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Sat 5th Apr 2008

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100xp commented on Top 10 C64 games wanted on the Virtual Console:

My C64 wishlist: None

Please continue to port more games from all the gaming consoles that we feel are worth spending out Wii points on...or just reward players who have registered their product. Seriously, C64 games should be like 50 - 100 pts or cheap as free.

...but to keep with the thread.
I'll put my vote in for: Archon



100xp commented on Samurai Shodown:

Ah Ukyo, you ladykilling cheesy bastich...I remember how my friend made a point to specialize in Tam-Tam and me in Hanzou. Such memories, I might just buy it to hear the credits run. Oh wait, I bought the soundtrack at a convention back in the day.

...I think I'd still buy though unless of course the Anthology comes out around the same time.

(anyone notice Hanzou's wood log special move? Naruto orgins? huh? huh?)



100xp commented on California Games:

I have this for my Atari Lynx, not sure if I want to see these graphics on a big TV or anything larger than the avg 17 - 19inch monitor. As much fun as it was during it's time on a small screen, I think it loses a lot of replay value after a few plays. It seems mainly for nostalgia and for 300 more points one could get a game that would be hours and hours of fun.

Serious, some games should be in the 100 - 200 wii point range. I'll be surprised when Vetrex games start showing up for 200 wii pts.



100xp commented on Fantasy Zone:

When I first got Fantasy Zone it was because my mom thought it was more a kids game due to the day glow colors, I'm glad it worked in my favor for a change. Even though my first impression was, this is nothing like the cooler looking snes shooter games...I don't believe I had so much fun for this genre of game in a long time...then I got the SMS rapid fire joystick. Mwahaha...sorry.

It gets my endorsement. (Waiting for Fantasy Zone 2 which was pretty might as well)



100xp commented on Ninja Combat:

Yes, Butterfly Attack! I recall plugging in quite a few quarters enjoying this game. So much more fun with 2 players as well. We'll see how it turns out.



100xp commented on Vigilante:

It was difficult in the arcade, don't see why you would want to bring it home to frustrate yourself. I did enjoy the graphics when it came out first, but granted it's only 600 pts they should have a Wii-VS game trade in program. Even a fraction of pts spent on games that we less than exceptional would be exceptional.



100xp commented on Shining Force:

After finally getting the LAN adapter (hey not all of us can jack someone else's Wi-Fi) I was able to enjoy this timeless classic. My only problem with it is, on a large HDTV the retro graphics really (can hear the violins playing in the background)...umm stand out but it's hell of a lot better than playing it on the 15inch the first time I pressed 'Start' back in the early 90's. Now to gather my dream team.