Pikmin 3

The release of Pikmin 3 Deluxe has seen us once again teaming up with our diminutive helpers to retrieve essential items and components and escape this strange planet we find ourselves on. The fabled Pikmin 4 might still be MIA, but this Deluxe version of the Wii U original has reminded us just how much we've missed the little guys.

Yes, the Switch version has us reminiscing about the cute real-time strategy series which started out on GameCube nearly two decades ago. It's been a while since we led out plant-based buddies into battle against towering foes and on daring reconnaissance missions, so what better time to brush up on our Pikmin knowledge?

We've put together a little quiz to cover the basics. Whether you're grasping at old memories or you're totally new to the series, the question remains: How well do you know Pikmin?

How Well Do You Know Pikmin?

The answer is they're immune to fire.

Red Pikmin

The pointy-nosed Red Pikmin have a stronger attack than your average Pikmin and are also fire resistant, which makes them your go-to guys for taking on any large and/or fire-breathing enemies.


You scored x out of 12.

  • 0-4: Ouch. Don't Pik at it!
  • 5-8: No worries -- Pik yourself up and try again!
  • 9-12: Top Pik!