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Thu 21st Feb 2008

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witchfinder commented on My Pokémon Ranch Due This Friday For Europe:

Jerichoholic Josh said "how long do they think the Wii will last, surely they are already planning for the next console"

Look at Nintendo's history and you'll see that they milk each console release for all it's worth. They only released the SNES when they did because of competition from Sega and NEC... Even the Cube lasted for around 5 years and that was probably their least successful system to date. The Wii is a monster sales-wise and will be around for a LONG time yet! So while they have 1000s of titles available to release on VC and eventually WiiWare, they will be planning to put new releases out every week for the next 2-3 years minimum I'd say.

As for this WiiWare release I will quote Catherine Tate and say "Am I bovvered?" Hopefully there may be something else released alongside it but I have my doubts. Language translation is really impacting European WiiWare...



witchfinder commented on Space Invaders: Get Even:

Looks nice, but is it really gonna be a shooter? Looks more like you have to get all the invaders to a specific point in a time limit, which is kinda Lemmings-like... I'd actually prefer that as a new direction for the Space Invaders franchise!



witchfinder commented on Oxygen Games Interview - Pirates: The Key of D...:

Arrrgh me hearties, this game looks ace, definitely one of the ones I'm looking forward to most... 1000 points seems a reasonable price to me considering some of the garbage that costs 2-3 times as much just because it comes on a disc...



witchfinder commented on North American WiiWare Top 10:

Disappointing to see stuff like TV Show King and Blackjack above Star Soldier R - I guess that just shows the type of gamers the majority of Wii owners are...



witchfinder commented on Japanese WiiWare Goes Bubble Wrap Crazy:

You've gotta love those crazy Japanese...

Regarding a Western release, how much effort would it take? Surely there would be enough people prepared to buy it for the curiosity factor to make it worth Namco's while changing the language - I can't imagine the instructions are very detailed after all!



witchfinder commented on WiiWare: Pop Pricing Still Unconfirmed:

Valien, I think your maths is wrong - 500 points = $5 in the US right? So 100,000 downloads would bring in $500,000, not $50million!

I wouldn't pay more than 500 points for this game (and probably not even that) but I'd easily go to 1000 or more for some of the others like Star Soldier!

They should do Pop for like 300 points or something for a couple of weeks to generate interest, then up the price later if it gets good word of mouth.



witchfinder commented on World Games:

@Kelvin: Most of the Epyx games don't have a massive amount of joystick-waggling, it's a more refined control method where you have to push the joystick (or d-pad) in the right direction at the right time...

WG is far superior to CG in my view - Caber Toss, Cliff Diving and Bull Riding are superb! And Log Rolling is great with 2 players!



witchfinder commented on EU VC Releases - 25th April - The Last Ninja:

YES! My prayers have been answered - World Games! No more crippling multiload on my C64 tape player...

Last Ninja is a good one too. I'm pretty sure that didn't appear on the C64 DTV (nor did WG in its entirety) so it looks like they are licensing more than just the games that appeared on that. Great news! System 3 are clearly on-board so Myth may be on it's way too...



witchfinder commented on Top 10 C64 games wanted on the Virtual Console:

@Waxxy: You may well get your wish as the Jumpan games were on the C64 DTV plug n' play as were all the VC C64 releases thus far...

@ICEknight: Shame on you! Wizball on the C64 is the definitive version - the Amiga version sucks in coimparison!

And just to add to the list, my most wanted for C64 VC are:

World Games
Park Patrol
Skate or Die
First Strike

I have all these games on the original system but would love them to hit the VC because most of them take ages to load from tape!



witchfinder commented on Virtual Console Top 20 – March 12th to March...:

To those people suggesting that this list may put off third party companies from releasing more of their back catalogue, why would it? I'm sure they are still making money from VC downloads and since it's effectively money for old rope (well, old games) once the system emulator used in VC is up and running, I doubt the fact they are not selling as much as obvious favourites like Mario etc is going to stop them from releasing more titles....

I'm surprised to see Pac-Man and Bubble Bobble on there given that they not great conversions on the NES - clearly money is being spent by casual gamers that don't have a clue about stuff like MAME...



witchfinder commented on Streets of Rage 2:

I loved this game 'back in the day' but have to say I'm a little disappointed after downloading it. It looks and sounds great but is rather slow and I just found myself hitting the enemies until they disappear off the side of the screen, then waiting for them to crawl back on and repeating ad infinitum. All in all a wasted 800 points for me...



witchfinder commented on Lords of Thunder:

Downloaded this last week and it's awesome. Love the soundtrack and the way you can buy/choose your weapons and which level to attempt next. It's tough, but not frustratingly so....

This type of game is exactly why I love the VC because while I can pick up most NES, SNES and MD games to play on the real system for less than they cost on VC, there's no way I'd be able to play this game if I couldn't download it. 5 stars from me!



witchfinder commented on Commodore 64 coming to Virtual Console:

I wouldn't pay 500 points for either of those games as you got them both on the C64 DTV along with 28 other games and you can still pick those up in the UK for under a fiver.

However in principle I think pricing them the same as the NES games is fine as both systems are actually based on the same processor, the C64 has vastly superior sound and the best C64 games easily compete with the best of the NES.

If they manage to license C64 games such as Armalyte, Creatures, World Games, IK+, Last Ninja, Turrican, Skate or Die, Park Patrol and Wizball, I challenge anyone to say these games are worth less than some of the NES crap that is available on the VC!