Zelda quiz
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The first day of February marked just 100 days until the release of Tears of the Kingdom, and that means it's time to start training up. While we have no way of measuring the strength of your trigger fingers or how fast your reaction times are, we can test your brain — and in particular, how well you know Breath of the Wild.

These questions are engineered to test not only your knowledge of the incredible open-world Zelda game, but also to test your understanding of where it fits in the canon. Be warned — these aren't the kind of questions you can answer with 150 hours in the game. These are hard.

Prove your worth, hero!

Are You Ready For Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom? Find Out With Our Fiendishly Hard BOTW Quiz
Image: Nintendo

The answer is Full voice acting.

So — Zelda isn't short-haired in Breath of the Wild, there was a camera in Wind Waker (the Picto Box), and Ocarina of Time introduced the Bombchu alongside the regular bomb.

Not counting the CD-i games (because Nintendo certainly doesn't), and bearing in mind that Link himself remains a mostly silent protagonist, BOTW is the first Zelda game to have full voice acting! Also, as far as we can tell, maybe also the first Zelda game to have British accents.


You scored x out of 16.

  • 0-5: Link, watch out! You might need to play through BOTW a few more times. Oh nooooo.
  • 6-11: Hey, listen -- you did okay!
  • 12-16: It's a secret to everybody... but not to you, hero. You did great!

See? Told you it was hard. How did you do? Which questions do you think were a bit unfair? And how else are you preparing for Tears of the Kingdom? Tell us in the comments below and check out our other Zelda quizzes: