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An evil witch doctor has kidnapped Master Higgins’ true love, Tina!

You must venture through eight perilous areas filled with enemies determined to stop you. As if that wasn't tough enough, Master Higgins loses vitality over time; so he must grab fruit, milk and whatever other goodies he can as he races towards his goal. Smash eggs to find useful items like the axe and skateboard to help you progress. At the end of each stage, face off against the witch doctor’s various guises. Go, Master Higgins, go!

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Conor McMahon

Skate and die

Adventure Island started life as the SEGA-produced arcade title Wonder Boy, which itself was ported to several different home consoles and spawned a popular series of sequels with show-stealing box art. NES-owners missed out on the title, and would have...

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

An island of adventure

Adventure Island is somewhat of a Mario clone - you guide Master Higgins to the end of every level (8 worlds with 4 levels each, sound familiar?) dodging wildlife, boulders and fire in order to defeat the witch doctor at the end of each world (also...

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User Comments (47)



McCabe said:

I remember this one...not as good as its sequels, in which you got to ride on dinosaurs...some of which breathed fire. Challenging at times, this is worth your wii points if you like old school platforming...just remember to keep snagging the fruits. This is probably a sign that the sequels are to come. And heyy--who doesn't love throwing stone clubs at diabolical snail monsters whilst riding a skateboard? That's right- no one.



Wait, dont we already have the Turbo Grafix version of this game? Why even bother to put this on VC?



Drake said:

Adventure Island and New Adventure Island are two completely different games. The original's actually better than New.



Suburban_Sensei said:

This is a game I bought completely for nostalgia. I remember the days when I was young, at the video store and seeing that big Rhino Witch Doctor on the cover, so when I saw this on the VC, I remember how fun this game was. The review hit it right on the nail, basically a prehistoric Mario game.



Wolf said:

You're a cave man with a skate board who rides dinos! This is a classic series. I don't remember if the first one did but they even had the overworld view where you could see where you were going next sort of like super mario world but u couldn't control it. Really cool idea for an adventure game back then.

__The Jono


The Jono said:

I had Adventure Island for the Game Boy and remember it having dinosaurs to ride. I assume it was a port of a console version, anyone have an idea which one? I'd definitely pick it up... just an all around fun game.



Chocobo said:

This game just might be the best game in the series IMO. The sequels were good, but I really think this one still takes the cake. Maybe the nostalgia is influencing my opinion, but this game is a solid, challenging game.



Cowmansr said:

Am I the only person who just never liked this game. All the levels felt pretty much the same. Especially after beating the first boss. There really isn't anything new after that. The levels were too simple, and they allowed no interaction (no climbing, bouncing, brick-breaking, going down pipes, through doors, anything). It just felt like a wanna-be Mario that they tried to make cool by throwing in a skateboard. I didn't even know anyone liked this game. Some of its sequels looked better, though.

__Darkness Deku


Darkness Deku said:

This game looks a little plain but the way you fight through the levels looks interesting. I might buy it.



Sinistron said:

imagine if this is better than new adventure island. seems like people talk without having a clue as to what they're saying.



El_Vampe said:

YES!!! Me and my brothers were convinced that this would never be released cause we thought that Nintendo wouldn't see the use after releasing New adventure island. THIS is AVENTURE ISLAND at its purest form, with the difficulty that gives no mercy whatsoever! I admit the New Adventure Island has more diversity, but the challenge just isn't there, and the music is not as catchy as the originals(although the boss music was nice). To all players who THINK they are the masters of platformers or are just looking for a HARD or a FUN game, step right up and buy it. The difficulty of this game is CLOSE to that of the Ghouls n' ghost series, but the cheat (which I've never tried) will give infinite continues, but if you're not good enough, you'll just end up dying over and over again. So beware...



ej said:

Did they ever make this game for N64? I remember it had Higgins and Don Don Pteradon



Drake said:

@ ej: Nope, there hasn't been a new, proper Adventure Island since Super Adventure Island II in 1994.

There was a mobile phone "Adventure Island" last year, but that's simply one of the Wonder Boy games (2 I think) with slight changes.

There was also a remake of the original Adventure Island with a graphical upgrade for the GameCube (Japan only), and Master Higgins appeared in a JP-only GameCube fighter.



Mip said:

I've never played a game on a arcade machine except: Racing games, light gun games, adventure island and first tekken.



Drake said:

The same people made both Wonder Boy and Adventure Island, so it's not a ripoff at all!



learn_japanese_ds said:

The original wasn't all that great but the sequels were all awesome. I'll definitely pick up the later games when they let you ride dinos!



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

I had this for my NES back in the day. I traded it in at a flea market for a copy of Mega Man II, which I then traded in with $4 for Final Fantasy. Those were the days.

This is a fun, fast-paced little platformer, but the controls aren't as tight as what Nintendo made us used to, and the graphics have a bit of a shallow/cartoony look to them. Worth checking out, especially for all of the Wonderboy/AI faithful around here.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

This is a lot better than dull Adventure Island II for NES, but not as good as the Master Systems Wonderboy. That game had amusing bonus levels. And a regular continue screen without having to chase any "Hudson Bee". On the upper hand, I like Adventure Islands music, so I´ll download it.



stinssd said:

This game is like a poisoned banana. When I rented this game back in the day, I had more fun driving to return it to Blockbuster than playing it.



NHKagent said:

I played this of the Gameboy way back when.
Adventure Island was my first "real" game aside from pac-man.
Still, I can't wait to play this on the VC



Adamant said:

"I had Adventure Island for the Game Boy and remember it having dinosaurs to ride. I assume it was a port of a console version, anyone have an idea which one?"

Adventure island for the Game Boy is a port of the NES Adventure Island II.

(ha, that was one belated reply )



Roo said:

This is okay. It's a 2D platformer with music, gameplay and graphics. Nothing more, nothing less.



retrogamer said:

I have this on my NES. Slippery controls make it really frustarating when you are trying to time a jump.



The_Bear said:

I still own the cartridge for NES. It was one of the first few that I bought during my "Classic Gaming Resurgence Part III" that I had this past winter.

Overall, this is a solid game... but it's really nothing to write home about. The game get's a bit monotonous, IMO. In saying all this, it's still fun and a classic. If you have some extra Wii points and don't know what to buy... this wouldn't be a bad choice. But this game is by NO means spectacular. I gave it a 3/5.



Dazza said:

It's been rumoured that Hudson will release a WiiWare follow-up to Adventure Island. I think that's a great idea, I would be first in line to download it.



Kurachi said:

ah, was looking at google, but i havent played this, i played adventure island II , which is also imo better then this one, like riding animals, which i completed, i think



lockelocke said:

Do you ride dinosaurs in this version, or is that in a sequel?? Whichever it is, that's the version Hudson needs to hook up.



mowatt138 said:

classic platformer! dont let the cuteness of this game fool ya, its still a challenging little bugger!



Ferret75 said:

This game is awesome.
I'm glad I bought it.

I got it over Wonder Boy because of the colors used in the game.
I don't know if this is true, but Sega Maser System games are very bright in color.



psyduck said:

I also just bought this game and enjoying playing it alot. I remember playing it as a kid but I have never managed to beat even the first level. Now it's time for revenge So far I have come past the first boss. I'm loving all the extra hidden treasures and bonus stages and don't want to spoil all the fun finding some of them by watching walkthroughs.



Kurachi said:

to post #36
the versions with animals are, as far as i know, II and III
i only played this and II, and i liked 2 best of them
lets hope Adventure Island II gets on VC soon too i loved it



stinssd said:

And now for a limerick:


Yes I played on this island before
but I found it to be quite a bore.
Without eating fruit
Your little guy's in death's suit.
Thus I enjoyed its return to the store!



yamu said:

hy, friends ialso like this game but not very much .my sister likes this game very much so can you tell me how i can download this game.



Bass_X0 said:

I'm surprised they have yet to release a single sequel to Adventure Island on the Virtual Console. Sure there is the WiiWare remake but thats different.



SKTTR said:

Wonder Boy OR Adventure Island?

Both are the same games but Wonder Boy has 40 stages,
Adventure Island has only 32 stages.

Wonder Boy has unlimited continues,
Adventure Island is just unforgiving and frustrating.

Wonder Boy has the better graphics and music and is the original game,
Adventure Island is just an ugly and mediocre port.

I'm glad I decided to get Wonder Boy. I have played some other games from the Wonder Boy series (Wonder Boy in Monster Land and Wonder Boy in Monster World) and they're all good. I have played some other games from the Adventure Island series (New Adventure Island and Super Adventure Island) and they're all bad.

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