. The disk drive, and therefore the disk games, had a substantially higher user base in the USA (if you don't believe me, check out the "On the Edge: The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Commodore" book).

2. The list reflects my own personal thoughts, it's not meant to represent anybody else's feelings. Lots of the games mentioned in the comments are equally worthy of inclusion, but the ten I picked (which was no easy task!) mean a lot to me.



Harthacnut said:

I can't believe no one has mentioned the amazing Fantastic Dizzy and Treasure Island Dizzy, and what about Alternate Reality: The Dungeon...damn those were the days.



Jon2 said:

As many others here already have said, Last Ninja 2! Except that I would really like to see the following:
Wizard of Wor - A fantastic 2 player game
Flimbos Quest - Comments unnecessary
IK+ - Same here...
H.E.R.O. - Just brilliant
Commando - A classic

Check out this compilation for more C64 games!



Adamant said:

Bugger if I remember which games were released for which platform back in the day, but...

  • The Sabre Wulf series
  • The Dizzy series
  • The Great Escape
  • Skool Daze and Back to Skool
  • The Miner Willy series
  • The Wally Week series
  • The Fighting Fantasy games (though this is more shameless nostalgia from a deep love of the books as a kid)
  • A good slew of quality text adventures... on the other hand, maybe not, at least until they release an actual keyboard accessory.
  • Oh, and Flimbo's Quest, of course - one of the first video games I played in my life.


thewiirocks said:

Here's my list:

1. Ultimate Wizard - Best competitor to Jumpman that no one ever knew about.
2. Space Taxi - Best lunar-lander style game EVER.
3. M.U.L.E. - The original party game!
4. Aztec Challenge - Was this game hard? Heck yeah! But it was also very unique and had a great soundtrack.

Now if only they'd bring C64 games to the US VC.



fco said:

Like I already posted somewhere else, my C64 wishlist (which is actually an Atari 8bit wishlist) would include:

Fort Apocalypse
Bruce Lee
Montezuma's Revenge
Spy vs. Spy
Spy vs. Spy II
Spy vs. Spy III
Space Invaders
Jungle Hunt

Fight Night
Moon Patrol



tnk4god said:

fco: alot of those are on the gamecube greatest arcade hits disc, pretty cheap to pick up too, tapper...that was a funny but frustrating game.

Dion: you listed games wanted on the vc, are you saying that since you did not have a disk drive like we did that you do not desire those games???

What kind of sense does that make? If I have not played a game because I could not get access to it I may want to play it more, thus great games like sin and punishment would be on lists I would make before it came out. If you are going to say top ten games wanted, you should then put...that I have had a chance to play, not just that they are wanted.



Kelvin said:

It's interesting to see the difference between the European and US lists.

tnk4god, I think you'll find that a lot of the games you dismiss as "wannabees" were huge hits outside the US, and are just as desirable as the adventures you mention. I'm a huge fan of Wasteland, so I'd love to see it on VC, but I'd happily take Creatures 2 over Pool of Radiance, for example.



Dion said:

tnk4god - I stated in the first paragraph "All of these choices are influenced by games that I loved at the time". How can I love a game that I've never played? You've made it clear that you don't agree with the list, and that's fine. I'm sure the games you want to see on the VC have equal merit.



Dion said:

Out of interest, I checked the scores each game received in Zzap 64 (a highly respected C64 magazine, at least in Britain).

1. Paradroid - 97% (issue 7).
2. Wizball - 96% (issue 27).
3. Bruce Lee - 92% (re-release - issue 40).
4. Split Personalities - 93% (issue 17).
5. Boulderdash Construction Kit - 97% (issue 20).
6. Spy vs Spy II: The Island Caper - 92% (issue 6).
7. Who Dares Wins II - 90% (issue 8).
8. Defender of the Crown - 94% (issue 28).
9. Kikstart II - 86% (issue 29).
10. Head over Heels - 98% (issue 28).



arobo21 said:

C64 games from what i remember were quite enjoyable, but i am still holding my own by saying this:




Bass_X0 said:

I remember the guys in Super Play talking about Zzap. Nothing but praise the few times it was mentioned.



Kelvin said:

Nice idea, Dion. Here's mine:

Creatures 2 97%
Exile 94%
Katakis 93%
Last Ninja III 93%
Maniac Mansion (not reviewed)
The Sentinel 93%
Turrican 97%
Turrican 2 (not reviewed)
Zak McKracken (not reviewed)
Wasteland 95%

Hmm. Only half got reviewed by Zzap! Is there a Commodore Format index anywhere?



DJ_Kelv said:

No one has mentioned "Mayhem in Monsterland" it came late in the C64s life, and I remember it got a 100% review score in Commodore Format. I think its mostly overlooked because many gamers had moved on to another platform (forgive the pun!) by the time it came out. So its a very good candidate. And Sensitive!! a fantastic public domain game that came free on the front of CF, you had to run over all the exploding tiles and get to the addictive!! Who remembers these? Am I the only one?!!



Waxxy said:

I feel I must nominate Jumpman (and it's younger brother, Jumpman Jr.) to be added to the list of awesome games for the C64. I see this one overlooked a lot, and I can't understand why given that it was a great platformer for its time and featured levels that were unique and varied and made sure the experience never became stale.

If Nintendo could somehow bundle those two titles into one download, giving us 42 levels of Jumpman goodness, I would drop 500 points on it in a heartbeat.



Ian_Daemon said:

Wow, I totally forgot about ''Defender of the Crown''! ( that's what that game was...) Actually, I have no idea where I would've played it, but I remember it being cool graphically, but no walk in the park.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

I´ve only played C64 with a childhood friend. Few games worked, but at least I got a taste for Califonia Games and Impossible Mission! Games I´d like to see are the Turrican games and Last Ninja. I rather liked the music of C64 Ghosts ´n Goblins, so for nostalgia I´d like that one... although controls are terrible and the game is friggin´ impossible.

Giana Sisters would be the most earthshattering release since Nintendo became Sonics new homeground ^^



Tides_of_Chaos said:

My C64 wishlist:
Bring the system to the US VC! I mean, come on Nintendo, what possible reason could they have for not bringing the system over to the US? It's not like it never came out here. (I would also list some games I would like to see but I'm too young to have played any)



nintendoduffin said:

I've played Boulder Dash on Acorn back in the day but had no idea what it was called. On Acorn you could edit the sprites to design your own characters as well as levels but I guess it was probably a later version that the one mentioned here.



Kurto said:

Nice list.

Its been said before by others.... no list is complete without ARCHON and MULE



ICEknight said:

The C64 version of Head Over Heels wasn't as good as the CPC version, and Wizball had an Amiga version...

It would stink if they're gonna be limiting us to the C64 versions of all those games.



Bristol_Red said:

Hello fellow VC-Rs. I'm new to this, so bear with me please!
I'd love to see the Rick Dangerous games make their way to the C64 VC. I loved those games as a kid.
BTW - This website rocks, a real good job. A big well done to whoever is in charge!



witchfinder said:

@Waxxy: You may well get your wish as the Jumpan games were on the C64 DTV plug n' play as were all the VC C64 releases thus far...

@ICEknight: Shame on you! Wizball on the C64 is the definitive version - the Amiga version sucks in coimparison!

And just to add to the list, my most wanted for C64 VC are:

World Games
Park Patrol
Skate or Die
First Strike

I have all these games on the original system but would love them to hit the VC because most of them take ages to load from tape!



Bristol_Red said:

Been trying to think of other memorable games not mentioned yet. Anyone remember 'Action Biker' (a.k.a. 'KP Skips Action Biker with Clumsy Colin' in the UK)? I've many a fond childhood memory of this. I think it was the music that made it. Totally 80s...but in a good way!

Kelvin - how do you manage to bold text in your postings?



Dion said:

Bristol Red, I remember Action Biker fondly too. Completed it with my Dad. The objects on the building site and rollercoaster were the most evil... the number of times we fell off! For £1.99 it was a terrific game. The Spectrum version was completely different, much like Dan Dare (another great C64 game).



Kelvin said:

witchfinder, the DTV is a good tip. I hope that's not all we get though, as the DTV misses out a lot of classics, including most of those on our wishlists!



Kirk said:

Let's face it. The C64 really is one of those machines where to buy games for it now you really do have to have nostalgia for that machine. I mean the graphics are utter crap and most of the games are very very limited in terms of design and controls etc.

It's cool it's there but it's a novelty at best.

I think the NES/Master system are just on the limit of the limitations of old games where they still, in many cases, look just good enough graphically that you can play them and not be horrified at what you are seeing. In some cases on the Master System the games still actually look quite pretty in their simplistic way. Many of these games also still control really well today, for both machines, and still feel just sophisticated enough that you would get a good amount of enjoyment out of them.

I think however that it's really the Megadrive/SNES era where the VC really comes into it's own. At this level I think the games graphics, design, presentation, audio, controls and gameplay have just hit that point where even non gamers or tech savy people can apprecitate the look and feel of the games and still get a lot of enjoyment out of them.

Still. It's cool the C64 is on there and I look forward to all and any machines being supported.

Don't think I'll be buying any games for it, especially when I may as well just buy new Wii Ware titles instead for a little more, but I hope everyone that does gets a lot of fun out of them.



MrPoo6321 said:

none of those games look appealing to me.... i hope the C64 doesn't come to America.... we have enough consoles on the VC as it is.



President_Leever said:

Didn't most of these games get better versions on other platforms? Paradrioid '90 for example is much better than Paradroid.



Kelvin said:

Kirk, I agree in some cases, but in many others, I've found that games have shown more depth and playability now than when I played them as a child.

My favourite gaming era was the 16-Bit period for many of the reasons you mention, but even so, I'm really looking forward to seeing what we get on the VC from the 8-Bits. There are great games on those machines that deserve to be remembered, and played, today.



Bananiac said:

I agree with what you said about the SNS/MD era, when it comes down to the real strength of the VC. But besides that, I'm right there with you, Kelvin! I think that quite a few of the C64 games that I would like to see again still hold their ground nowadays. Some of the gems aren't even available as ports to other platforms, so here would be making somebody really really happy if a few would show up again on the VC. And playing them together with so many other great games from the past on a console is much more catering to my taste than running the emulation on my PC (somehow never could get into that for some reason).

... and only then comes the nostalgia factor into play - and I admit that it plays a big role for me when thinking about the VC!



2hip2beskware said:

I'd like to see Fantasy World Dizzy come out, solely because Zero Punctuation said it was the best game ever made.



Kelvin said:

I prefer Treasure Island Dizzy and Magic Land Dizzy myself. It's a bit weird to claim that Fantasy World is the best game ever; while it's okay, there are better Dizzy titles, let alone better games outside the series!



Kelvin said:

Splash, I wouldn't put my hopes on getting any of the old Ultimate games. Ultimate don't seem too keen on supporting the Virtual Console.



Bensei said:

No title on this list catches my interest, except for Spy Vs. Spy II (because of MAD Magazine) Wizzball (just because of the similiarities to deBlob).
However, I was very interested in Monster Mayhem, I'll maybe download it with my next Points Card.

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