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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Sinistron commented on USA VC Update: Bomberman '94 and Detana!! Twinbee:

I'd like to correct two misiformed posts here- one- Bomberman '94 is NOT almost the same game as Bomberman '93. It's as different as Bomberman is from Bomberman '93. Secondly- The Turbografx/Pc-Engine was NOT Hudson's only console- There is the Supergrafx and the 32 bit successor PC-FX.



Sinistron commented on Samurai Ghost:

destructortor is actually referring to the game before this one- Genpei Toumaden- Samurai Ghost is the sequel and the first one was only available in Japan- I have both and believe that the second one is better- though they are both kind of "eh..."



Sinistron commented on Adventure Island:

imagine if this is better than new adventure island. seems like people talk without having a clue as to what they're saying.



Sinistron commented on World Class Baseball:

Eh. You can't even turn a triple play in this game. There were 5 sequels for this in Japan for the Pc-engine- all better than this one.



Sinistron commented on Strider:

Funny. I have the tuboduo arcade card strider with the extra board- and I read practically everywhere that the character animation in the genesis version was superior- I can plainly see that it's in fact worse. This one does have parallex scrolling however.



Sinistron commented on Silent Debuggers:

Had this back in the day and enjoyed it- but why anyone would buy this now when first person shooters aren't just still around but are practically the only genre around is beyond me. They've come a long way obviously.



Sinistron commented on Air Zonk:

you'll never see the Air Zonk sequel- Rockabilly paradise- on wii- because it is a turbo CD game. Thankfully the only system I own is a turbografx with CD player and japanese game adapter and 135 titles. Don't have Rockabilly Paradise yet- but I will...



Sinistron commented on Bomberman '93:

I've got Bomberman 94 this year which I use a converter to play on my turbo- and I must say that I enjoy 93 a little more. However it's the battle mode in 93 that I like better- the one-player in 94 is better and more inventive than 93's...



Sinistron commented on Vigilante:

This game's a riot if you have friends over- just pass the controller around and laugh when your friends breeze through the first board only to get lead pipes smased in their faces in the next. A great rip.



Sinistron commented on New Adventure Island:

played this for hours a few weeks ago with some friends and we got to 5-2. The next day I beat it to a pulp by myself. Pure platforming bliss. Run, jump, throw, midlevel checkpoints, eat fruit to regain health (more like a timer actually) -- the basics. but great controls and the perfect pacing. Consider this a basic skills contest- but I think its the best of them. I believe that the fourth boss (or whichever one builds walls which then fall on you) is the toughest. the final three bosses are a breeze.



Sinistron commented on Dungeon Explorer:

I've had this back in the day and I have it now- its easiest to beat with one player because no one else is hogging up the goods or slowing you down or pushing you into flames and enemies. The fighter is best at first but when you unlock the girl fighter you should use her- she's even better. I believe that there's 14 bosses...