How Well Do You Know Mario

Who could have predicted way back in 1981 that a stocky Italian plumber would become the world's most famous video game character? Following his first appearance in arcade classic Donkey Kong nearly 40 years ago, Mario quickly rose through the ranks of Space Invaders, Pac-Men and Pong paddles to become the sort of ubiquitous mascot almost anyone can recognise, even people who have never played a video game.

But how well you you know Nintendo's mascot? Find out by taking our little quiz.

We'll start with a very easy one...

How Well Do You Know Mario?

The answer is 8.

Unlike Disney's mascot mouse (who has three fingers on each hand), Mario has always been depicted as having eight fingers and two thumbs.

Back in the olden days, before technology enabled game makers to model hands more accurately, his individual fingers were only discernible in art and promotional materials. The only reason he was given a moustache was to separate the pixels of his nose and mouth and make his face readable to players.


You scored x out of 10.

  • 0-3: Not-so-Super Mario
  • 4-7: Adequate Mario
  • 8-10: Jump up, Super Star!