Do You Know Which Of These Games Is On Switch? 1
Image: Nintendo Life

The Nintendo Switch is an odd little anomaly of a console. It doesn't have a whole lot in common with its predecessors, the Wii U and 3DS, but at the same time, it's sort of a combination of the two — and it has even less in common with Sony and Microsoft's powerful consoles.

All of that adds up to the Switch's library of games being a little unusual — Nintendo's hybrid console has enough of a userbase that popular AAA games might get ported over, but it's fiddly enough to put games on that a lot of indies don't bother, even if the game would be a guaranteed success.

And so, we've compiled a bunch of games that may or may not be on Switch — some that seem obvious, some that seem surprising. Can you get them all right?

Which Of These Games Is On Switch?

The answer is No.

Nah, Naughty Dog's PlayStation-infused masterpiece isn't on Switch, unfortunately — and probably never will be.


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  • 0-8: Hey, it's okay. Try the quiz again in a year and half these games might be on Switch by then!
  • 9-16: Did we catch you out with those trick questions?
  • 17-24: Wow! Someone's being paying attention to the eShop!

How did you do? Were there any answers that surprised you? Which games do you think should be on Switch out of all the ones that aren't? Head down into the comments to discuss your scores, discuss the eShop library, and as always, inform us that technically one of the questions is wrong!