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Fri 11th Jul 2008

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retrogamer commented on Bonk's Adventure:

Full Review: Bonk, who first appeared in "Bonk's Adventure", was the TurboGrafx16's mascot. Of course, the TurboGrafx16 was left out in the cold because of Nintendo and Sega. And it comes to today that "Bonk's Adventure" finds itself on Nintendo's "Wii Shop" channel. Appearing on such a big name console of the next generation, the big-headed caveman is now finding himself some much needed respect...

Bonk's Adventure plays out in a Prehistoric setting. You play as Bonk, a cavekid with an enormous noggin'. Instead of bouncing on enemies, Bonk uses this head of his to K.O enemies cold. Bonk can also use his head to spin around and "glide" across levels. The main goal of each level is, simply put it, to get from point A to point B. Unlike most platformers, the game isn't focusing on moving platforms and making amazing leaps across pits. The game tosses out alot of enemies at you, instead. But it's still really enjoyable to beat up enemies since Bonk has a variety of ways to dispatch them with his head. Along the way, there are also a variety of objects to pick up. There are these plants that spit out power-ups and health to lighten things up. There are also "bonus rounds" that you can find to get more points, and eventually some extra lives. After every few levels, you'll travel down into caves in order to defeat brainwashed dinosaurs.

The graphics in this title get the job done. Bonk's Adventure includes a cartoony presentation, and it surely suited my tasted. When Bonk gets a power-up (Usually a piece of spicy meat), smoke rises from his head and he hops up into the air like he's insane. Enemies get googly eyed when you defeat them, and the boss characters are a bit humurous. The only flaw with the graphics is the strange orange tint going on with Bonk's sprites and a few backgrounds.

The only real flaw in the game are the sometimes clunky controls. Bonk feels a little "heavy" to control, and he's awfully slow compared to the game's speedy enemy characters. This makes Bonk alot more vulnerable around enemies, and cranks up the alrighty high challenge factor. But then again, there are plenty of pick-ups and extra lives along the way to balance out difficulty.




retrogamer commented on Ghouls 'n Ghosts:

I played this before, but not on V.C but I assume it's the exact same thing. It sucked...hard. The difficulty was unhuman, and just unacceptable overall. I can't believe anyone could actually like garbage like this!



retrogamer commented on Gunstar Heroes:

This one's in the veins of Contra and Metal Slug. But it has so much style and uniqueness that it's actually better than those two! Plus, the difficulty level isn't tormenting because you can actually adjust it to your shooter skills.



retrogamer commented on Adventure Island:

I have this on my NES. Slippery controls make it really frustarating when you are trying to time a jump.



retrogamer commented on Dynamite Headdy:

This is an awesome platformer! Too bad it never got recognized until nowdays. BUY IT!



retrogamer commented on Bonk's Adventure:

Bonk's Adventure plays out like a classic arcade game. It keeps things simple, but it still has a lot of charm and personality to it. This one isn't a bad buy for 600 points.