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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Wolf commented on Light Crusader:

Wow! that looks like a lot of fun but whenever I see platforms with no shadows... I gotta smack my forehead... What were they thinking? "Please navigate this MC Escher painting with spikes"



Wolf commented on EU VC Releases - 2nd November - Sega Week:

It seems there are way too many games out there that they want to release on th VC that just arn't classics. I'm sick of waiting 7 days just to be completely disappointed. I want more RPGs and more imports... (secret of mana 2 for instance) It seems like we'll never get the FF games either because they're releasing them for GBA so they'll charge $30 instead of $8.

I'm sure they'll do something amazing for the holidays... they better



Wolf commented on Super Thunder Blade:

I bought space harrier because of nostalgia... and I regret it. I certainly wont be making the same mistake twice. pass on this one



Wolf commented on Yoshi's Story:

Considering you can play VC games with a game cube controller, there's not going to be a rumble feature. This game's too fluffy; it woulda been nice to have a 3d yoshi game



Wolf commented on Shining in the Darkness:

who HASN'T been weened on J-RPGs lol? i remember owning this game but I don't remember much of it. It's definitely not for everybody though.

I just played it a little bit and it's a really enjoyable game. Having the enemies pop up "randomly" isn't really a problem in this game since it's a dark dungeon you can sort of see how they just appear. It's fun and the cartoony drawings really work well. Just look for a map online somewhere cuz there's no in-game map. That's a problem for me.



Wolf commented on Adventure Island:

You're a cave man with a skate board who rides dinos! This is a classic series. I don't remember if the first one did but they even had the overworld view where you could see where you were going next sort of like super mario world but u couldn't control it. Really cool idea for an adventure game back then.



Wolf commented on Super C:

I was a fan of the lush jungle settings of contra 1 when i was a kid. My dad never bought Super C so there's no nostalgia factor. He probably didn't know a sequel existed or he would have gotten it hah!

I've played this recently and if you have a buddy to play with this is an awesome game. but I agree with 'Mii be you', I'd rather have the first one... ahem first



Wolf commented on US VC Releases - 27th August - Ghouls 'n Ghosts:

OMG! BoFII! Super C is friggin brilliant too. I just got ghouls n ghosts on the psp lol its so tough... if anyone's trying to save their money I would say hold off on that one unless you're a real fan but the others are worth a download whether you remember them or not.



Wolf commented on Cratermaze:

For an unexplained reason!? ITS TREASURE! LOL this really could be fun if there was some multiplayer but... with the lack of user comments I think I'll save my points :/



Wolf commented on Drop Off:

uhhggggg... this looks absolutely terrible... thanks nintendo.



Wolf commented on Landstalker:

I have to say I just got the actual cart on ebay because it got such good scores and the control scheme is attrocious. I don't know how anyone can even play it! When you hold a diagonal button it goes up but when you try to switch from going up to left you have to move it in a really awkward way.

Does anyone else know what I'm talkin about? I couldn't get over how bad the controls are... and the fact that you have no shadow is embarassing. How do u do the complex jumps? Guess? It's like successfully navigating an MC Escher painting lol... The scope of the game and the story makes it almot worth it but playing a fun game with no story is prefered...



Wolf commented on Virtua Fighter 2:

This is a 2d version I bought the cart for like $1. its not that bad but its not the saturn version (obviously) so dont even bother with it.



Wolf commented on Sword of Vermillion:

It's like a weird mix of dragon quest, doom and brainlord... lol. All of your basic enemies are there: slimes, Drakee-looking things, wizards, skeletronz! and my favorite, the giant squishy eyeballs. At first I was kind of put off by the combat system with the lame animation making it seem like you're killing things with the hilt of your sword (or light saber from the looks of it) instead of with the actual sword itself. I realized that if they had given me a bigger swing I probably would have never received damage! If you get the hit detection working for your advantage you can have some great battles. I had one instance where 8 of those dragon-whelp things attacked me and I did a spin move killing 3 at once and I came out unscathed lol! I was like "did I do that?" It's tricky to find the maps so you can see where you're going, and the dialog seems very cliche and uninspired, but they do give good hints. After I played for 4-5 hours straight I realized I was addicted, and my first boss battle absolutely got me hooked.

So, I'm having tons of fun with this one! It's a nice game and it has a lot to offer, but the combat system (besides the boss battles) could really use some work. The score is accurate 3/5 but it's definitely worth your points.



Wolf commented on Beyond Oasis:

OMG! I first game across this game on the PC but I couldn't believe how much fun this was and the amazing art style was so great. 5/5 definitely!



Wolf commented on Solomon's Key:

Infinite continues would be nice with the Wii's rom-freezing feature. I don't like playing those first levels over and over but this is a really great game! It's worth the time it takes to master it.



Wolf commented on Ice Climber:

I loved this game sooooo much as a kid. I hated the way they jumped such a short distance but I couldn't stop laughing in multiplayer! Oh man, and once you get the controls down it's a blast to scroll your friends off the screen! hahaha The only regret I have is the horrible free-play arcade setup. You can go to any level at any time so there's really nothing to expand on. The levels were so similar to one another there's just so little to keep one's interest. I'd have to say co-op only on this one.



Wolf commented on Vigilante:

This game is a 2-star at best. Don't be tricked into buying it. It's absolutely terrible in my opinion. You kill most enemies with 1 kick and they die by sliding off the bottom of the screen. If you compared these controls with a GOOD game like River City Ransom I don't see how you could even want to play this awful game more than once. The bosses have tons of health so you have to almost glitch the game to kill them. The AI works to the weakness of your controls, and you only have about 3 moves punch, kick, and jump-kick OH and magical nunchucks! WHEEE! It only looks good in screenshot-form. Seriously guys, what makes you love this so much? There are so many better games out there. The controls are hideous. Pass on this one!



Wolf commented on Kid Icarus:

Don't worry about passwords, just look them up on or something. I really love this game and I remember when I was a kid I could only get to the 2nd stage. Once I got to the zelda-like dungeon that you get a map and you can explore it I freaked out ZOMG! lol I was so happy... spending hours getting my health back and being turned into an eggplant over and over didn't really amuse me tho :[