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Sun 3rd Aug 2008

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The_Bear commented on ActRaiser:

This game is FLAWLESS. Seriously, I don't usually praise games by saying that... but I have no beef with anything that they did with this game. I bought this game a long time ago, probably around 1994/1995. When I was younger I didn't quite understand the RPG/Sim City building and protecting the town part, so I didn't play this game that often.

A few months ago, I decided to bust this out on the SNES and give it a go. I became hooked. I beat the game in a few days and was so enthralled by it. The atmospheres, the music, the graphics, the gameplay... everything about it just was perfect to me. I really didn't find this game that difficult. I might try beating it on professional mode in the upcoming feature.

Needless to say, I gave this game a 5/5. I always try to push this on my friends to D/L it, but they never do. Haters, haha.



The_Bear commented on Ice Hockey:

A very fun little hockey game. Obviously this is not something in the same vein as NHL 94, but for what it is... it's pretty good. This game is loads of fun to play against an opponent. The OT period/SO is wild too, haha.



The_Bear commented on Donkey Kong:

I have the DK Classics NES Cartridge, so I have no need to D/L this. It is what it is. Still a decent arcade game, but I would not buy this for the VC.



The_Bear commented on Adventure Island:

I still own the cartridge for NES. It was one of the first few that I bought during my "Classic Gaming Resurgence Part III" that I had this past winter.

Overall, this is a solid game... but it's really nothing to write home about. The game get's a bit monotonous, IMO. In saying all this, it's still fun and a classic. If you have some extra Wii points and don't know what to buy... this wouldn't be a bad choice. But this game is by NO means spectacular. I gave it a 3/5.



The_Bear commented on Shining Force:

This is my all-time favorite video game. I really feel that this is easily the best game on the Mega Drive. It has such a nice blend of RPG/Strategy elements but at the same time it's not too difficult or in depth so most anyone can play it.

Many people say that Shining Force 2 is better, mostly because of the higher number of characters, improved graphics, music, etc. However, as a diehard fan of the original two SF's, I have to say that Shining Force (1) is the best. I've beaten it more than 6 times and it never gets old for me.

I used to own this game, however I had to sell it due to my lack of funds a few years ago. I am glad to have this back in my possession finally for a measly 800 Wii Points.



The_Bear commented on Tecmo Bowl:

Tecmo Bowl is legendary. Although not the original Arcade game, it's the first of it's kind on the NES. Yes, Tecmo Super Bowl is better than Tecmo Bowl - but that's besides the point.

This game's simplicity, even to that of Tecmo Super Bowl, is something that can allow nearly anyone to pick up a controller and play (only 4 plays). Personally, I love this game - as I grew up playing this (as well as the Gameboy version) more so than Tecmo Super Bowl. Unfortunately the real rosters could not be used on the VC version... because the slightly older rosters than Tecmo Super Bowl in this version were real neat. I will not be buying this most likely, only because I still have the original cartridges for both systems.

In terms of gameplay, very rarely are there incompletions. This adds up to a very interesting dynamic. Nearly every single pass in this game is either completed or intercepted. I've honestly only seen about 5 incompletions in nearly 50 games played.

I have extremely fond memories of playing through the entire season with the password system (some days even just playing the entire way straight through). Ahh, back in the glory days of my beloved 49ers...

If you are a football game fan or nostalgic NFL fan like I am, you will love this game. I gave it a 5/5, partially because of my bias... a more honest assessment would be 4/5, I suppose.